• Published 25th Dec 2011
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My Little Dashie: A sequel - ty500600

My take on what happened after Dashie left us in the story My Little Dashie by ROB

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One Year Ago Today

I was sitting in my chair, holding a refreshing glass of water, staring across the lake. The water was like glass, so still and serene, yet solid. Filling my lungs with the rich air, I basked in the warm summer’s day and let the warmth seep deep into my bones, It was perfect, calm day. I closed my eyes and reclined as much as could to enjoy the peacefulness before...

“Cannon ball!” shrieked a voice.

Instantly my eyes wrenched open looking for the offender. There was a pause before the still day erupted into chaos. There was a loud crashing noise, much like that of glass breaking, followed by a torrent of cold substance drenching my body. My nerves froze in their position, being shocked into rigor mortis by the chill that just assaulted my body. My lungs began to absorb the air rapidly as they were also shocked by the cold.

I sat there for a moment, waiting for my body to respond to the attack on it. Once I regained control of myself I stood up and scanned the area, looking for the monster that ruined my tranquility. It didn’t take long to notice the cyan figure swimming in circles around the lake, laughing her head off at me.

I scowled. “Dashie!”

“Hah, hah! Hey Dad! Whassup?” she said happily. She began kicking her legs behind her, pressing her towards the sand.

“Well, if you must know, I was enjoying a nice, peaceful day before you showed up and drenched me,” I growled.

She had just gotten to the shore. Upon hearing the tension in my voice, she rolled over and sat up with her rear still in the water. “Uh, Pops? You alright?”

I began to breath heavily, letting an intense feeling flow over me. “Rainbow... You were off at the Wonder Bolt academy for how long? The first thing you do when you get back is scare the bejesus out of me, drench me, and say ‘what’s up?’ before offering even a solid ‘hello’?”

Her ears fell flat behind her head. Her expression softened. “Sorry Dad, I didn’t realize you were going to be upset about it.”

I paused for a moment, looking at the adorable sight in front of me. But I had to keep the ruse going just a bit longer. “Rainbow, I’m more than upset.”

Her cute rose eyes stared deeply into mine. “You are?”

“Yes. I’m much more than upset. I’m...” I paused and took a step towards her. “So happy to see you!” I dove at my daughter, wrapping her shocked body into my arms and tackling her into the lake. I embraced her into a deep hug and after she realized what had just happened, did the same for me. We both began laughing.

After the laughing began to die, I broke myself from the embrace and splashed her a bit. After wiping the water from her face, she returned the favor. I had the upper hand in this fight what with the ability to cup my hands. She fared well too though. Much better than I thought she would.

After the splashing stopped, we pulled ourselves out of the water and plopped ourselves down onto the sandy beach, letting the warmth roll over us. It was peaceful again... which meant that—


I sighed, slightly amused about how I knew that was going to happen. “Yes Dashie?”

“What is war like?” She asked planely.

The question was so innocent, it shocked me. My mouth sat agape for a moment while I tried to create an answer for the question. “Uh... well, Dashie, war is like... I don’t know to be honest. I’ve never fought in a war before. Not to mention that seems like such a distant memory now that I live here with you. The only thing I know is that war... war never changes.”

She nodded slightly and gazed up at the clouds that were dancing over head. I noticed her face was fixed with puzzled look on it. I stared at her for a moment, expecting a follow up question, but when it never came I decided to act.

“Why do you ask?”

She didn’t respond immediately, but after a moment of silence she responded. “Well, we learned that the Wonderbolts were formed a long time ago as a military unit, a branch of the Royal Guard. I was taught that they fought a long time ago, when Equestria wasn’t as peaceful as it is now.”

Upon hearing this, I lurched forward somewhat. I was intrigued to hear about this. “Go on.”

“Well, thats it really. I was just wondering because when the Wonderbolts accept me into their ranks, I was thinking about if I had to fight a war or not.”

“In my opinion Dashie, I don’t think war will ever come here. This place is to peaceful and friendly. War seems like a pretty far fetched idea.” I said flatly.

She seemed to hesitate before nodding in agreement. She rolled over and looked at me. “Besides, if something ever did go wrong, Equestria would have the two Princesses, the Elements of Harmony, and my dad to defend it, right?”

I chuckled a bit before nodding. “Hoorah Dashie, Hoorah.”

I stared at me for a moment in confusion. “Hoorah?”

I laughed. “It’s a thing that the United States soldiers say when they agree on something.”

She nodded in understanding before trying it out for herself. “Hoorah... Hoorah, Hoorah! I like it. Makes me feel tough, indestructible almost.”

“Dashie, nothing could break you. You are indestructible!” I interjected.

She beamed with delight at the compliment. “Yeah, I am pretty good, aren’t I?”

I smiled. “The best, Dashie, the best.”

Hey there everyone! Welcome to my pointless little addition to My Little Dashie: A Sequel. What this is is sort of like the 1 year anniversary to my sequel being completed (roughly) on fimfiction. It’s been quite a year, with a lot changing in my life and I’m sure many of yours as well. All Athanix and I can say is thank you guys so much for reading our story. You guys made it blow up like a Balefire Bomb and we can't appreciate it enough. Here is to a new year. May it hold many new adventures for us all!

Much Love,



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Comments ( 134 )

happy new year to you too!

*Salutes* Happy belated New Years mate. Hope ya enjoyed the apocalypse.

Happy New Year

I would love more of these little shorts because there well done and interesting to boot.

