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Before I read this, a classic phrase. A harpist is always doing one of two things: tuning their harp or playing out of tune. But I'll read anyway :ajsmug:

That... was surprising. Never have more words been written more eloquently about something so mundane. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

My favorite line was "What if she never stops? What if I’m forced to live with her tuning her cello... forever?"


If you think "Buck" is a fun alternative, think about Applejack's job....

Other than that, I loved this story! ^^

Twas good.

You called Golden Staff Golden Hooves on one line.

Pfft... XD That... was AWESOME! It was so great! Then entire time I read the song ACTUALLY being played, I could just see Tavi going 'Great, now the stupid E string has gone sharp...' after Golden whatsisface left. XD
(Also, inb4 featured)

That was enjoyable to read. And so continues the Lyra/Octavia fiasco.:twilightsmile:

I haven't read a good story in WAAAY too long. Thanks fro breaking that streak :pinkiehappy:

Loved this one. Background ponies are slowly growing on me because of writing like this.

That was incredible! As a passionate musician, I can relate. Outstanding work. I LOVED it! :raritywink:

I feel sorry for anyone who recognized the deceptive cadence in 'BBBFF', connected it with Princess Cadence, and had the reveal spoiled as a result.

Slightly repetitive, prolly could have been condensed by 1k words or so without losing too much. But overall, a great piece, and the ending caught me off guard. I fully expected Octavia to get taken down a peg, pardon the music pun.
I've known those types. They make your life hell. >.<

You do know that it's actually physically impossible to tune an instrument perfectly, right?
I mean, not incredibly hard, but physically impossible?



I wasn't aware that I couldn't overlook this little detail for the sake of a fun story.

857979 ... I played winds, can't you tell? XD Hell if *I* know what strings a cello has! Our school didn't HAVE a strings section.

This story needs more love.:heart:

Bravo! Bravo! That was a very well written short story. Well done :twilightsmile:

Octavia kinda reminds me of myself. Good story.

Well this looks promising.
857979 If you want, I could be you're proofreader. I'm better at proof reading than actual writing.:pinkiehappy:

You my good sir, have writ an awesome fic.

This makes me wish I had kept up with my cello.

er well that was odd.

:rainbowlaugh: funny and surprising! I'm glad it's on EQD like it deserves to be.

You win the award for best use of the Slice of Life tag in history!

That was actually really inspiring. I play double bass and have always wondered how much fine tuning really made a difference.

My favorite part of this story is Lyra's face in the cover picture.

Still really good.

This kind of irks me, but don't you usually start tuning the cello from the C, then make your way up to A? Or do I just tune in an odd way?

>855993 The E string is a lie! Otherwise I've been playing the cello wrong for years.


In 8 years of playing in orchestras, the cellos tune the A first. Now, perhaps some cellists tune the C first individually, but I don't see why they would if orchestras tune the A first.

But, yes. Orchestra tuning goes A, D, G, C (for the cellos and violas) E (for the violins).

1220345 I tend to play individually, I've only been playing in orchestras for four years now. Also, I have a bad ear, and tune the lower strings to use as a comparisions to the higher strings, which I find harder to hear.

Edit: Come to think of it, the way I tune pisses of my girlfriend. We met in one of my first real outtings in an orchestra.

More edit: Wow, you just made me nostalgic for my old teacher.


Orchestra tuning goes A, D, G, C (for the cellos and violas) E (for the violins).

*cough* and basses *cough* Basses have an E string as well, but we only have one bassist in our orchestra, so it's understandable.

I see Lyra had trouble TUNING Octavia out.

lol I think after hearing someone tune 1 string for an hour anything will sound godlike

Good story I enjoyed reading a non lyra human crazy story :pinkiehappy:

My two favorite Background ponies as dorm partners. What's not to love?

...other than an annoyingly obsessive tuner :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks to you, now every time I tune my viola I think of this fanfiction. It's still good.


Good story and an upvote, but the message I got from this is that if you are good at what you do (in this case music) you don't have to worry about being pleasant around others.

“Some of the greatest musicians of our time are incredibly arrogant and abrasive, Miss Heartstrings. I met several of them myself,” Golden said with a wistful twinkle in his eye. “They were the most infuriating ponies I had ever encountered. Yet when they got on stage and channeled their fussiness into their playing, magic happened. These ponies that made me scream and stamp my hooves also made me weep like a filly. That was the only reason I tolerated their behavior.”

Channeling fussiness into playing can be saying something good about perfectionism, but when it clearly becomes a problem for others such as Lyra some consideration must be taken. Because Octavia's personality was accepted despite the frustration it was causing, Lyra either has to sit it out and let Octavia take over the room or find a different room.
It was a good story still :twilightsmile:


Yeah, looking back, perhaps this wasn't the most optimal ending to take. I wrote this story without a roadmap, and actually changed the ending on the fly (I originally had something different planned). I TRIED to tone down Octavia's fussiness towards the end of the story to show that she wasn't a complete bitch ALL the time, and that this was merely a moment of stress that unfortunately found Lyra in the crosshairs. Personally, I view Octavia as a fussy roommate, one that can be a bit annoying at times, but ultimately, nothing worth leaving over.

Still, I'm glad you enjoyed that story! It's a fun little one shot that I'm glad I decided to write.

Well this was an interesting read. I thought I had it figured out: Octavia's the music snob who gakes things too seriously and Lyra's the sensible one. But I certainly wasn't expecting Octavia to be in the right! That was a pleasant surprise.

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