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Flat spin

"I want coffee, but not free coffee. I want to pay for my coffee like an American!"


Tender Taps, Rumble and Button Mash have started to like the cmc more and more and have discovered that they have feelings for the girls but how are you supposed to tell them that?
Meanwhile the cmc also talk about those colts and how they too have a crush on them... yeah this is gonna be an awkward love story...

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YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! YOU COMBINED 3 OF MY FAVE CMC SHIPPPSSSS!!!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: :raritystarry:EKKKKMKK!!!!!:rainbowlaugh:(best I could find of someone passing out so deal with it:ajbemused:)*passes out due to fcuteness*:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

Great premise, but PLEASE get an editor!!! :facehoof:

7661888 i was slightly drunk when i wrote this:twilightblush:

Naughty getting drunk is bad:twilightoops:

7662171 i know dont tell my mom...:twilightoops:it was only one beer i promise:scootangel:

Please tell me it's someone with great advice?

7662224 oh its gonna be a glorious advice:rainbowlaugh:

Cute. I love those ships. It could be even funnier if at first you mix it up (for example Button could have a crush on Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Bell on Rumble) and only at the end they end up with right match, but this looks funny and sweet so I can't say I'm disappointed.

7662517 that would have been really funny actually:rainbowlaugh: but i think that the next chapter might have some comedic moments in it:raritywink:

7662517 I agree. We see SweetieMash, Rumbaloo and TenderBloom everywhere. It just starts to be booooooooooring. And that's why I already downvoted this story.

7662601 so you down voted because of ships? He didn't deserve that down vote if anything don't put anything but a comment.

7663016 He had a chance to make something original. He screwed up.

7663183 I'm not saying he needs a up vote, but that's just bad taste if that's the only reason. I can't stand twilestia but I don't downvote stories that retire it just because I don't like the ship. At least down vote for a good reason

Really good I'm starting to like keep it up bro :raritywink:

7663183 Your name tells me everything I need to know. "I bitch because I see something that I don't like!"

Lol, you turn Soarin into real asshole :rainbowlaugh:

Aside from the need of an editor, this chapter was awesome. Soarin is like that uncle/older cousin the parents NEVER want around the kids without supervision. Ever.

7667552 i have written him as a good guy too much so i decided to do sometging different:rainbowlaugh:

7667607 :rainbowlaugh:my family got a couple of those kinds of uncles

:unsuresweetie: They can confess to their true loves like Spike did to Rarity, In front of everypony in ponyville...
as they where falling to their deaths.

:raritystarry: !

:moustache:Aw come on!


7667664 :rainbowlaugh:that awful and awfully funny at the same time

. . . . . . well then, soarin has literally no fucks given.


:duck: Thank you Spike for holding my basket...
:moustache: Hey I thought I was your body guard.
:raritystarry: Oh yes,,, Basket? ...oh what was I thinking?
:moustache: Raritys body oh what was I thinking?

:rainbowlaugh: Thunder Lane what was I thinking?

:facehoof: what was I thinking?

Hmm crude but I would imagine that is the kind of bad advice they could be given.

Might wanna check your caps button it appears to be going wild.

“Well kids if you wanna make a mare like you. you need to find the clitoris.” Soarin said.


YEAH SOARIN WHAT KIND OF ADVICE IS THAT?!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

*Notices romantic subtext involving different characters*
*Notices the story is still featured in the RumbLoo, TenderBloom and ButtonBelle groups*

Well that was rather uh intriguing eh Soarin ::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Are you. . . . . switching the ships?!?!?!? "Le gasp"

THE TWIST OMGGGG!!!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
At first when seeing Rumble liking AB I was like "whaaaaa????:rainbowhuh:I thought she with T.T? mhe.:applejackunsure:whatever"
then Sweetie:heart:T.T
"ok....... now I confused I thought she:heart::heart:B.M?:rainbowhuh:"
Then B.M likes Scoots
Then I realized Flat spin was-->:trollestia:
:facehoof:I'm an idiot

7672604:rainbowlaugh: i think that the boys need another "Soarin" advice:rainbowlaugh:

7672005 :rainbowlaugh: just wait for the next chapter... *insert evil laughter here*

Finish the story! I'm following you! Soarin with the birds and the bees...:rainbowlaugh: Also, Dashie better watch out...:rainbowderp:

I'm now imagining the girls getting the same talk suddenly.

May I have permission to smack Soarins head with a thousand ton hammer 10 billion times?:facehoof:

7674597 Smack him one bilion more just for me.
magenta eyes... why, it's Flutterbat, of course. :raritywink:

7673289 i'm working on it:rainbowlaugh: next chapter should be out tomorrow... and thanks:twilightsmile:

7672780 Ohhh pls. no that last advice he gave those two were sooo inapropiate it makes me cringe And I like soarin really:pinkiehappy::buuuuttttt.....*sighs* let's face it he's an idiot:facehoof::ajbemused::facehoof:

SOARIN YOUUU IDIOOOOTTTT!!!!!! Why did u give them the talk:rainbowlaugh::facehoof:buuuuutttt. they're bound to know at some point:applejackunsure:Welp better safe than sorry that's what my mom always say:scootangel: And it's DASH OF COURSE :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::scootangel::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

7677690 Soarin isn't an idiot... he is just selectively smart:twilightblush:

Cool story :rainbowdetermined2:
This chapter is awesome and cuite :rainbowkiss:

Aw.... Misspelt Apple Bloom a few times, but all in all nice finish

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