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So, I was wondering.... · 1:15am Aug 21st, 2013

Gearing up to start a new writing run, but I plan to do better this time. Of course, to do so, it would help to have proof readers and/or editors, if even just one. I have no idea how to even approach someone about that, who to approach, or what to expect for a time frame. Having said that, if anyone's willing to point me in the right direction, let me know! I want to improve on my work, but it's difficult without the input, such as it is.

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One is complete. The other is nearing its end.

That depends; will they find completion someday? I love, LOVE good stories, but I hate when the best, longest ones die before I get the ending it deserves, ya know? ^_^ Otherwise, I see like, no reason not to read them. Love all yer stuff!

I wrote some heavier stuff as well. My two longfics are the babies I've been constantly developing. I hope you check them out when you're ready.

I love your little stories on the character romances, and that worst clopfic ever just about murdered me (by legal defenition), so it definitely deserved a watch. Cautiously. ^_^

Hiya! What inspired you to follow me?

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