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This story is a sequel to I Am Awkward (Yellow)

Manehattan Pride is always a huge event, but none of the creatures travelling from Ponyville suspected it might be as terrifying, electrifying, enraging, or life-changing as it ended up being.

Moon Dancer wants to propose to Fluttershy, Trixie and Starlight want to have fun, Rarity wants to find her soulmate, and Ocellus wants to learn about sexual identity. Will they succeed, or will their combined neuroticism wreck the whole weekend?

This is the final story in the Awkward Windmills trilogy also consisting of I Am Awkward (Yellow) and It Turns Out They're Windmills. You should read them! But if you haven't basically all you need to know is that Moon Dancer moved to Ponyville and is dating Fluttershy, and both Rarity and Starlight have come out as some form of not straight. And Applejack is Fluttershy's ex, but she'll never admit it. .

Part of the Pride and Positivity 2020 event!

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This story is a sequel to I Am Awkward (Yellow)

As Fluttershy's birthday approaches, she learns two jarring things: not all of her friends are as fine with her new relationship as she had previously thought, and her human counterpart is extremely closeted.

This is a story about queerness, friendship, bunnies, humans who think they're bunnies, magic explosions, and extremely terrible flirting.

Probably the main thing you need to know from I Am Awkward (Yellow) is just that Fluttershy is dating Moon Dancer, and they're super cute together.

And now with its own sequel!

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Moon Dancer has been awarded a prestigious grant to study the Everfree Forest and its history, and so she's moving to Ponyville. In the midst of settling in and making new friends, she meets and becomes completely enchanted by a shy, animal-loving pegasus.

But as these two nervous little weirdos start an adorable, awkward relationship, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy about this turn of events.

Now with a sequel!

...And another sequel!

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