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The Cutie Mark Crusaders have grown up and are now finding an odd attraction to colts that they were just friends with. This is their stories of how just friends became something much much more. The CMC are aged up for this fic.
This is a commission of LunarDerpy

Chapters (5)
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This should be interesting. :duck:

now the get maried in the fifth chapter

I hope so let me know at the end if you thought that it was.

Huh, I don't know why I didn't get a notification for this chapter. :twilightoops:

indeed it should end with a fast-forward the get married with a crusaders still triple wedding that discord may or may not be invited to and or make chaotic because of a particular chapter in idw comics-making him an honorary member...

Cutie Mark Crusaders Triple Daters yay lol Well this should be very interesting 😅

Aww thats so romantic between sweetie and button 😍

So now it's time for Scootaloo and Featherweight.

Man who ever thought that Apple Bloom is a party girl I mean not a hardcore but I wasn't expecting that but That was a fun chapter and sweet moment I wonder how Scootaloo will do guess will found it later

Well, that went to some pretty unexpected places.

Aww This was also another adorable chapter between featherweight and scootaloo They must have really enjoyed the day like that I wonder what's going to happen next

wow All through the girls got married and have kids Dang thats sweet This was a pretty good story

No problem and keep up the good work 😊

Responding from the message you left on my profile page, figured it made sense to leave it here since it pertained to this story.

What I liked about the story is how cute each of their dates went, and how each couple had fun in their own way than just the simple dinner and romantic activity. Don't get me wrong, I would've appreciated a generic romantic date all the same, but things like how Tender and Applebloom pretty much just went clubbing made it feel rather unique. Also, I have a soft spot for less than popular ships, so things like Featherweight and Scootaloo getting together easily catches my attention.

That said, this is a very good story. Short and Sweet. I do wish certain things were slightly expanded a bit more, like how the barkeep knew Tender Taps, and maybe him teasing Tender Taps a bit more about finally working up the nerve to ask Bloom out, but I enjoyed the story nonetheless.

"Well. I've also noticed that there are a good number of ponies that are our age that are also starting, couple up. I saw Snips and Snails with Babs and Dinky heading out on a double date after we finished Winter Wrap up."

Don't pair Dinky up with one of those a-holes. Please

2nd favorite ship in the fandom.

The three people who disliked can kiss my a**

I think that they'll grow out of it.

XD Well I didn't say it, but I can support it.
What's the first then?

A few mistakes when it comes to spelling and grammar. however ,no doubt enjoyable

my thoughts and suggestion:
*Lovely read
*I recommend you type out your stories on grammarly or Microsoft word then copy and paste

Many Thanks and I'm glad that you liked it.

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