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Lucky Dreams

I didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose me


Join Daring Do on her most thrilling, most heart-pounding adventure yet — revealing a startling secret to her mother...

Featured on Equestria Daily -- August 22nd 2012

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It's now stuck in your head forever.

Not to be hyper critical, but the chapter title really should be "Why Did It Have To Be Cakes?" If you're going to use that reference anyway

Let Mom that my life’s going to pieces. See if I care.
Accidentally a word

I really enjoyed it!

1087252 Hmm, that's a much better idea, thank you! And I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

Holy crap, that was so good.

The beginning scene had me laughing my head off. I don't know if any bit of writing has ever made me laugh that hard for that long. Every sentence brought on another burst of cackling.

And then you overturned the tables and made it a semi-comical, frustrating drama with Mom, and then you broke my freaking heart when the vase shattered with their relationship, and then you brought veritable tears to my eyes with that ridiculously perfect ending!


Well, we both have a thing for Daring Do, particularly her backstory and family. So that's awesome. And I gotta say, I like yours way better. I've made Daring out to be a selfish, lying jerk. You made her lovably real and packed a lot of great parts of her character into less than 7,000 words.

Great references to Indiana, of course. "Celestia starts with S" made my day.

One of my favorite one-shots ever. Bravo.

(I would suggest one more read-through, though. You accidentally wrote "hay fires" a couple times, and there are a few verbs missing from sentences. Still, marvelous story.)

Come on people, get this bloody thing on the featured list already!

1087402 This comment pretty much single handedly made writing this story worth it :heart: And I'm so pleased that someone picked up on 'Celestia starts with an S'. I swear, half the reason I wrote this story was just so I could use that reference!

Also, 'hay fires'? Egh. That's what I get for thinking I can get away with not using pre-readers from time to time. :fluttershbad:

1087468 I've had comments like these on a few of my stories now, but yet it never happens! But it really doesn't matter -- just the fact that people think it's feature worthy kind of makes my day. I'm very glad you enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

1082219 ... you monster.
Couple quick notes;

panicking in the bowls of a sinking ship

Prolly should be "bowels"

and the old mare needed to hear it in pony.

Okay, I get how and why people replace "person" with "pony," but here it just sounds awkward and weird and messes up the flow of the narrative. "Face-to-face," for example, would work better.

and sat in front of the dull glow of the computer had loaned to her

It feels like there's a word missing here. Who loaned the computer to Daring?

Awesome story, though. Funny and heartwarming, which is exactly the kind of story I enjoy.

I'm still never forgiving you for that song, though.



1088199 Fixed, fixed, and fixed. And would you hate me if I said that I completely and unironically love that song? I'm not even in the slightest bit sorry. Mwahahahaha! :trollestia:


>Expects comedy

>Somber slice of life that hits close to home

Well played.

Oh man... this is one fantastic story. I'll try to include everything I liked about it in this, but I doubt that is possible.
First of all, the writing is fantastic. The grammar was solid, the language was colorful, and sentences flowed well and very accurately described every scene, emotion, and event. Many aspects of this reminded me of J.K. Rowling's writing in Harry Potter (especially referring to Daring's mother's glasses as half-moon glasses as she always called Dumbledore's glasses 'half-moon spectacles').
Second, the setting was realistic. I mean, yes, the concept has been done before: a young adult fed up with having to follow in their parents' footsteps and having them run their life, but that's not important. Every story ever written is simply a variation of an existing story being retold like ancient humans used to do around campfires. I could really feel the tension between overbearing aged mother and only daughter. This is why I love slice-of-life stories, and this story was particularly well-executed.
Lastly, I loved the ending. I didn't love it in the "ZOMG MY FEELS" way, but in that it is actually happy. So many stories I have read in this fandom always end depressingly (e.g. Daring cannot stand the fallout from her mother, so she jumps into the river and ends her tragic life, her mom suffers a heart attack and dies in her arms while Daring screams "WHY, CELESTIA, WHY?!?"). It is very refreshing to actually see the protagonist reach happiness in some way, and I thank you for that.

tl;dr - Loved the story. It definitely deserves its inevitable spot in the featured box.

Why did I enjoy this so much? :rainbowlaugh:

Great story. Looking forward to read more from you.

1088115 Hay fires are a serious issue in a land populated by talking ungulate species. :trollestia:

Totally not what I was expecting based on the title. Absolutely beautiful story. I really like your take on this character and her mother was amazing. I wouldn't mind seeing more of these two.

Very good story! I loved the pathos filling the story. Their relationship was really painful, but I was so glad when it resolved.
However, every time you misspelled "desserts," I cringed.

I came for the Cake and stayed for the Drama. Curse you Luckydreams.

And the Song will Haunt me forever.

