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This story is a sequel to Rainbows and jealousy

Sequel to Rainbows and jealousy and Rainbows and music This is the third story in the rainbows and stories trilogy First one was Rainbows and music.
I recommend you read those stories first cause there is quite a lot of character development in those two stories. and if you read them this story will make more sense.

After the whole Thunderlane thing was over couple of weeks ago Soarin and Rainbow Dash can finaly star their new life together. but the trade negotiations between Equestria and Saddle arabia go south and the world is at the brink of a war. Tragic love story between Soarin and Rainbow Dash whose future together is threatened by war and death.

(Rated teen for mild cursing, occasional violence and some mature themes)

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7519085 the story of true love must continue.

What happened to scotaloo??

7519577 i had to write her it out of the first 7 chapters... dont worry explanation is coming in the next chapter.(she is ok)

Awwwwww:rainbowkiss: so cute and sad at the same time. But a war what will happen will there be a war or not ohhhhhhh I'm so anxious:pinkiegasp: it's driving me crazy:pinkiecrazy:

there's gonna be a war,I just know their is.:fluttershysad:
Cute sequel though can't wait for more :raritywink:

Omg rainbow dash is pregnant :rainbowderp:
Great chapter:yay:


7525139 things are slowly starting to heat up...

Ohhhhh this should be good:trixieshiftleft:

Wow that was really suprising. But great chapter as always, love it, keep it up, whats going to happen next?!?! :heart::heart::raritywink::twilightsmile::scootangel::pinkiehappy:

Awwww great chapter as always sooooooo cute :rainbowkiss: I like those names horizon dash and rainbow spectrum both sound so cute:pinkiehappy:

\\cough cough// War...? (I now instantly think of Violet Hill) What a coincidence...

Engagement? Totally saw that coming. A day before war. JUST LIKE VIOLET HILL AAAAAHAHA

Pregnancy? I have a feeling everything is going along that path...
Haha, I'm joking I'm wondering where this goes but I also don't want it to be like Violet Hill. I'm sure it won't though!

7529311 Violent hill was partly what inspired this story (horizon hill is an homage to violet hill:raritywink:) but violet hill focushed on the induvidual love story between dash and soarin while this i gonna focus more on the family that they are building around themselfs. I loved violet hill and the way it told a love story but i didnt like how the war and the suffering that it caused to other ponies was not explored at all.
This story will not talk so much on losing a loved one... this fic is gonna focus more on family and duty to serve and protect (So yeah im not gonna kill off soarin and do the violet hill "oh he is dead and dash is a single mother. Oh wait now hes back and everything ended well" story line.)

7529259 thank my physics teacher for those names:rainbowlaugh:

Well make sure when you see your teacher tell I said thanx:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

I loved violet hill too :pinkiehappy: I like how you wrote the story like violet hill but not exactly like it :twilightsmile:

7530649 i wanted it to have that violet hill vibe to it in the first few chapters:twilightsmile:

This was so sad ;-; and great chapter btw :3

Such a dad chapter:applecry: think happy thoughts think happy though- oh forget it I'm starting to tear up:fluttercry: :raritycry:

Sooooooo sad :applecry: think happy thoughts think happy though- oh forget it I'm starting to tear up:fluttercry::raritycry: if you lookin for ocs in future you can use my oc if you want she's an alicorn an soarins sister. Such an emotional story brilliant work :twilightsmile:


Ooh sounds good! Can't wait to see how it goes! Thou I do love Violet Hill. Just wish the sequel would continue ;p

7531813 Thanks:twilightsmile:... i need like 4-5 new ocs for my next story. (I'm gonna talk about this in the future more:raritywink:)

WOW:pinkiegasp: soooooooooo cute and sad at the same time and soooo romantic soarin leaves for war. Rainbow dash soon to be his wife while pregnant with his child.awwwww:twilightsmile:

This is a hell of a lot like Violet Hill.... Love that story and I love this story!!!!

scootaloo gonna be a bit sister awwwww:scootangel: fleetfoot has to do it didnt she:pinkiegasp: does she not know soarin is dashies:rainbowhuh:

:flutterrage: cliffhanger!
At least you update evryday I've never seen somebody upload stories this fast :twilightsmile:

Awwwww when's the next chapter:twilightsmile:

7545295 I think that cliffhangers have become my new bad habit :twilightblush:

At least say the next one won't be a cliffhanger:fluttershyouch:
I'm gonna cry if I jinxed it:facehoof:

7546016 it's not...but tomorrow's chapter is gonna be a cliffhanger:rainbowlaugh: Oh god what have i done...

'Dash said angrily to Dash'

Hmm I know Twilight looks a lot like Dash but I didn't think you'd call her Dash too XD

7547925 :rainbowlaugh: yeah I see it too. Thanks for pointing it out

WHAAAAAA A A A CLIFFHANGR OH BOY (faints):applejackconfused: anyway good chapter as always :twilightsmile: can't wait for next

Wow I jinxed well I'm off to cry :pinkiehappy:
stupid cliffhangers :fluttershyouch:

7548664 cliffhangers... cliffhangers every where

Is that muffin button a reference to Piercing the Heavens possibly...? XD

Idk I think there was something like that in there. Can't tell cause I read too much SoarinDash XD

7550411 Yep:rainbowlaugh: you and me both are way too into Soarindash.

THE TENCE :pinkiegasp: can't wait for next chapter. Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

So soarins back and spins with Derry you have a lot of soarindash creativity (sniff):fluttershyouch:h: it's true you are a true soarindash fan:twilightsmile:

7553359 thank you:twilightsmile: I love to write about soarin and dash. And I have got big plans for the future of this fic.

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