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(Author's note: This is not a shipfic. I wish they'd put tags on the main page.)

After a tragic magical accident, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie have lost two of their friends, but gained a new one.

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:facehoof: Teleporting in panic is ALWAYS a bad idea...

Looks good, but I'm a sucker for anything with Twilight.
Twilight is best pony.


And the petrification doesn't help, either.

Wait, so Twilight and Fluttershy are merged? :rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp:


Or maybe it was the plant. There was that Star Trek: Voyager episode where Tuvok and Neelix were merged together because of a flower that they had picked up on a planets surface.

It's like the Fly but with cuter results?
Interesting... I'm going to guess that nobody has tried a group teleport whilst carrying poison Joke before... Now I'm intrigued...

it didn't feel like tI like it

Star Trek Reference, when Tuvok and Neelix fuse themselves together while teleporting on the ship after take a new strange plant. This will be good.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Fluttershy at a Jazz club, now that would be pricelesss to see. :fluttershysad:

Man this is some story so far and I wish to encourage you to keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

pleez add more this story is awesome i seriously am obsessed with this story

(if you don't add more twilight and fluttershy will cry :fluttershbad: :facehoof:)

Just wanted to tell you that is being a enjoyable read. My favorite part is the interaction between Spike and Shylight, and how he's suddenly been put into the role of being the mature one of the two. You've managed to quite well write him into a older brother like character in this.

I'm also curious on whether you're planning on touching on any of the moral issues of trying to separate Shylight back into Twilight and Fluttershy given that if more then week or two pass she'll be her own pony and more then just a merger of the two. And where the other ponies and Spike would stand on such a thing.

9205 I do plan to address this. It's going to be difficult to articulate, but it will be addressed.

Summary is so misleading. This isn't tragic at all so far.
Not a bad concept, though. Going pretty well so far... though I have to say that Shylight really sounds like a whole lot of Fluttershy and not so much Twilight at this point. I am waiting to see some more of her if only to have her better defined. Nice relationship between her and Spike so far.
(still not sure why she's afraid of their shared friends though... *shrug*)
Good start.

9211 When I write out the summary, I write it out for about the middle of the story. We're still in the beginning.

Ahhhhhhh... I know that they answered the question, but I must ask again... If Zecora knew about this legend why on earth would she give Twilight the book? If the spellbook is legendarily cursed to harm ponies that use spells within a proximity of it, why would she give it to Twilight, the most magical unicorn for miles around?

I mean... I know that she says that she thought the legend wasn't true but... I dunno, if I were her I'd say "better safe than sorry." I mean really, we've kinda proven in the MLP universe that there tends to be a fair bit of truth around legends. The Mare in the Moon anyone? The Tale of Discord? Yeah. This is pretty negligent on Zecora's part...

9214 Continued because I hit the wrong key... :facehoof:

She's afraid of them because she's having to deal with both Fluttershy's timidity in general and Twlight's social awkwardness. She doesn't trust herself to open up to them fully because she's afraid to lose them. They're at sort of a middle ground for her friendship-wise (except for Dash.) She's at the point where she trusts them, but doesn't trust herself to open up to them out of fear she'll lose them. (Dash is a slight exception due to Fluttershy's history with her.)

Spike on the other hand has two things working in his favor - Fluttershy's weakness for small animals and Twilight's history with him. She can open up to him because she knows he'll stay by her side.

9215 I'm a little confined
Because I suck with rhymes.
Finding a rhyme for "teleport"
Is far from my favorite sport.

Hello [GrimDark] tag... Heh. Maybe it won't be too much to hope for a third option of some sort... Fluttershy's Cutiemark-related ability is TECHNICLY within the relm of Earth Pony magic, which would go a long way twords explaining her lack of flight skills and a preference for low altitudes. If that is true in this storie's cannon, than Shylight would TECHNICLY be a True Alicorn, rather than simply a Unicorn/Pegasis hybred. Perhaps that would be enough to allow for a three-way split, rather than deside if one pony has to die so two others might live.

:applecry: :fluttercry: :raritycry: :facehoof:

9250 If it were about talent, Shylight would actually be a full unicorn because Twilight is the epitome of everything a unicorn is in body and talent, while Fluttershy's body is that of a pegasus but her talent is that of an earth pony, and the divergence would cause her physical traits to be overpowered. Read on, it is explained in better detail within the story.

Darn good story, and while I haven't read many character fusion stories this is one of the best that I have seen. I like the fact that you put in the moral implications of separating Shylight, have you been watch Voyager? I'm so going to have to track this one... oh and what about the families? Celestia's Paladin, Ex Solis et Lunae, Providentia et Prospera

9281 Yeah, I've seen Voyager. Tuvix was actually a direct inspiration for this story, though I'm trying to make it so it's not a direct ripoff of it.

