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Zecora explains to Twilight why she talks the way that she does, and she does it completely in anapestic tetrameter and character-consistent end rhyme.

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You know... this is a relatively good fic. I mean it it's good! It should have more comments and stuff. I only wonder why poison joke crates were brought for research in a museum.

Thanks for the support.

The way I thought of the poison joke placement was that the local botanists would be trying to figure out why strange things happened after touching the new plant they found, and probably how to reverse the effects. I am not sure where that would be handled in our society. Ultimately, I claim zebras in my defense.

5672576 Yea i just find it being found in museums a bit strange imho.

Ok... Wow. This is really freaking good! I think that this is the best example of Zecora's dialogue I've seen yet! And if you look at my library, that's actually saying something! I started reading this cause I thought, "Eh? Why not?" and next thing I know I'm sucked into the story and even swaying with the rhyme! Great job!

Bravo. Anapestic tetrameter (cf. "A Visit from St. Nicholas") just sucks you right in. Found myself reading aloud at several points.

Some would complain of the strictness of verse
But in truth she is freed from the constraining curse.

Oh goodness. Zecora-fic with an actual consistent rhyme scheme. Yes please.

I read this with the music of brittle bones Nikki and it works way to well in my head

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