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Flight 19, one of the many disappearances over the Bermuda Triangle. But maybe they didn't just disappear? Maybe they went somewhere else? The Bermuda Triangle is a very strange place, full of unknowns and horrible tales. This is the tale of Flight 19.

Note: This is a collaberation between GoldenArbiter and myself. We will add the main cast as we progress through the story. Thank you everyone and please, enjoy. Cover Art by the very talented Athanix.

Note the second; By GA. We have also Added Dave Morris to the cast of writers, and he has added much already. So yah, it's okay, when it's in a three way.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 661 )

Wait, Why did you add the cross over tag?

He must have miss hit.

323044>>323071 Fixed it

Intrigued, and looks promising. Tracked.

So at this point, only one plane made it through?

Hmmm, interesting and well done. I'm a bit of a sucker for the Bermuda Triangle as well when it comes to the weird and unexplained. Tracking and thumbs up. I am curious where the flak is coming from. :rainbowhuh:

omgomgomg i did a report on this incident in history!! im so reading this!!

sounds promising, tracked

So far i like both the story and the writing style. Plus 1 point for bien in third person. tacked.

I'm curious to see where you take this, tracking :twilightsmile:

Not a bad start.

323125 No it would be five planes. Each aircraft has two position lights on the wingtips, one red, one green.

Huh, of all the ways to enter Equestria, I'm surprised this is the one instance of doing so through the Bermuda Triangle. Interesting read mate. Also it's nice to see you're around.

I'm keeping me eye on this one. Looks promising.

"were sitting were sitting"

"Gah! How come tonight the pegasi forgot to clear the clouds? "

I would suggest changing this to "Gah! Why did the Pegasi forget to clear the skies tonight!"

Other than that, the premise is interesting.

Hmm, promising, but did you use the word "laundering" correctly? Also, the paragraph describing the airplanes has sentence fragments.

oh dagnabit :trixieshiftright: I just finished something similar to this though its a romance :raritycry: I knew I should have posted it sooner :applejackunsure: oh well on to another story. I have my first second and third chapter done if you need any help on yours.

You have me very intrigued. This is one hell of a good idea. I sure as hell hope the planes are okay, taht's give Twilight something to putz around with for a few years lol. Tracking this bitch.

Well this story seems... interesting to say the least. I will track it for now.

323463 Thank you sir, will fix that right now! And thanks everyone else! We did not expect this story to explode like this!!!!:derpyderp2:

please excuse me while I go to the bermuda triangle


The royal we is spreading, it seems.

And your welcome. I don't normally put up grammar corrections, as I can usually auto-correct them as I read, but those made me have to stop, so I figured I'd mention them.

When I say we, I mean me and GA the other author

Tracking and thumbs up. The writing style is good. It isn't too descriptive but isn't too vague either. Also, the characters are interesting.

Well, I came here just because fighter planes. Likes what you have so far, but got kinda lost at the "Howell" part. Either way, will be tracking!

Hmm...concept is interesting enough. Tracking for now.

Excelent go forth my writers...


Character switch. The prologue does that. the rest of the chapters are going to be focused on just one character.

This sounds bizarre enough to be worth tracking. John Keel meets Equestria!:pinkiecrazy:

hmmm intresting:twilightsmile:methinks i will continue reading and tracking

so i hope i made you smile :derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh::scootangel:

Grammar is a little iffy in places, but otherwise everything is in order. Either way, this sounds like it will be good!

Well, off to the Bermuda Triangle! *gets in plane* :trollestia:


Nice. Why aren't there more fics with the Bermuda Triangle as a means of entering Equestria? :/

70 likes and only 2 dislikes?! On the first chapter post (technically prologue)?! :pinkiegasp:
I have got to read this!

324826 I know right!!! Its exploding!

Will the Catalina flying boat that went searching for Flight 19 suffer the same fate?

Flak cannons in PONYLAND?!?!?!?! This is unexpected. Tracking cause always been fascinated by the Bermuda triangle, particularly flight 19 though.

325105 No, since we the airplane actually exploded and was found in bits and pieces

Interesting. I'm actually in the Florida coastal area right now. I'll be tracking this and reading the heck out of it when you post more.

I don't always read human in Equestria, but when I do they are of Flight 19.


First off, awesome username. Second, I agree. The overall mystery behind the area would give an explanation, or even the scientific 'Bermuda Black Hole' theory would work. I mean, that sort of stuff has to go somewhere.

325388 Well I respect your opinion and I hope that future chapters will catch your attention

Wow, this story is just taking off in popularity! :scootangel: A tip of the ol' hat to you ty500600 and GoldenArbiter.

Hm, first time I've ever given an honest critique so...here goes.

First thing, I noticed that you didn't really pour much details into the events as they occurred. For example the scene with the planes on the runway -- I didn't realize that they had actually taken off until they had started speaking about the direction they were heading. It was abrupt and a little jarring.

There was little detail in the events that led up to the...teleportation event, is the basis of what I'm saying. More detail to the places, actions, and people of course, always help a story out.

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