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A collection of short stories. Some are based off of Thirty Minute Ponies prompts and are written in approximately thirty minutes, but others are just random short stories that I didn't think merited their own post.
Tags are in parentheses, and if a prompt was used, then it will be included at the beginning of its story.
Characters and tags will be added to the story as they are used.

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This story is a sequel to Collision Course

It was the day after the dream that the rain started. An unrelenting, unforgiving rain. Just like...
Some tragedies cannot be averted.
That does not mean they cannot be remedied.
But first we must return to our reality.
First we must wake up.

Sequel to Collision Course, and the next step of the Enervation Sequence.

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In some of the stories woven for us by Friendship is Magic, our ponies face tests to their Element of Harmony, and to their very nature. Now, in the show, they always succeeded. But what if they failed? What if the magic of friendship wasn't enough to pull them out of the pit they dug for themselves..?

How could the Elements pull through?
And what happens when the most powerful of the six has nopony to stop her?

The first step of the Enervation Sequence.

Chapters (7)