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A hundred years have passed since the Nightmare was sealed away... again... but now an arid desertlike Equestria withers underneath a sun that never sets.

With no ponies suitable to wield the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses not having been seen in months, only one force remains that can save Equestria now.

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In a little over a thousand words you made me not only care about these characters, but about what they're planning to do. That's no small feat, good Sir. :moustache:

If I were to give you any advice; I'd say to maybe slow your pace just a teeny, tiny bit, but that is a major nitpick on my part. This is really, really dang good for the length you've got. Nice job. :rainbowkiss:

Your grammar could be much better, as could your descriptive skills, but overall it was decent.

Nice work! It looks promising. Followed.


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