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Sometimes, you just can't take the chance of telling somepony you care about her. A Twishy story, because there aren't enough of those.

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Good job! One issue though, the transition into the flashback scene could have been clearer - kinda threw me off a bit when Twilight decided to go to Fluttershy's(because I thought the dream was in the present).

"Wouldn’t things be incredibly awkward when we hanged out?"
Small grammar mistake, probably a couple others I missed. Cute story. I liked it. +1

I want a sequel! nao! :flutterrage:

This is definitely in need of a sequel. I love how you portrayed Twilight's over thinking. The letter was very sweet and confirms what Twilight hoped.

And in the end, everything turned out... better than expected!

Awwwww...... This is one of those feel-good stories.... Something realistic, but still.... Magical.... In its own way. I still remember when this kind of thing happened to me... I never took that chance, and I will regret it for the rest of my life. Sorry about all the sentimental crap- the story just hit me hard, right in the heart. Amazing story.

Wow... And since I'm a douche, I'm not gonna tell you if it was a good 'wow' or a bad 'wow'................ But you know I loved it.

Thank you for sharing this on Fimfiction also. I don't go to sites like Ponychan but I do enjoy finding Twishy when I can.

People like this story? Well, thanks you guys :)

Why is this not featured?

Aw! It was cute! ...and it was TwiShy, so that just made it so much more adorable X3

The buildup was great. I mean, really, really great.

Oh, wow. Twishy +1, PoorTwilight +1, and Adorable, warm ending +5 :twilightsmile:



Seriously. I loved this. I'm a sucker for reading of self torment due to hidden feelings and this worked really, really well.

Like others have said try to make the flashback transitions easier to figure out and fix that

Wouldn’t things be incredibly awkward when we hanged out?

bit Danbo mentioned.

I liked this a lot

YBG out - :moustache:

I'm the one hundreth like for the story! I have won the disapproving looks of everyone else reading the story for calling attention to this fact and a commemorative FlutterTwi tote bag!

In all seriousness, this was awesome. I feel Twilight's pain so, so much. As always, she badly needs a hug. Badly.

Although I can see why so many Twishy fics have Fluttershy as the pony with the crush, I'm glad to see this one written with Twilight in that role. You did a good job of exploring her neurosis when it comes to magic and the ponies she loves.

A brilliant story all around! :twilightsmile: :heart: :yay:

Let's see:
Depressing flashbacks? CHECK
Unexpressed love? CHECK
Painstaking cliffhanger?! CHECK
Yep, that's all of my feels right there.:pinkiesad2:

And Flutters is true to her nature.


This is good.

First I was like :pinkiegasp:/:raritydespair:,then flashback to the nightmare that I in endless foolishness,(well,mainly exausted brain-ness) thought was present time in the story and I was :pinkiegasp:/:raritycry:/:applecry:/:fluttercry:/:fluttershysad: and theeeen it was Twi's agonizing visit with Fluttershy so I was :fluttercry: (also at that point I realised it was both a nightmare and a flashback so I felt :facehoof:) and then it was the resolution and I finally was at peace and :pinkiesmile:. Now I am :flutterrage: because I want a sequel. :rainbowderp: Woah. That was like the most emoticons I've used (like in ever,not just one comment) in all my time on this site or dA. So for eliciting that much of a reaction out of me for one stinking story? You go girl/dude! :yay:

I love it
I want more
More TwiShy is indeed needed.
I'll give this story a 9/10 the i'm keeping that 1 point for the potential sequel, sorry.

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