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A group for all fans of the show the walking dead, or basically if you like Zombies and would like to find some zombie fictions then join this group!

We will also be doing some RP because zombie RP is fun! But for us to do that I will need to wait for a few members.

That is all, have fun!

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Wow, this place is like a boneyard. . .

I don't know if I wanna do any RP's yet, but I'll have a story added here on Halloween (hopefully) if no one minds.

Here's a little bit of spoilers. . .

I'm working on a fic called The Trotting Dead an I was wondering if I could post it here.

Name: Sweet Cider
Coat Color, Blue
Mane And Tail Color, Red
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sexuality: He doesn't know
Cutie Mark: A cocktail
Race: Pegasus
Job: Bartender
Personality: He loves his job as a bartender and he doesn't care about any thing else, and he hates ponies that try to stop him from doing his job

362359 you can bring him in however you like.

362355 So how should we bring in my character?

362354 ok, you are now a member of the trotting dead :derpytongue2: :yay:

Name: Dura
Coat: Brown
Cutie Mark:A wrench with duct tape
Bio: A stallion who is a good repair-pony he is not trained in anything except what an average brawler knows and heavy melee weapons

362187 great, now one last thing. Are you unicorn, Pegasus or earth pony?

Name: Buckshot Gauges
Age: 24
Mane and Tail Color: Black and Whitish-Blue
Coat Color: Navy Blue
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Cutie Mark: Two crossed pump-action shotguns
Race: Pegasus
Sexuality: Gay (Only for the RP, I'm not gay myself.)
Clothes: Las Pegasus Police uniform.
Weapons: Winchester M1887 12-gauge and a Colt Python, black with wooden grips.
Personality: Was a LPPD police officer. Left-handed, or left-hooved, whichever you call it. He is a homosexual, but nopony knows that because he has a masculine personality. He is a kind pony and will be willing to trust others unless they betray him, in which he is most likely to assault them the next time he sees them. He has a high liking for Fun Dip and likes very large and powerful trucks. He also likes to have fun whenever he can, example being destroying a police car while chanting "Fuck the police!"

Alright... I got my sheet. I just post it here, not in the forums, right?

Name: Code Red
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: Introverted and lonely. Doesn't talk much. It's a wonder she survived.
Virtue: Her sense of morality is stuck at good. She will go out of the way to help somepony, if she can.
Sin: Her morality is also misguided. She chooses her sense of right and wrong by her standards. The apocalypse is only recent, yet she had taken the lives of two innocents in days.
Weapons: An M1911, trench spike, and a CZ-805 with no ammo.
History: A computer expert and software designer. She rarely left her house, except to exercise. She knew the effects of staying inside all day would have on her body, and kept fit by going on runs while the scripts compiled.
Cutie mark: A wireless ping symbol
Mane and tail: Two tone dark red.
Colour: Grey.
Other parts of appearance: Blue eyes, and slightly thick rimmed grey glasses she has to wear to see.
(I can post a picture later, if you need.)

360209 Below? Copy that. I just have a few questions before I make it.
1. What's the tech level?
2. How long has it been since the event?
3. How is the world? Extinct? Or in a massive panic?
4. Where is the rp currently located?
5. Will timezones be an issue? I live in MDT. (-6)

Thanks for allowing me :D

360195 yea, I suppose we will have to start it without the other person.
Please post your character sheet below.
You may be your OC or any character from mlp except Celestia or Discord.

359552 Is the RP still active? I've been looking for a zombie apocalypse RP for quite some time.

359537 ok, it had been put on hold at the moment because one of our members computer has broke and they are trying to fix it.
If you want to join please go to the RP forum and post your character sheet.

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