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Ever since Thorax began living in the Crystal Empire, he had taken quite a liking to little Flurry Heart. He’d offer to play with her, put her to sleep, and just ask to spend time with her whenever he could.

Cadence finds it endearing, and learns why he likes her so much.

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"Weak" or not, which I don't think it is, I'll *always* love little pieces of fluff, especially if they're anything near competent, which this more than is, IMO.

Lovely little read on your headcanon :D

This is a fun fic. Getting some Small Pony Book vibes off of it, for obvious reasons. Which isn't bad, more cinnabug fluff is always good.

I definitely think this fic could've used a little more time, but it's still good as it is and it accomplishes the mission it set out for-- being adorable, which is all that really matters in a fluff piece.

I do agree this could’ve been better, but at least you finally went out of your way to get your idea done.

Awwwww! So preciousssssss!

Yeah I miss that story 😊

There were a few formatting errors here and there, but overall, this was cute enough that I was willing to forgive them for the most part. All in all, kudos!

That tiny cover art. :rainbowkiss:

“You know, if you don’t want to be found, maybe pick a different spot to hide,” the changeling commented, but kept a small smile on his face. Buzzing his wings, he flew up towards Flurry Heart’s hiding place, scooping her up gently in his hooves. She giggled, her tiny appendages grasping for Thorax’s nose.

Awww that's so cute 🥰

Awww this was a very cute short story about thorax and flurry heart and I do like seeing how thorax been doing after his first appearances after living the Crystal Empire with shining armor Princess Cadence and flurry heart and it's very cute that the baby likes thorax this was a pretty cute story keep up the good work man 😊

Oh, new cover art? Tiny or not, it's still adorable.

Cute story with cute cover art

Quite concurred, and I have to additionally add that I don't think the story is weak at all. It did precisely what it set out to do, and I think it did it precisely how it needed to. :twilightsmile:

Gah!! Why is this both cute and wholesome!!! I swear i need more stories about Thorax being a kind caretaker/father figure. Also the cover art is cute and smol

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