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  • ELunacy
    Luna struggles with the edges of sanity and feelings of depression after her time of lunar isolation
    NTSTS · 10k words  ·  394  8 · 15k views
  • TRocks
    On the Pie family farm, there are only rocks. It's a life Pinkie moved away from. Back home, after a tragic event, her sister Inkie wonders if she should do the same. After all: it's hard to have a life worth living, with only rocks.
    NTSTS · 16k words  ·  308  8 · 5.8k views
  • TRefrain
    My name is Octavia. I play the piano. I'm not sure that's the best introduction, but it's the one I've used for most of my life, so maybe it will do for now.
    NTSTS · 25k words  ·  125  3 · 1.6k views
  • TFlutterlich
    Inside the Everfree forest, Fluttershy is exposed to a dark energy which changes her forever.
    NTSTS · 23k words  ·  477  28 · 12k views