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As the leader of the Changelings, it's important to Thorax that he has allies within Equestria.

And which better place than the Crystal Empire itself? Where he was first accepted and allowed to roam freely within the land.

All he'd like is for his subjects to be able to rely on the Crystal Empire for friendship and love.

Unfortunately for him, his meeting with Princess Flurry Heart on the matter quickly spins into something a lot less professional then he had initially expected.

Author Notes:
Taken place several years after the current show-time. When Princess Flurry Heart is old enough to handle the bigger meetings regarding the Empire.
Please disregard obvious disbelief suspensions when reading. This story was not written from the show's point of view, meaning there will be minor plot adjustments made for the purpose of the storyline.

Cover art by NorthernLights8.

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Rainbow Dash, the girl who's usually 'too cool for school', would never admit to ever liking someone. Especially someone who she believes she has never met before.

Nevertheless, she instantly befriends someone named 'Sky High' as her online persona, 'Daring Dash'.

She'd never have guessed it was her best friend, Soarin Skies.

Cover art by NorthernLights8.

Featured on 8/10/2016!

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Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies of the Wonderbolts secretly live double lives as Equestria's two superheroes, Ladybug and Chat. With help from their little friends, Ikki and Tagg, they're able to transform and take on anything that comes to them. Too bad they decide to keep their identities a secret.

A two-shot fic that is a remake of the Origin episodes.

This is a crossover fic with Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

All art by NorthernLights8

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Contains spoilers for Season 6 Episode 7, "Newbie Dash".

Even though Dash was soon accepted by the Wonderbolts after her disastrous first performance, Soarin is still unsure about how to approach her, and the situation at hoof.

He knows what he did was wrong... but he doesn't know if Dash knows he's completely sorry...

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Spectrum Skies always wanted his eldest, but also adopted son, Soarin Skies, to follow traditions. His family's legacy.

Following through all but one, Soarin fails to stop himself from falling for an ordinary village mare, Rainbow Dash.

The two fall instantly in love, but Spectrum has other plans. He wants his son to marry Spitfire, a promising Wonderbolt.

How will Spectrum react to Soarin going behind his back and marrying Dash? How will Dash react to her father's death and mother's disappearance?

What will the couple do, when Spectrum threatens to kick them out of the house?

And most importantly, what will Soarin's younger brother, Speedy, do when he comes back from college to find his entire family ripped apart?

After all, if you want happiness, you'll have to sit by a few tears as well.

Based on KJ's "K3G"~

All art in this story by NorthernLights8.

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Big and expecting, Rainbow Dash and her partner Soarin sit by the fire and remember all their times together. From the moment they met, to where in their relationship they are now.

Cover art by Llaurm34

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