Fallout Reference, I saw that :rainbowwild:

>read story yesterday
>story updates

1914095 :ajsmug: more to come maybe?


I can't remember if that was intentional or not...

1914101 Like the Twilight pic, very cute.

This is still the best sequel of MLD out there.

Let's see, Fallout reference, more feels, short and sweet. Nice anniversary.

1914131 Thanks man. That really means a lot!

Very nice.

And that's when I miss the love button... :pinkiesad2:

Please, please, PLEASE keep adding on to this story!!! I don't care if you don't update on a regular basis, but DON'T EVER MARK THIS STORY AS COMPLETE!!! :raritycry:

(Joke) Alt. Title: My Little Dashie II: The Sequel! or My Little Dashie: Yet ANOTHER Seque

Lol, its not Hoorah! Its Hooaaah! :rainbowlaugh: That's the Navy!
How do I know, I'm a soldier... and I like ponies yes! :twilightoops:
But nevertheless when we say Hooah, we say it for any thing.
Its like the f bomb, the adjective that has many meanings.
But I did enjoy this fic when I read it awhile ago and I enjoyed this!!

I'm pretty sure the Navy throws a "Y" in there somewhere, Hooya
The Marines have the "R" - Oorah

This surprised the hell out of me.

I was just hopping on FiMFiction, going to see my notifications, maybe do a little wri--

>Sees this story in the feature box

...Wasn't this story finished a year ago? Might as well see what all the fuss is about. ...Wait, update?

:pinkiegasp: *SQUEE*

Jeez, this made my day. One of my favorite stories was updated on an anniversary, complete with enough b'awws to give someone a heart attack and a Fallout reference. Why wasn't this on my favorites list beforehand? :facehoof:

Time to fix that. :eeyup:

very good chapter:rainbowkiss:


Well, that was a very nice and unexpected visit from one of my favorite fics. One of the two responsible for pulling me into the brony herd actually... (including the original my little dashie, which was far too depressing without a proper ending) Thanks for the nice little interlude, it was greatly appreciated!

Interesting little short...:ajsmug:

Good job. And here's to a hopefully better year!

It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it.

War... War never changes... Or does it? :rainbowhuh:
No. Of course not. 'Is war...
Unless the answer is yes...

....And then the Zebra Nation attacked.
edit: well, empire...whatever lol

glad I came back to read this again. It is awsome:rainbowdetermined2:

Wish you could continue this. This is very cute.

This is why you should NEVER un-track completed stories.

Aww... SO sweet.:rainbowkiss:

Oorah: Marines, Hoorah: Army and Airforce, Hooyah: Navy. Fun little tidbit. Good job man.

Hoorah, Dash. Hoorah.:rainbowdetermined2:

for me this was hard 2 read after reading all 4 books but I loved it

War is delightful to those who haven't experienced it.~ An old saying. Btw, thanks for this! FUCKING BRILLIANT!

O.O ARE you opening this story for a sequal? If so... NEED NAOW:flutterrage:

"I stared at me"

Shouldn't it be "She stared at me"?

Comment posted by afterceasetoexist deleted Feb 16th, 2013

:raritycry: manly tears were shed

Wait a minute! wouldnt Princess Luna be able to access this man's dreams?! or at least notice something different about Dashie's? she could tell Proncess Celestia about him being back in Equestria. :rainbowhuh:

War never changes.
The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth.
Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory.
Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower.
But war never changes.
In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired.
Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons.
Petroleum and uranium.
For these resources, China would invade Alaska, the US would annex Canada, and the European Commonwealth would dissolve into quarreling, bickering nation-states, bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.
In 2077, the storm of world war had come again.
In two brief hours, most of the planet was reduced to cinders.
And from the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization would struggle to arise.
A few were able to reach the relative safety of the large underground Vaults.
Your family was part of the group that entered Vault Thirteen.
Imprisoned safely behind the large Vault door, under a mountain of stone, a generation has lived without knowledge of the outside world.
Life in the Vault is about to change"
`Reference time

Comment posted by lolpony33 deleted Jan 11th, 2013

this was written before Sleepless in Ponyville aired so its non-cannon to the story.

1992767 I cried a crap ton too when I read MLD as well. (hopefully I am corect in translation)

1936144 sounds like a possible side story. If I wasn't doing two fanfics at the same time I would try to come up with something. maybe in a month I might come back to this.

This one made me cry much more than the original MLD (actually I felt sad after reading MLD but I didn't cry). I mean, seriously, I felt like throwing up at times. But I kept reading, because I read somewhere it had a happy end. So I just wanted to finish it and see this happy endding, and I don't regret it. I feel much better now.
Thanks man for this sequel. The original MLD's end was way too painful... I guess sad stories just aren't my cup of tea. I felt a bit sad/depressed after reading Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory, but this one is really on another level of sadness. (besides, why am I talking about sadness when refering to Cupcakes and RF ? They're meant to be dark, not sad)

Ty, words cannot describe how thankful I am that you made this sequel. After reading MLD I was in shambles, for whatever reason I couldn't keep my mind off of how sad it was, and then I found out someone wrote a sequel. I put off reading it because I thought it was gonna be another heartbreak but now, after reading it, I realize how stubborn I was. Your story fixed that part of me that broke the day I read MLD. You helped me glue the pieces back together and I cal only say, Thank-you. Thank-you to you and Athanix for creating this story and helping me concentrate on my own fic. (I almost referenced this story in my fic because it was on my mind.... almost.) :rainbowkiss:

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