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Thorax couldn't explain it.

When the newest princess of the Crystal Empire was born, he felt a natural pull towards the ceremony.
Of course, the fact that the protective barrier surrounding the empire broke helped; he was able to slip in unnoticed.

Once his name was cleared with the Crystal ponies, Shining Armor still had his doubts. He proposed to keep Thorax disguised as Crystal Hoof, in case their subjects were to arise with questions, or run away out of fear.

Flurry Heart and 'Crystal Hoof' become close friends... both begin developing and feeling things for the other. Is friendship really enough for them?

Featured 9/16/16!


Inspiration from the cover art by PimpArtist101.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 427 )

Physics test at 12, damn

It's Equestria
anything can happen :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah but in all seriousness, that's a good edit.

7567926 just keep me out of the equestria school system and I'm fine

It's a neat and intriguing idea, Thorax and Flurry. I think I'll track this story to see where it goes. ^^

And also I didn't know why at the end they said they were screwed, but I could have missed something.

Really nice my friend keep it up

Seems interesting

The fact that Thorax was clearly much older than Flurry Heart in the show makes this concept rather uncomfortable for me to read.

I mean, this is a level of uncomfortableness I usually get from clopfics.

I don't want to bash on this story but...I can't ignore that age difference. It's weird for me.

But I really really really hope other people here will enjoy this story. I'm sorry RD. I think I have to skip this one. It's not your fault - it's the damn clopfics on this site.


It's a neat and intriguing idea, Thorax and Flurry.

Also said the many clopfic writers. So automatically this story is an original piece of work because it isn't porn. I applaud this story for that.

Congrats on making the feature box! ^D^

This is intriguing. I'd like to see where it goes.
Congrats on the feature btw

7568857 age gap love is a thing these days
The ABC has a documentary specifically about this. I believe it is called 'age gap love'

Anyways. Sorry if it creeps you out

7568955 Why are you apologizing? You didn't write it.

In fact, shouldn't you be killing Sans or something? Oh sorry - TRYING to kill Sans?

7567984 gotcha, I wouldn't want to be in that schooling system either to be honest. :rainbowlaugh:

7568226 thanks for reading! At the beginning of the story, after Cadance and Shining Armor spoke with Thorax, Cadance basically decided to ship them. Shining thought it would never happen. At the end of the story though, when Flurry and Thorax are dancing around, celebrating the fact that they don't have school anymore, Cadance gives Shining Armor that look that suggests what she had initially thought at the beginning, and Shining realizes that she may be on to something. This causes him to groan and say, "We're screwed."

7568624 7568784 glad I've been able to spike your interests. :raritywink:

7568857 well, sorry about that. I've had my fair share of clopfics, so I understand where you're coming from. I had of course considered the age gap between Thorax and Flurry Heart, and I myself found it a little weird. But these two are just so cute together I made a headcannon out of it; that changelings stop aging. (Cadance had brought this up when conversing with Shining Armor after their talk with Thorax).

7568935 thank you very much! ^.^

7568941 and I hope I won't disappoint. :twilightsheepish: Thank you! ^w^

Hmm. This seems somewhat interesting.

You've caught my attention, fair author. :moustache:

7569029 You can stop their aging, but they could still develop adult minds through mental maturity, so it still feels weird. But please believe me when I say I'm not trying to crap on your story. Others will be able to enjoy it for what it is. Again, it's not you, it's the clopfics I've come across that make me feel uneasy about age differences in romance.

In other words, I've seen some s**t that affects my ability to enjoy this fanfic. I hope you do understand and I hope you won't feel bad about this.


7568986 with that attitude I'll be TRYING to kill you.
Besides... Sans took my knife :ajbemused:


There are a couple assumptions you can make to make it less weird. If he's, say, 10 as of The Times They Are A Changeling, there would only be a 10 year age difference. It would be a fairly large difference for normal 12 and 22 year olds, but if you layer in the further assumptions of more agrarian (and therefore younger) ages of maturity for ponies, Thorax's presumably stunted social maturity due to his background, and Flurry's presumably accelerated social maturity as a princess of the realm, it's not nearly as unreasonable. Especially if Equestria really does work like many agrarian societies where men were typically older than their wives.

So, not to say it isn't weird to modern mores, but it's certainly not as weird as shipping PC or PL with any non-demigod cast members.

This is the tiniest bit odd for me, considering the ginormous age difference, but the story remains well-written and intriguing despite that. I'm interested to see what's to come.

An interesting premise. That being said, I find the execution... rough. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and raises several large ones.

