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I didn't write any of that.


A tale, from the Land of Faerie, of a Princess who endured a cruel curse.

Cover art by Margaret Rope (detail of a window in Shrewsbury Cathedral).

Thanks to War877 for editing help, and Justanotherbrony for research help.

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Very nice.
Deer eat meat??

Those goddesses never consider what sort of inconvenience they inflict on completely unrelated people when cursing. It's about time someone had a talk with them about it...

This is certainly a better origin for the changelings than the secondary canon one. :pinkiehappy:

Neat little fairy tale.

After my original "wtf" reaction to the finale, i remembered that changeling s have always been fae creatures, and it kind of made sense.

Scarily plausible. But while the Princess was a victim of disproportionate retribution, her fault lay not in (knowingly) dealing with a goddess but in being a bitch to those she thought she could ignore, so that seems like an odd moral to get out of it. Was that intentional somehow, like implying some values dissonance between us and whatever culture produced this?

7686736 My version eat meat, at least.

7687497 Nice to see someone caught that. Yeah, this is a deer telling the story to fellow deer. So they really don’t get why the Princess was punished. She didn’t do anything wrong! Those Goddesses are crraaaAAAAAAaaaazy!

7686812 Very true. Maybe someone should write a story about a deity who's forced to learn how to curse more responsibly.

My version eat meat, at least.

Meat eaten by a hungry deer?
I don't think ponies like it here... :)

I do so love stories that explain so much so effectively. Magnificently done both in content and style. Thank you for it.

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Have another downvote

He had eyes for her surpassing beauty; she had eyes for his great wealth.

So does your Rarity fall on the "perfect for bringing to dinner in the Wyld" or absolutely wrong? :raritystarry:

an old crone emerged from the woods bordering the road.

The true face of danger.

attempted to notch new arrows,


8189122 Good catch on "nock".

It's a faerie tale thrice over, isn't it? Wonderful.

The worst it gets is an unpleasant character getting their head impaled on a spear. The violence isn’t described in very much detail.

You may have been told this by now, but actually, yes they do! Some scientists who had no idea why a bird colony was losing so many young went on stake out or something, caught the local deer EATING THE BABY BIRDS...heads.

They wanted the skulls for the Calcium.

And horses will too! There's every possibility in the world that, if he was real, Alex the Great's Bucephalus really was a man eater, or at least man snacker.

Oh I do like me a bit of Faerie Changeling lore. And this is some good Faerie Changeling lore.

Thanks! Faerie Changelings are indeed great.

Author Interviewer

Ooh, fuckin' brilliant. :D I love the moral at the end, too.

Oh damn. This is nice.

And the moral of the tale is: Have no dealings with Goddesses, for they are cruel and their ways inscrutable.

I thought the moral of the story is don't be vain and selfish

You know that, and I know that, but does the narrator realize it?

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