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Scootaloo has never been able to fly, even to save her own life. The fact is, she can't fly, and she may never be able to. But at least she's got a friend, one that she can always count on to stay with her.

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first now to read the story

looks pretty good:moustache:

awwhhh I'm a sucker for the RD and Scootaloo fics. I'm def gonna read this when I get a chance! :scootangel::rainbowkiss:

Now I must read this. Good on ya for reaching exactly 4,000 words, though.

I can safely say this story weighs in heavily on the D'awww and Hnnggghh scales. Nothing like a short Scootalove story to brighten your day. :scootangel: Also, I'm liking Rainbow's characterisation; blunt without making her a jerk, unlike some authors out there. Good work!

Aww, this was great. Rainbow was very in-character too, that's rare. Normally she's too far right or left.

Spotted a typo:
"There was a certain feel in the air. Something was telling her, toady would be the day."
You might want to change that "toady" into "today".

Other than that, the whole thing was great. You really got the personalities right and I can actually see this happening in a real episode.
Though I can't help but wonder what Sweetie Belle and Applebloom thought happened after the fall. For all they knew, Scootaloo crashed and was nowhere to be seen once they got down there :applecry:

578074 thanks for pointed out that error. and yes. I was thinking the same thing :rainbowlaugh:

Wow definitely fav'ing this story. The second half of the story had me smiling all the way through. The last few lines were awesome, I love these bittersweet/heartwarming stories.

Exactly 4K words? Nice. Now to read this!

EDIT: T'was epicsauce.

D'awwwwww, you did a nice job on this story. Rainbow Dash's personality was spot on, which is rare so I give you 5 rainbow dash's :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
Great job Sorren!

578443 Thank you. I didn't know there was such a lack of Rainbow written correctly. I honestly didn't think this story would get as much notice as it did. Maybe EqD'll have to accept me this time.

Keep it up, I'm sure they will!

This is really good.It really captures everyone perfectly and also displays something that seems so likely to happen that it really tugs my heartstrings! Faved :twilightsmile:

578453 I certainly think so because even with the story I am currently writing in which she is the main character. I too am having trouble portraying her accurately, it's hard to not make her be overly egotistic or angry while on the other hoof you could wind up making her too nice. Her personality is complex no doubt about that but you did a good job of meeting the middle and nailed it if you ask me. So keep it up, and don't worry I say you got a shot at making EqD. No errors from what I could tell and it's a good story. The only problem you might have is the lack of originality, but don't fret. Look it over very carefully, hire a proofreader if you have too, and once you feel it's good and ready. Go for it. Hah look at me giving you advice when I'm uploading my first story tomorrow. Seriously though I think you have a chance. Good luck!

Very nice! I can definitely see that this is worthy of a feature!

578624 Too bad I didn't win the game of russian roullete where the readers for the site take a break. That's how you really get featured. If the pre-readers take a break before your fic leaves the front page. You're garunteed at least 300 views. That's what happened with "Rarity's bad mane day," which is up there right now because it floated on the main page for a whole twelve hours. This went up right in the middle so it only stayed for two. Basically. I got royally screwed.

Ah. I thought whenever a story got 50-100 likes it got featured. New to this site, so I don't really know jack about how things work around here.
EDIT: I liked this story more than Rarity's Bad Mane Day though. By far, this one is the most deserving of a feature.

578680 Nah, featured is as long as it's popular. The most popular story could only have six likes. And if you got seven, you would take the top spot. The only thing is. There are so many popular authors now, the featured bar is basically a monopoly for others with more than 200 followers. You either have to be lucky as all hell or really good.

I'll keep that in mind. Luck has never been my type of coin, so I wouldn't count on having a story of mine featured, if I ever wrote one.

Great story, man! You've done it again! And I see this creeping up to the top 10... Can you say "featured!?" :pinkiehappy:

578911 WAit wait what!? is it!!?

579051 Its almost! Give it a little longer....

579064 I think it's reached its peak. I don't think it's going to go any higher.

Been waiting for a good Scootaloo story. A few minor grammar bugs, but I'm not that nitpicky.
Moustaches for you. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I love this pairing. Well written

Love me some scootalove :scootangel::rainbowkiss:

That was a nice, warm read. One or two stylistic quirks (I don't think I've ever seen "awed" as a speaking verb before) but I did like the characterisation of both Rainbow and Scootaloo. Not so long ago I read a story (not here) that turned into Scootabuse (which I detest) halfway through with no warning, so this was a very good antidote. :rainbowkiss:

593434 I know the use as awed as a speaking verb is a little uncommon, but I tend to use it and it does it's job. Plus EqD didn't point it out as a problem so I assume it's okay. And it's nice to know I wrote a good antidote.

and not a single thumbs down was given. Awesome story, bro.:pinkiehappy:

594662 I know. I think I broke a record or something. I haven't seen another fic with this many thumbs up and not one down.

Sure, which is why I said "quirks" and not "errors". I personally found it a little distracting, but I've always been in favour of writers trying something a bit different. It was an easy decision to click the thumb-up button, anyway.

I loved the story. Rainbow was portrayed really well, and my personal favorite pony, Scootaloo, was done really well. My only problem is what happened to Sweetie and Applebloom. They just watched their friend jump off a cliff and, for all they know, fall to her death. Would be nice to see what was going through their heads at the time.

600049 I purposefully left that alone. The story is Scootaloo's, they can be thinking whatever they want.:rainbowlaugh:

I love Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash stories . . . they really need to get more of that on the show. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

What's this? Rainbow Dash being awesome and Scootaloo being adorable?


Thank Celestia this story isn't Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo dying and the other learning or regretting something. I hate those stories. :fluttershbad:

Great job man. You have earned a watch and a moustache. :moustache:

Looks like someone disliked :fluttercry:

637469 Yeah. I called out WhatTheFap and got his trollfic taken town for incorrect mature setting and he got all butthurt. Went down my page and downvoted everything. I told him to grow the fuck up.

omg scootaloo isnt a) being raped b) tortured c) abused d) killing herself e) being killed or any sort of sick vomit inducing crap that i hear about alot. im mean its :fluttershysad: :pinkiesick: :facehoof: these three wrapped in one huge "wtf why did i read this crap" story that makes you want brain bleach. so all in all you earned your self a favorite :scootangel:

702708 That's been the best comment so far. :rainbowlaugh:

702773 sad thing is that the first part all of them exist and that it isnt that i know they exist, its that they exist

Woah... Interesting.:scootangel::rainbowdetermined2: and they talked... Woah.

Nice story. I really enjoyed reading this. Keep up the excellent writing!

Really kinda sucks for the rest of the CMC, when you think about it: left behind on top of the cliff, having just watched their best friend jump to her almost certain doom, maybe lucky enough to have seen her get rescued. :applecry::unsuresweetie:

Scoots' wing epiphany was an original touch to a largely by-the-numbers fic. If you ever get tired of doing dark again, that would make for an excellent sequel hook.:scootangel:

I have not read this in about two or three years. My god this was my first fimfiction story I ever read. and still as glorious as it was back then. I guess I could call this nostalgia.

3958199 I think it's only been on this site for about a year and a half now.

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