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Truly, it is strange to imagine a time in-which our beloved Equestria could have ever known the harshness and the brutality of war. But during the rebellion of Nightmare Moon, our land knew little else. During this time, Nightmare Moon created a vast unyielding force, one as such Equestria had never seen before. But after her defeat, the creation that she had made was forgotten and never spoken of again.

But after a thousand years, when Nightmare Moon returns...Who shall be there to answer her call?

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Comments ( 12 )

So,best case scenario,Luna has a Big Daddy.....Of the Bouncer variety

4111701 Depending on the size it could be that or it could be a Hogarth and iron giant thing.

Considering it was knocking around trees and such like it wasn't even an issue I think bigger than a Big Daddy but not quite Iron Giant level. If it was Iron Giant sized then a river could be just stepped over, and the same for the ravine I bet.

I'm betting...maybe around the size of Tree Beard from lord of the rings.


I'd almost forgotten that this was still on my favorites list. Glad to see that you're still alive!

4112141 I'm thinking a bit shorter than an ent but a lot bulkier.

Like a bouncer only around three or four times bigger

4111701 everyone here seems to have played bioshock.

I am extremely pleased with this

4114675 You're an oxymoron -means your user name :twilightsmile:- But you could be right too, just have to wait and see no? If you are right I give you Mustache :moustache: , if I am the mustache is mine! :pinkiehappy:

-is being silly.-

i need so much more of this, i like where this is going.

It's to bad that this story is no longer being updated, i really enjoyed this chapter.

Is this dead?

dude it's been 5 fucking years i'm pretty sure it's dead

and the fact the author hasn't been on for 5 years as will

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