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Discord S2 trading card · 4:03pm Apr 30th, 2013

So if your into the trading cards and have got Discord you will notice that the back of his card is all mixed up. so me and my fillyfriend went through and figured it it out, so if you wish to do it on your own do not read the rest of this (b^,^)b

Discord might
be the raining
king of chaos, but he can
be a real sweetheart once you
get to know him! He was once one
of Equestria's most frightful foes,
but Fluttershy tired to change
all of that by simply becoming his

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1412139 No way holmes, I ain't never goin' back.

1412123 Aren't you afraid of being banned again? You know, technically speaking, you're re-spamming everything I've posted before. :ajsmug:

1080652 S- so many posts. It's gotta be a bot.:trixieshiftright:

Hi! Do you like muffins? (Very likely; almost everypony does!)

And another thing that almost everypony likes; Followers! Yay!

Have a virtual muffin and a follower for you, dear sir or lady :moustache: Feel free to return it, or not.

Oh, and never forget the good part of life; Have fun! :twilightsmile:

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