The chapter was first going to be only a Prologue to the entire piece, so the beginning definitely was meant to be that way. After I wrote for a while, I decided, based on other chapter lengths, that the prologue would end up being too long, and made it into the first chapter. That being said, I'm sure most questions will be answered throughout the next few chapters.

God I shipped them from the start, I'm glad someone made a fanfic! Congrats on the feature! :rainbowkiss:

Noticed this:

"You don't think Thorax is untransformed, do you?" Shining Armor asked suddenly. Cadance looked thoughtful.
"Well, considering it's five in the morning, I don't think he is," she said, before both of their eyes widened.

I think you mean transformed.

You, my good sir, get a track to your amazing story. A like if I like it after a few chapters :twilightsmile:

Now shoo. Write moar cause I'm hungry right now. (FOR BOOKS AND WRITINGS ;3)

7567918 ponies mature differently, not to mention that equestria probably has better schooling than most first world countries
(Especially for royalty)

"We're screwed."

No, but in a couple of chapters: they might. :trollestia:


OOOHHHH!!!!!! PLEASE CRYSTAL MAKE A SECOND CHAPTER!!!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

7569793 How long did you spend trying to be smart with that excessive comment?

7569693 if i can survive being hit by a car I can survive anything you have to throw at me.

7570221 whoa your playing a dangerous game mate

7569693 probably a good thing! No offense you're my favorite undertale character!
Gah! Please don't kill me please!

Awwww love is the strongest thing in the world :heart:


Pardon me for trying to make something more palatable for someone unsettled by its premise. It was not my intention to make you feel inadequate, and I apologize if I have done so.


No worries. And on rereading it, the synopsis answered at least one of my questions, though it would have been preferable had the prose answered it. I'm not going to sit and nitpick someone's story in their comment section, though, so I'll just take your word for it and see if the next chapter delivers.

7570411 Dude, I have no girlfriend, I've spent nearly an hour trying to get out of BlightTown in Dark Souls a while ago, and I have an itchy butt cheek. I was already inadequate before you came along.

I love how this is starting out I need more!!!!!!!

7570369 No. Just a not-so-sore-anymore hip bone.

Alright everyone let's just calm it down a notch?


...that changelings stop aging.

Hmmmm... There's just something off about that which makes me more uncomfortable than just dealing with the age difference.

So, the idea is that changelings stop maturing at some point (not that they stop "aging," since time still passes), and that means his maturity level is closer to twelve than his physical age makes things seem? So... What happens in 30 years when she's 42 and he's still effectively 12? Stopping changeling maturation early so that the 12-to-? age gap doesn't seem as bad just shifts the weirdness to later in their lives when her real maturity dwarfs his effective maturity.

Oh, and it kind of feels like it waives the issue rather than dealing with it. Similarly, I wasn't too happy with a book suggestion from a friend where the main characters are a woman and a centaur, who end up married. Don't worry, he happens to be a shaman who can just transform into a human to circumvent the whole species issue when it counts!

I'm actually really looking forward to the pairing now. I want to see some Thorax X Flurry! Just... without the plot contortions.

Oh no I didn't mean to imply that Thorax is only 12 in this. He seems older than that in canon show, and I intend to keep it that way. I suppose for this story his age could be "undefined", but in later chapters that should be explained in more detail.

I'm glad you're looking forward to it!

7570474 i'm actually more tired than calm.

Sweet story, can't wait to see where it goes! :twilightsmile:

I am officially going to decide that you are a changelinko.
Your a flaminko changing hybrid, who took over Cadence!

Now your controlling the love of two ponies :O

Once again, amazing work! Can't wait for more, and yay to your one year anniversary!
Can't wait for the year of love and evil flaminkos ahead!

i dont get the big deal, flury would still love him if he was a talking rock, which he can also totally be

So... Thorax effectively ages like a Lobster? As in, he DOESN'T?

Very interested to see how things develop between Thorax and Flurry. :twilightsmile:

Wait thorax knew flurry when she was a baby so this is kinda weird

It's pretty good so far. Pacing, writing, all the usual stuff is good. My only problem is the conflict between Flurry and Thorax.

Wouldn't she know already, if she grew up with him? If Cadence accepted Thorx in to her empire, why would she continue to tell Flurry that all Changelings are evil? She would know that it's all gonna bite them in the flank eventually.

My only thought is that while Flurry's parents don't know she knows, Flurry has known Thorax is a changeling for years.

I'll continue reading, as I am interested in where this goes.

I am going enjoy reading this

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