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Button Mash, Rumble and Truffle Shuffle have been invited along on a Nightmare Night Eve camping trip by the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Their mission: help them earn their merit badges! But when a ghost story turns night into fright, can they save the Cutie Mark Crusaders from the creepy crawlies lurking in the Whitetail Woods?

Not a batpony story. Cover image graciously loaned by Vectors-R-Us. Featured by The Royal Guard!

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Why are so many stories having the similar name

Button Mash stories popping up! I smell witchery. :trixieshiftright:

You write these kids pretty well.

Author Interviewer

Thank you! :D

I don't think I've ever seen Truffle characterized in a fic, actually. I wouldn't mind yours catching on.

Author Interviewer

It's the same characterization I used for him in Those Awful Rumors 'Round Town. Or at least, the same speech patterns and the fact that he's a smarty-pants. I like writing him now. :D

5213975 Obsolescence did it. Blame him with much blame.

That was pretty cute.



Well, let's see, what to say here...

1) The story seemed to be setting it up as being fake. Was it supposed to be fake? If not, the start of the story (the introductory paragraph in parituclar about scaring stupid boys) feels... weird. If it was, it didn't feel obviously fake enough.

2) The ghoul felt kind of weird in the story. It just kind of was there.

3) What's the point of having a secret clop account when you tell us all about it? :rainbowwild:

Author Interviewer

3) That's the joke. :V

2) No one's gotten the joke yet. :B

1) The story was fake, as in made up, it just happened to coincide with reality.

1) Ah, isn't that so often the case?

3) I think we've been spending either too much or too little time around Ghost of Heraclitus and JediMasterEd to communicate like this.

2) I just got it. :facehoof:

5218714 Thanks to this little exchange I got the joke too :facehoof:

This was fun and cute! Sweetie Belle was just a tiny bit too Rarity for my taste, and I'll never get used to people putting things like "steam coming from the ears" in stories, but neither of those really detracted. The mental gymnastics I went through imagining how Truffle would ever possibly Fastball Special Button, then visualizing what Button actually did to the poor guy, was just plain great and the highlight of the story for me. :D

And, I have to ask, is the joke the fact that it was an ashy ghoul? Or am I missing something else?

Author Interviewer

Okay, since it's been a week, I'll lay out the joke:

butt on goulash

butt on ghoul ash


:D I liked this.

"I do not!" Button and Sweetie said in unison. Their faces scrunched up and they turned away from each other with a "humph!"

I always picture these two like Chowder and Panini. Oh how I miss stupid shows :V

Also fun fact, this is my 222nd favorite :V

5243862 You people and your butts.

Author Interviewer

Most people have them!

Apologies if you are buttless, I had no idea. D:

5251743 You've met me. If there's one thing I'm missing, it's NOT butt.

Oh right, this is a story, not a blog. I'll stop making stupid replies now. :D

You have a clopfic account? 0_o

Wish I could say that surprised me. Love that picture of Shivered Timbers, by the way

Like Ti, I was a little confused by the beginning. It seemed like the CMC were trying to prank the boys, and I expected the ghoul to actually be Rainbow Dash

Author Interviewer

Nope, reality just reflects fiction sometimes. :B

Cute story, manages to not feel too cliched. I thought the joke about Sweetie's similarity to Rarity (too much luggage) was kind of funny and her and Button Mash are kinda cute even if I have hard time believing in video games in mlp. It's somewhat difficult to imagine that being a serious pairing though.

Author Interviewer

In my hands, it's anything but! :V

Okay, so.

1. I got the pun, once I realized there was a pun to be gotten. I'm proud of myself.

2. The story was cute and well-written, and DAWWWW SWEETIEMASH

3. You have a clopfic account? :rainbowhuh:


Keep up the good work!

Author Interviewer

Look up the fic title and you'll find me clop account! ;V

Author Interviewer

Many thanks. :)

I thought for sure it would turn out Rainbow Dash was "helping" Scootaloo with her story by playing the role of the ghoul. Apparently not - what a non-twist! :rainbowlaugh:

Not a batpony story.

So why is he a BATpony in the image ?

Author Interviewer

Because it's like a spooky costume!

Is it a crime to love this fic to Much sweetie mash for the WinI love it

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