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“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” ― William Lamb Melbourne



Pink Cherry Loaf came back from the Princess's service with a fiancee and a plan. That plan is to get as far away from her family and Ponyville as she can, as far as she can get and still be in Equestria. Her new husband has a job lined up with his family in Rock Valley, which is pretty dang remote. 'Pink Rock' has left behind her family, her name, and everything to do with her old life. 'Pinkie' hopes that'll be enough.

But no matter how far you go, family will find you. It's what they do.

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Um... It looks like you forgot your character tags. :3

I have to say, it's not bad, it doesn't interest me any but that ain't a bad thing,
good writing although slow paced it was good,


Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock Pie don't have character tags, and I haven't settled yet if Granny Smith will make any appearances. If Limestone and Maud Pie appear later on, it'll be as little foals or infants. It almost has to go without saying, 'Nana Pinkie' and 'Granny Pie' are only known to canon because Pinkie Pie mentions them in passing.

The perils of playing in the sandier back end of the sandbox, y'all. :ajbemused:

Thanks to Oliver for pre-reading the first chapter, and catching a particularly bad error in this chapter just now.

Interesting take on the clones. It reminds me a bit of Cerberus in Mass Effect, how they would quietly clone random members of the public, give the clone fake memories and set them up as a colonist on a distant world. I'm shocked Pink never realized she'd have to tell her husband about this.

I'm guessing the Quartzes we just met will eventually be in-laws to our protagonist.

This chapter is pretty much all a business and economics report on the state of the co-op. What's surprising is that I love it! I'm honestly fascinated with seeing how long the loans to pay off the gristmills and other capital expenses of the co-ops will take, and when they will have enough savings to start investing in Pie Seedstone. Can't wait for Igneous to met Oatmeal too.

One thing though: Based on Sweet Apple Acres, I'm pretty sure earth ponies can grow crops in the summer and fall. Of course, in that case we are talking about vastly better soil, ponies with plant-based cutie marks, and a dedicated weather team.

That's a very interesting if morbid use of the Mirror Pool. It's like Ponyville played the biggest enrollement fraud ever with the EPU. That particuliar artefact always had some dark conotation for a kid show.

The Good Old Time were more often the Tighter Belt Hard Time.

It's almost like looking at Stardew Vallee, Earth Pony Edition. But I love this settler story you have built. Will we have more or is this story dead?


I moved on to other things, since people didn't seem interested, but never say never. TBH, I've got like two-thirds of another side-story about one of Pinkie Rocks' sister's relationship with their monster of a mother, but never got it nailed down.

Oh! I always like a story with the less seen Pie sisters, Marble and Limestone dont get the expositon they deserve in cannon (I was glad to see Marble and the mention of Maud in Good Trooper Gilda).

Should be interesting if you ever publish it.

This is a great story. I think one of your best if I'm being honest.

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