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Spectrum Skies always wanted his eldest, but also adopted son, Soarin Skies, to follow traditions. His family's legacy.

Following through all but one, Soarin fails to stop himself from falling for an ordinary village mare, Rainbow Dash.

The two fall instantly in love, but Spectrum has other plans. He wants his son to marry Spitfire, a promising Wonderbolt.

How will Spectrum react to Soarin going behind his back and marrying Dash? How will Dash react to her father's death and mother's disappearance?

What will the couple do, when Spectrum threatens to kick them out of the house?

And most importantly, what will Soarin's younger brother, Speedy, do when he comes back from college to find his entire family ripped apart?

After all, if you want happiness, you'll have to sit by a few tears as well.

Based on KJ's "K3G"~

All art in this story by NorthernLights8.

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Omgggg its outttt i need to do some stuff but im faving it anyway XDDD (basically I'll read it later)

I can't wait for next chapter

*searchs for new SOARINDASH stories on FIM*
Oh look I found a new one and looks good.

great chapter as always RD! Loved it! Can't wait for the next one

While this one was short it was sweet. I sure hope the chapters get at least a little longer PWEASE!!! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

You cant resist the adorable dashie! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

I already know I'm gonna hate Spectrum Skies :<

Also, mad props to whoever made that cover art! Love that bit in the upper right corner, so deep!

7081147 Hope you enjoy it when you do!

7081269 << This awesome person drew it. XD

7081269 Thank you! (The cover art is AMAZING. Thank you so much, again!)

7081592 Don't worry. After Rainbow Dash is introduced, things are gonna get a lot more interesting... XD

7081612 Spectrum... is going to be an... interesting character. XD

7081269 << This awesome person drew it. XD

This looks like the start of a great story, I can't wait to read the rest! :pinkiehappy:

Amazing! I look forward to continuing:heart:

7081767 NEEP LOVE IT! I already told Midnight and she said shes totally gonna read it XD

7082032 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed! :3

7082167 Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see what she thinks!

7082253 Lol thanks, though it wasn't completely my original idea. I was inspired by many other real-life instances, and a few movies. XD


Slightly choppy and confusing, but nothing to the point that it's bad. I think you could do a little more showing AND telling when it comes to a story like this. Alright, let's get on to the first chunk of the story (Before the first separation)...

The first section is really great. I honestly think it's my favorite part of the whole thing. Everything just flows so well, and we're introduced to some new characters properly, right off the bat.

Second section was probably the most confusing. We get a new character! Alright, time for some character develop- BAM! Speedy, you have to go away from home to go to school. Okay... what kind of school for what purp- BAM! Ten years, Speedy. Okay, is that how long it normally takes? Or is it just advanced classe- And let's move on! That's pretty much what I got from it. It's just a little sudden and confusing. I have no doubts that it will be explained later in the story, but this is the first chapter. This is what grasps your reader and keeps them in for the ride. Luckily, your premise is very interesting, so you'll keep most of your readers. But I beg you to not make it a habit.

Third, small and not very interesting. It's kind of dry and... just kinda there. There's not much to say about it, it simply exists. Yes, we got that Spectrum has expectations of his son that aren't guaranteed to happen. Spitfire and Soarin are friends, surprise surprise. Not saying it's bad. It looks a little important when remembering the description of the actual story. Without the description, however, it's kinda just... there. I mean, this could've been established later in the story too, so its existence isn't the most important thing. Alright, moving on...

A grandmother! Yet another character introduced and she's sick with...


Moving on, she wants... some sort of supplies that can only be found in Ponyville or something... and then he wants the brother to actually REALLY talk things out to his brother about the school, rather than doing it himself. Wow.

All in all... it's simply average. No, it's not a bad story, yet it wasn't that great either. You give me little reason to want to know these character's stories. If I read a whole story on Soarin, who's personality at the moment is an egotistical pony who's a bit of a jerk, I want to know some info about them. Of course, I don't want to know everything, because the story is supposed to show that through actions, thoughts, words, etc. But I need something to start on so that I WANT to keep reading to know more. If I have nothing to grab onto, it's hard for me to keep going. And the thing is, Spectrum is my favorite character in this. The only reason he is is because I already have a piece to latch onto. I understand some of his personality, and I'd love to see how he reacts to later events in the story and see if he even grows as a character. I'm genuinely interested in him, even if he can be a bit of a jerk. Soarin is just that. A bit of a jerk. His brother is... I don't even know how to feel about his brother. The brother feels like he's also kind of just... there. No reason to like or hate him.

I'm holding onto this story because or two reasons. One, Spectrum is characterized pretty well by you. Two, the concept is very interesting.

I hope you improve and go far as a writer. This was simply constructive criticism. Have fun writing.

Nice! I;m super excited for the new book!

feed me more:flutterrage: please

Yet another AMAZING (so far) story by you!!
Can't wait for more~:rainbowkiss:

7086128 Honestly, I really do appreciate the critique. I've never gotten to read criticism on my writing that I can actually take anywhere. It's always either downright hate, or praise. So, thanks for that.
I'm very well aware of everything that you've mentioned. One of my many weaker points as an author is expanding. I tend to rush into things without much description. It's a flaw that I'm trying hard to fix.
As of now, I'm really just introducing characters, and will get to their parts of the story later on in the plotline. Each one has a very specific role, that will end up playing a very important part of the ending. And plus, after Rainbow Dash gets involved, things are definitely going to take a turn in different directions.
I hope you decide to stick with me, and am looking forward to your future comments.

7087177 Thanks a lot!~ Hope you decide to stick with the story, and me! ;3

7088854 Ah yes, the problem is either trying to expand more or less. Either way, it always end up feeling weird. Some people keep trying to say too much while others don't say enough. Finding the perfect balance is pretty tough to do especially when you're introducing characters. Then you have to worry about your plot and how to give juuuust enough info for your audience to be drawn in. I suggest trying your best to practice getting better in that area, that will ultimately help you in the future.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next chapter. You have something interesting here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got PONY ART to do!

Are you going to add people's oc's in the story. I'm writing something and I'm adding people, so if you want to be added, put your OC somewhere that I can see them. It'll be cool

WHEN. IS. NEXT. CHAPTER?!:flutterrage:

7090949 No, I'm not going to be putting any OC's in this story.

7091143 Woah there, calm down. XD I'm glad you're enjoying anyway, though. The next chapter should be out either later on today, or sometime in the next few days.

7091570 Woah, I didn't even know you had that account! DX

This story is interesting!!! I LOVE it! Can't wait to read more!! :heart:

this should be interesting :ajsmug:

If anypony married Thunderlane, they better have completed their bucket list.

Can't whait for the reast :pinkiehappy:

Happiness and Tears
Chapter 1: He's Our Son

Okay time to get back on the meme boat and meme the meme out of this memeing story. Did I say meme?

Dang I'm really falling behind in the meme department... Next chapter!

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