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When Rainbow Dash is offered a high ranking weather position in Cloudsdale, she must choose whether or not to continue down the path of becoming a Wonderbolt, a possible outcome of accepting the job, or remain in Ponyville and risk letting her dreams slip away for good.

Characters will be added as the story progresses.

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This is really well written and I love how you handled the character interactions and introspections. I can't wait to read more!


A well written and interesting story so far. I'll be tracking this.

I wonder what Pinkie is doing and how Dashie and her will interact? Probably a baker but how has she become split considering her personality? Will be interesting to see. Keep up the writing this is an interesting story.

This is really well written, looking forward to more.:rainbowdetermined2:

This is an absolutely incredible character piece, and I wanted to say thanks for putting it up. Gives a whole new level of RD insight

You have me quite intrigued... Think I'll stick around to see where this rabbit hole leads.

That was some very nice Rainbow Dash introspection. I'm curious as to where this goes. Keep up the good work.

im not much of a story reader and its rarely that i do go in one from EQDaily.. im happy i did :) really injoyed this one ^_^ :heart:

The sad tag betrays much of what's going to happen :pinkiesad2:

Great start, +1 reader. This kind of fic needs to be handled pretty carefully, and you're doing a great job.

well i can honestly say that RD has quite the dilemma on her hooves but I feel that maybe spitfire will be able to help her though she is supposed to be there in the morning and she was the one who wrote the letter in the first place

I really like fics like this, the kinds that play off on a character's element becoming their weakness; it gives so much more depth than just having a character, particularly Rainbow, be a flat, one-sided predictable jerk, which only a handful of authors are able to avoid. Thank you, keep writing. Tracking.

I think i like original chapter more. Not sure why just do.:applejackunsure:

Normally I'm mostly useless at giving good criticism, but I have to completely disagree with you here. Not that I have a chance in a million years of being able to describe why. :applejackconfused: Previously it felt a bit... disjointed? But now it's completely engaging. Something like that. :applejackunsure:

Poor Rainbow Dash. I think we've all been in this kind of position. Just gotta let your friends help you through it.:moustache:

891725 I think it is simply perference to writing styles. Both are good and I agree the rewrite feels more engaging, but I guess I have more enjoyment in mental confliction:applejackunsure:.


Don't worry, there will be more mental confliction coming up :)

I really liked the rewrite. Hopefully this means more is on the way relatively soon :pinkiehappy:

On Haitus? I can't wait for the third rewrite of chapter 1. Just kidding, I really like this though.

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