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We didn't start the fire.


(This iteration of the story has been cancelled. Detailed explanation + silver lining/glimmer of hope here)

Rainbow Dash always had a thing for First Officer Soarin of the Wonderbolts, even without realizing he could be such a sweet pony once she got to know him a little better. However, her affections are already tied up with the newly adopted Scootaloo, who needs guidance and care when a new disorder rears its ugly head. There's not much room in her heart for a stallion, is there?

Unfortunately, her life will get even more complicated as the Mane Six join the Wonderbolts to face a mysterious darkness in the distant land of Saddle Arabia. She must remain strong, because her entire world is about to come crashing around her ears. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel, or will everything she endured simply bring more pain down the road?

(Rated teen for the occasional instances of strong language, suggestive scenes, and scattered ponies drinkin' themselves stupid!

Chapter headers by: SparkBrony

Former editor: ShootingStar159)

Chapters (42)
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Comments ( 1155 )

Yes! A sequel! Keep up the great writing! I know that you are going to make this turn out amazing.

glad to see another update so soon. i love your interactons between the 2. scootalove for the win. keep it up


Thanks. Scootalove is the best! :heart:

The perfect solution? Soarinloo! :derpytongue2:


:raritycry:me wnt more of fanfic:raritycry:


That's the goal I've set for myself. I put a chapter up the moment I finish writing it. Working on #4 now, but I doubt I'll get it posted before I head to work. Otherwise, it'll need to wait until morning!

Oh I can't wait to see what you got in store for me. I hope that Dash, Scoot, and Soarin can all live together happily in the end, but if it comes down to a choice, I would hope Rainbow picks Scootaloo. Seems like it would be better morally, and I know Rainbow wouldn't skip out on her knowing what happened with her mother.

Finally a well written fic! I see so many with these characters that are just a pain to read. This one flows great and the character interaction is excellent. I'm a believer! :pinkiehappy:

2360458 Stay tuned, that's all I can say!


Glad you like it! Also, thanks for the cover art!

I love this story soooooooooooo much! Ooooooooooooooo Dashie is getting cocky over there.


She ain't Dashie if she ain't cocky!

good chapter. your writing style lets me put the words into view in my head. need more scootalove in the next one :rainbowderp: + :scootangel: = :D

wow...I almost wanna cry....It's just so....Deep....


....sorry, just....thinking...

I love this story. I absolutely am amazed that it exists...Keep it up.


I'm touched you like it so much :heart: I am doing my best to evoke an emotional reaction with this story. Please enjoy the rest to come :)


I wonder why he kept shooting her looks at the try-outs. Hmm!

2367625 She probably had something stuck in her teeth.

the part where you refered to the day she adopted scootloo is that referring to the season 3 day where they became "sisters" or some other day when she in words adopted her but not officialy in terms of paperwork. Sorry im a bit tired and got a little confused as to what you were saying


The day she actually went to the orphanage and adopted her officially, which would have been shortly after the camping trip.

Let's just pretend Ponyville had a very mild winter, and it was warm enough to camp during late February!

Comment posted by thereareonly2genders deleted Apr 3rd, 2013

2368962 i read too much scootalove. mixing up my stories. my bad


It's no big deal! I'll try to be a bit more clear on the time jumps anyway, but here's a quick rundown:

Late winter, early spring the year before - Dash and Rarity go to Manehatten. Dash sees Misty Skies, who makes absolutely no reference to Scootaloo, whom Dash knew had been abandoned in the Everfree Forest and left to die. Dash punches her out. POW!

Late Feb, Winter Wrap up must have been early or the snow just wasn't that bad, but Sleepless in Ponyville takes place. The Wonderbolts Academy maybe took place before it, as Dash has already completed her wave of training... Oh man, this is starting to look like the average Zelda Timeline.

March 19 - Dash adopted Scootaloo and moved her into their current home. Let's say that was a tuesday,

-A few weeks later or so, let's say April 4th because that's a special day to me (Day I lost my virginity way back when :rainbowwild:). That's when Sisterly Guidance took place.

-Two months on the nose after Scoot was adopted, this story starts. May 19th, then. Let's make that important: What's Really the Most Important? There. Bolded so that means important and junk!

Chapter 1 and 2 take place on that day, starting in the wee hours of the morning with Dash lying awake in bed and ending with Pinkie's news and Dash heading to work.

I guess this is where I lost ya.

- Chapter 3 is after a little time-jump, around a full week later. I'll say May 24th, VICTORIA DAY WEEKEND FOR US CANADIANS, aww yeah!

Friday - May 24th, Rainbow Dash is foalsitting the Crusaders and dreams about Soarin praising her.
Saturday - May 25th, scene in the basement gym Dash thinks about her father and stuff. Rarity got the little devils.
Sunday - May 26th. Chapter 4/5/6 falls on this day. Applejack's turn to foalsit. The airshow performer tryouts take place, and I get to have Spitfire do her best Gunnery Sargent Hartman impression ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUc62jD-G0o )and all is well in the world. Around dinner time, they all head to the club and snap a photo. Dash goes over to the farm to tell Applejack everything that happened, and the Crusaders make her recap a... rather exaggerated version of the day's events three times, something she is more than happy to do.

Chapter 7 I'm posting momentarily! It'll take place that following Wednesday, the 29th, which is the date of Rainbow Dash's first practice session with Soarin. I'll do my best to keep dates/timejumps clearer from here on out!

Someone mentioned this was a sequel...what is it a sequel of? I don't want to read this if there's story before it.:rainbowderp:


Not necessarily a sequel in that sense, but I wrote a very brief fic before this just to set up the chemistry between Dash and Scoot. It's not required reading, and it contains stuff that people did find uncomfortable, but here's a link.

Sisterly Guidance

Oh ok, I actually already read that and figured it was a side story to the, what I thought was a missing, story that this was a sequel to...well, now that that's all cleared up I shall read this...tomorrow...er...later today since it is tomorrow for me...I really need to fix my sleep patterns again.:facehoof:


I hear dat! Try working the graveyard shift 5 days a week and keeping a daylight schedule on your two days off. It's not fun, I can tell you!

It may not have been a graveyard shift, but I did become nocturnal a couple times over the past few years...You're certainly right about it not being fun. Seems no matter how hard I try though, I'll only be able to hold a proper sleep cycle for a few months time before it starts slipping back into...er...bad. Hmmm, maybe I should ask my doctor. Certainly overdue for a checkup.


I would, if it's interfering with school or work. Otherwise, I've always been a night owl, even on a day schedule.

PLease may scootaloo be ok!!!:applecry:

You made me feel both a happy warmth, and a chilling sadness. Bravo good sir. :moustache:

I love this story soooooooooooooooooo much!!!

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