I'm crying now. Can't wait for the next part :fluttershbad:

Not talent as much as base level magic. The Princesses are Alicorns becouse they contain the magical traits from ALL THREE pony races. ...not counting Sea Ponies. Lets not go there. However, you're rebuttle to my previous statement seems to imply that Shylight is lacking Pegasis magic, and as such is ALSO lacking their inate Cloudwalking ability, the derived Weather Control, and, more likely than not, basic flight. Or did I misunderstand your statement? At any rate, I should shut up now and get to reading Chapter Four.

Chapter read. Now to find out if we end up with three ponies, or none at all. :ajsleepy:

Yeah, I was definitely sensing some Tuvix, lol.

Maybe I need to watch "Tuvix" to get into the spirit of things or something because I am so obviously reading this wrong.
I continue to read Shylight as Twilight + Fluttershy = two pony, one body instead of two pony -> new pony so I'm really not seeing the dilemma concerning the separation of Shylight into her component parts.
Still curious as to where you'll go with this, but the moral dilemma is ringing false to my ears... sorry.
Nice fic tho.

9366 Think of her as the child of Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy who also has all their memories and life experiences, and a 50/50 split of innate magic relative to their pony species (hence not being Goddess-level magically.) That might help you see where she's coming from better. She is both ponies combined AND a new pony.

...Yeah, watching Tuvix couldn't hurt. The title character was much the same, though without the added complication of magic.

9317 On the contrary. Fluttershy (and therefore Shylight) lack Earth Pony magic. While her special talent is more in line with earth ponies, Fluttershy is still perfectly capable of doing everything a pegasus can do.

However, her innate magic is at a 50/50 split. She'll still be able to cloudwalk, and given time she could develop her own magic, though it would average out to be weaker than that of the average unicorn and certainly not rise to Twilight Sparkle-tier in terms of raw power.


Teleportation + Panic + Both incredibly socially awkward ponies + Poisin Joke = oh fuck

:twilightoops ::fluttershbad:


Teleportation + Panic + Both incredibly socially awkward ponies + Poisin Joke = oh fuck

:twilightoops : :fluttershbad:

Ohhh, poor Shylight :fluttercry: :facehoof:

i thought you said no more i was so sad but can you make a another chapter so i will feel i better :pinkiesad2:

...Aw hell. This can't be good.

Well, THAT was quick. Two updates in one day? Granted, this one WAS short... Also, unless the Macina starts spitting out a Deus or three, this story is SO getting a [GrimDark] tag once it hits EqD. ...horseapples, that last sencence rimed, and there isn't a zecora emote for me to use. X_x;

Indeed, we need a Deus from the Machina, stat.
Y'know... I've got to say... some of the psychology of this fic just doesn't jibe with me and the approach to it seems rather awkward with Luna just straight up stating it. Dunno, still waiting for Shylight to really feel like a combo character or as her own.... I'm still reading her, with the attitude flips, as both joined yet separate and that just plays into my inability to buy into the moral conflict.
Still curious where you'll go though...
(also, AJ scared of killing worms? sure didn't stop her from cooking them...)

some of the psychology of this fic just doesn't fit

This is an interesting concept :heart::twilightsheepish:

This, as has been said by others, is an interesting concept. I really like the concept. I also agree with the others, some of the actions taken by the characters are... Interesting, but still a reaaaaally great story. Also, this may just me acting like derpy, but what was the actual significance of Luna in the last scene? I would think that the last sentence said by dashie ( or even the whole speech section ) would indicate the reason, but I cannot work out why Luna left. ( if this comes across as neitive, I'm sorry! It's really a joy to read such a fantastic fix with such originality in the story. ) keep up the good work, cannot wait to read the next one!!


The episode in question was titled "Tuvix," and yes, definite influence is there.


Lack of sleep does things to a person.

And yeah, she's a farmer. What are a farmer's friends? Ladybirds and earth worms. Ladybirds eat aphids which can do hefty damage to a years crop, and earthworms help fertilize the soil. You'd cry too if you accidentally killed one of your helpers.

Did some edits to this chapter to make it clear that the versions of her friends that Shylight sees in her nightmares are the versions that Discord twisted them into during The Return of Harmony. Also, that the first part is a delusional nightmare in the first place. :rainbowwild:

I'll probably start updating this again soonish. I just have to hop back onto my train of thought.

Luna's reaction was part guilt for causing Shylight to wind up in the condition she was in at the start, and partially being mad at RD for not trying harder to get Shylight to tell her everything. She left because she didn't want to blow up at Dash and make the situation worse.

The next chapter will expand on this.

*Pokes with Stick*


Too bad Pinkie Pie wasn't there to get teleported with them, (Shylight Pie yo!)

Anyway, talk about ripping out a person's heart, running it through a blender, and dumping it back in. So facinating yet painfull to read. Facinating cause it's written so well. Painfull becuase, well, shit, that chain of events just really hurt to read. I just can't put it into words. :applecry:

more, more. More. More! MORE! I WANT MORE!!!

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