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Unwelcome Visitor Completed:pinkiehappy:

Dimensional Travel and a stallion named Hopper: Completed as I see fit... maybe.

The Thief and the Lady: Reworking plot

Diamonds and Feathers (Romance): Writing Outline, On hold

The epic adventure of the CMC (adventure): writing outline.

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815163 yay cant wait for the story

815153 Cool that makes trying to decide for myself a lot easier as I have more than a dozen stories on back log and no focus. So "The Grand Adventure of the CMC" is a go. I'll start working on it... probably Saturday night if not Sunday. It will have our favorite little fillies exploring a new world in search of their (new) kidnapped friend. and no that's not a spoiler.:raritywink:

815125 I would have to say an adventure story it sound fun

814607 Ah. After I finished that one I noticed a few areas that could use a lot more improvement (as they say, hindsight is 20/20).
I'm working one two other stories (a dozen more if I count them all) and I was wondering: Would you prefer an adventure (with the loveable CMC) or a romance (Centered around Diamond Tiara with a slight touch of Alternate Universe)?

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