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As the leader of the Changelings, it's important to Thorax that he has allies within Equestria.

And which better place than the Crystal Empire itself? Where he was first accepted and allowed to roam freely within the land.

All he'd like is for his subjects to be able to rely on the Crystal Empire for friendship and love.

Unfortunately for him, his meeting with Princess Flurry Heart on the matter quickly spins into something a lot less professional then he had initially expected.

Author Notes:
Taken place several years after the current show-time. When Princess Flurry Heart is old enough to handle the bigger meetings regarding the Empire.
Please disregard obvious disbelief suspensions when reading. This story was not written from the show's point of view, meaning there will be minor plot adjustments made for the purpose of the storyline.

Cover art by NorthernLights8.

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Auto-fave! Love that ship! :heart:

A small Slice-of-Life friendshipping fic I wrote up this morning.

Tags: Romance, Slice-of-Life.


7706356 Not exactly sure what the point of that comment was, but alright.

7706345 Thank you! ^_^

7706360 Well, it's not really friendship if it's romance, is it?

7706367 I see nothing wrong with tagging a friend-shipfic as romance for mutual pining.

Oh man how I love this ship.

Same XD

And which what better place than the Crystal Empire itself?, where he was first accepted and allowed to roam freely within the land?

Try this for your summary, instead.

7706360 Maybe unlock the rating?

7706374 The rating can only be unlocked once it reaches a total of 10 votes.

Could use a bit of editing, but good nonetheless!

A wonderful display indeed! I will savor this tale for a time to come.

:trollestia: Princess Albatross and Skittle Bug:heart:

:twilightsheepish: beats Scaly butt and marsh mellow


7706395 Forgot and fixed eather way...

"If he brings up anything to due with the abnormal "squid" coverage throughout the empire, change the subject immediately," Shining Armor said sternly. Flurry frowned.
"Squid coverage? What-"
"Actually yes, your father's right for once," Cadance said suddenly. "Don't bother with the squid coverage."
"I don't even know what that-"

Now I'm curious. What is this "squid coverage"?

7706726 Honestly, I don't even know. That was written as a joke-thing for a friend of mine. :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful art and nice story.

7706861 You say it's a joke, but you are close to spoiling season 7, if my sources are to be believed...

More of a subtle beginning of something new than outright romance, but still a sweet read :twilightsmile:

You always make the perfect story for Flurry Heart and Thorax:heart::rainbowkiss:

This is a very good one-shot.

This Ship is freaking AWSOME:raritywink::twilightsmile:

Flurrax for life :heart::heart::heart:

7729734 that sounds like some kind of medicine

7706861 Just to let you know, they added chapter tags for Thorax and Flurry! :pinkiehappy:

OMG SOOOO ADORBS!!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

7860848 Ah! Thanks for letting me know!

This story is great! I love this ship as well! <3:heart:

please make a sequel to this
I need more of this ship:raritywink:

haha, well, i'm glad you enjoyed it for what it was! :)

"Prince Thorax," Flurry corrected, glaring at the filly.

What's the problem with leaving out his royal title? Princess Celestia doesn't mind. They are both royalty. So, I don't think it's necessary for a royal to address a fellow royal by their title.

Lol, maybe it's because she's young? Weird...

Beautiful, adorable, funny, and sweet! I love this ship, too! Awesome! :3

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