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Wow it's been awhile · 11:42pm Mar 17th, 2016

So here's another blog sorry I haven't posted my new story I've just been SOOOO busy:ajbemused: but spring break is coming up so I should be able to get it by the end of that. Another special announcement is my story "Tiny Ninja" yaaaaay :pinkiehappy: turns out my writing is terrible so my good friend Summer is re writing it and of course I can't give you her full name :trollestia:she is a amazing writer but also a slow one so its should be a LOOOOONG time until "Tiny Ninja" will come out,

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Omg thanks >>misty moonshine maby I'll post a story I'm more of a artist then writer :rainbowwild:

I read your blog <3

You should write stories!

No problem

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