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After an incident with the heart of Liberty, Niko Bellic finds himself awake in an unusual hospital. He quickly learns that he is no longer in Liberty City. His rough, gravely world is about to be turned upside down.

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"The pony chuckled, “Oh no, not at all. No, humans poof into existence here all the time. They normally don’t stay very long though. Mostly they’re all just a bunch of wimpy kids who stop after the first chapter because nobody liked their self-insert. But once we had Ellis here for almost a week.”"

That's so fucking true most of the time...:rainbowlaugh:

This is gold :twilightsmile:

At first, I wasn't going to read this Fic. But then I thought:


So I read it anyway.

This is filled with so much AWESOME!! :pinkiehappy:

I've played GTA4 a bunch in my time, and the fact that someone made a fic to fit Niko's crazy lifestyle....scratch that off my bucket list.

Niko's so in character, it's not even funny.
...Okay, maybe it's a little funny.
...Or maybe it's the reason this entire story is comedy gold.
Either one.

A friend suggested I did this last year after a conversation. I rejected, thinking it would be far too silly and looked down upon.

...good job.

"Hey Cousin, I need a cab!"
"Niko you are my cousin! Why would I not send you a cab?"

And then Niko got a bowling cutie mark.

The end.

cool story, brony!:ajsmug:

The heart in the statue easter egg, man I even shot it and it bleed, then I had to kill my self like we all do when we go to see it, but was a great place to hide, after I pissed my friends off online lol but really Niko with out guns, just doesn't feel right to me, I know some guys from the human world that want to kill Niko ends up in Ponyvill, Niko kills one with his fists, takes the gun and saves ponyvill.

The pony chuckled, “Oh no, not at all. No, humans poof into existence here all the time. They normally don’t stay very long though. Mostly they’re all just a bunch of wimpy kids who stop after the first chapter because nobody liked their self-insert. But once we had Ellis here for almost a week.”

*Looks at own fic that I'm writing.*

God bucking dammit!

360670 Lol well said with the used of an image, but it would seem Nikko knows that his world is a game.

Did i meantion that you win at life?

Intriguing... TRACKING!

I can't say I like that you made it so the ponies have already seen lots of humans. I like reading about how they are shocked and ask about the individual and their species , not just, "You're awake now? Kk bye."

I laughed like an idiot the whole time, and my family was looking at me funny. Love it, love it, love it. :twilightsmile:

HURR. NO GUNS? NO FAIR! 'least let me have a pistol, what about this one? its so weak i could pull trigger when it points at your eye and you still live! no? Ugh

This story is brilliant. It's well executed, Niko's reactions and dialogue is believable and I find it funny that HiE stories were referenced as a fairly regular occurrence. I wonder if Ellis is still around or if he just stayed the week. It sounded like a reference to the story Name's Ellis.

Niko just can't get a break huh?

No, Pinkie, I don't want to go ****ing bowling!360514 How funny that I saw your comment here today; my fic is a week old as of today, and it's a self-insert. And... nobody liked it. Well, six people apparently do.

Please don't hurt you? Why would anyone hurt you for writing this damn good story right here.
I can see Niko doing all of this. Plus we got Rainbow Drunk, and making fun of crappy self inserts. This is good stuff. Can't wait to read more good sir :moustache:

Self-inserts are painful to read, even when well-written. That's why only a few people thumbed it up, probably.

361189 I can see that being true. Makes a lot of sense.

The only self-inserts I can bring myself to read are ones that are straight comedy. Any with romance, drama, or adventure are usually pretty uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY if the self-insert plays a pivotal/crucial/prominent role in the plot. Having that kind of stuff with the character on the side is alright when it's handled well. It's even more jarring for MLP fics, at least in my opinion, especially romance, and ESPECIALLY main characters (of any fiction).

361211 Yup, you won't like my fic then, it's an adventure in which a manifestation of myself plays a pivotal role.

I'll pass on that, then. I looked at the tags, and I'm glad there isn't romance, at least. THAT leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth (har har).

GTA IV and MLP: FIM, not sure if brilliant of crazy :rainbowhuh:

361228 I heartily agree with you on that.

"You are a horse. Jacob, what the hell did you do to me?"

And I think Niko uses the words "A" and "The" like a normal english speaking person.


Oh, oh your good.

"But once we had Ellis here for almost a week."
I saw that.
You thought I wouldn't find this, but I did.
I'm watching you.

i can't believe I'm saying this but, you do Niko well. can't wait for more

Didn't even read it but rated a like anyways. Anything with Niko Bellic in it is most likely good.
Next up, a story of Drago, my nemesis

Niko in Equestria... What could possibly go wrong? :pinkiecrazy:

Rainbow being drunk... I believe we all can agree that it was made canon that she is a drunk in the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 episode.

Oh yeah another good crossover

I'm liking this idea:scootangel:

Ha Niko is so funny when he is drunk

Oh my! This is hilarious! xD Great job~

So will he be able to do the cheat codes to get free weapons like in-game? You know, what was it....look left, look right, a step forward, throw a punch, and then....wait, that might be a different game...anyway, how about a free tank dropping out of the sky or instantly healing himself or something like that?

What do you do with a Drunken Pegasus?
Tell her stories that she won't understand and then suggest that she not drink and fly, and then laugh when she tries anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

361952 That specific cheat code you are thinking of is from San Andreas. and the code is 0,0,L1,0,0,0,L1,L2,R1,Triangle,0,Triangle. Do not ask why i have that memorized. And no, i would prefer not to drop Rhino tanks out of the sky in the middle of Ponyville. Let's keep things at least partway on this side of farscape shall we.

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