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Welcome one and all
Welcome to the Brushieverse, the hub for all stories that are part of the Brushingverse. These stories feature everyponies favourite dentist, and all the naughty things she gets up to when she isn't fighting the forces of tooth decay.

Much like the other verses, this one is open to fan and user contributions. All content ratings will be accepted, but stories must be related to the verse in some way.

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314485 Thank you.

I love you, too. But don't tie yourself to me. Make Sirius happy, okay?

313460 I know this is not on topic. Not even close. But I love your picture, Cosmo.

((And thanks for letting me and Sirius do that. Thank you for not calling me a whore or anything. Only for Cosmo ----> I love you.

I can't say no for two reasons:
1) I wrote a Brushiverese story

313395 Welcome to the group

313399 Why Not indeed.

313414 Because Alternate universes are often more interesting than the actual show

how do I keep getting involved in alternate universes?

I'll follow you through and story Captain!

I'll give it a go. I mean, why not?

Glad to be aboard Captain! :rainbowdetermined2:

Yay, you made it! As promised, I have joined!

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