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Lucky Dreams

I didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose me


Sometimes, it's good to talk about your feelings. Other times, the only way we can understand ourselves is to sit and listen to the silence...

8th place finalist in the Forbidden Knowledge Writeoff event. With a huge thank you to everyone who commented on it over there.

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Sequel please :fluttershysad:

Your narration here is lovely as always. Glad to see this making the jump over from the Writeoffs.

Sometimes I wish we didn't have to write this kind of fanfiction and the show was allowed to explore different aspects of characters like this. But we get this awesome story this way, so, super job.

It's odd that pony mysticism isn't explored that much, at least from what I've seen, but it really worked here, beautifully complementing a situation in which Scootaloo is out of her depth and opposite to her natural inclinations.

I love how this hasn't garnered negative attention yet. Second time I've read this, but forgot to move it to a new shelf. Beautifully written still. Thank you for writing it.

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