1136003 :ajsmug:


Many aspects of this reminded me of J.K. Rowling's writing in Harry Potter

I think I love you forever for writing that. Thanks for the amazing comment! It's super appreciated :pinkiehappy:

1136370 Thanks man! A few people have told me now that they think this has been overlooked, but I seriously don't mind in the slightest. Not when I keep getting comments like this one :pinkiesmile:

1136372 Magic! :raritywink:

1136725 :pinkiehappy:

1136730 Serious business bro. Serious business!

1137432 I keep wondering how many people thought this was actually a troll story based on the title alone? But then again, I quite like the thought of people going in expecting one thing and getting something else entirely. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :yay:

1138169 A lack of Daring Do slice of life stories is part of the reason why I wrote it. I mean, it figures that pretty much all the stories written about her focus on her adventure, but all the same, I thought it would be interesting to write something a little different :pinkiesmile:

1138631 Did I really? Egh. Thanks very much for pointing it out, I'll have to go and change it.

1139101 You will never stop thinking about it :trollestia:

Daring had the villains made up? If she wanted some real ones she could simply go to ponyville. RD would love that, and Daring would get to play with the Cerberus/Cockatrice/parasprites... Everypony wins!

Nice fic, a sharp tint of reality when compared to other mythical DD fics I've read so far. No superpowered evil monster or ripped-off Indiana Jones, just simple a poor filly forced into a job that sounded sooo much better as a foal.

Was I the only one who imagined a female sean connery as Daring's mom's voice? Still a sweet story that kind of hit me close to my heart and current life choices

Will there be a sequel?

OMG. :heart::heart: Ha-Haa the :heart: 's had been double just for you my dear fellow pony/brony/pegasister friends
That was really touchy at the end forme! :fluttercry:
I really love the story :pinkiesad2: *sniff*

1082219 Tord Laurson's personal hell.

That story was rather endearing, cute even. Let's us in on a bit of Daring's family and personal life. I really liked this one.

Is this in the same continuity as "It's not a cold dark place"?

You weren't the only one!
Shauna Connery?

1141560 Happy you appreciated it taking a more down to earth approach. I was worried that people would complain about the lack of adventure -- seems pretty silly of me in retrospect.

1142613 1175282 I've tried and tried, and yet somehow I find it absolutely impossible to imagine what a female Sean Connery would actually sound like! It's just one of those concepts I find impossible to wrap my head around.

1146086 Afraid not sorry. Working on other stuff :ajsleepy:

1147414 :pinkiehappy:

1161814 Haha!

1162662 Glad you enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

1169149 Not even slightly.

I imagine a Scottish Julie Andrews, personally.

Another great story by one of my favorite writers. :pinkiehappy: I totally didn't expect this one to be such an emotional trip (have to pay more attention to the tags :facehoof:), but I can't honestly say it was unwelcome. :twilightsmile:

I can imagine Daring Do applying for the weather patrol (Ponyville division) the next day. Imagine Rainbow Dash's reaction. :rainbowlaugh:
You know, actually this could be a great premise to a amazing adventure romance featuring Daring Do and Rainbow Dash. Just saying... :trixieshiftright:

On completely unrelated note; Do you maybe know where I can find spare spleen?


So, per your recent blog post, I learned how to make regret-coated walnuts. Naturally, that indirectly led me to this story, and I had a terrible feeling that your description Daring Do trying to cook came largely from personal experience.

3967944 In my defence, I've never dunked my head in grime encrusted water. And in other people's defence, no-one's ever asked me to cook a meal for them. They've all had the good sense not to.

I've yet to set my kitchen on fire whilst trying to boil water, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. You can always tell when I'm cooking. It's hard to ignore the smoke alarm :ajsleepy:


In my defence, I've never dunked my head in grime encrusted water.

I haven't yet, either (not in the kitchen, at least), but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. The few times my clothes have been on fire had nothing to do with cooking.

3990758 My sister once lit ice-cream on fire. I was there when it happened. Apparently, that's possible.

P.S. In case you want to know how this happened, I'll tell you. She was going to eat Dip and Dots, which is ice-cream in the form of little balls, but they had been in our freezer for too long and it was really icy. So, she put it in the microwave to get rid of the ice. The bad part was that the Dip and Dots had an aluminum cover, which she took off, mostly, but left some around the rim. That's what caught on fire and sort of lit the rest on fire, too.

That was a good read. Liked the red herring in the beginning about Daring wanting to deal with traps rather than baking when she never has been in any of those types of situations. Sweet ending, a great story of Indiana Jones fans!

(1) Do ponies have computers??? That bit kind of jarred me out of the story. I think it would've been better as simply some kind of 1-player board game, I dunno.
(2) Wait, so in this story's universe, Daring Do was never an adventure archaeologist? Like, she was a real archaeologist who wrote novels on the side that were not based on real exploits. And then she quit her archaeologist job and went on to do whatever, but it will never be the show's Hollywood archaeology?

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