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Rainbow Dash is determined to be the best flyer in the world when she leaves Ponyville behind to pursue her career as a Wonderbolt. After years of achievement and success, she has finally reached the top—and doesn't know where to go from there.

Thanks to zaponator for editing.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

Review by Seattle's Angels here.

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Comments ( 13 )

Nice story. :twilightsmile:
Short, sweet, and heartwarming.
Also, it's kinda refreshing to see an Applejack and Rainbow Dash story that doesn't have them being in lesbians with each other.

WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage: please :fluttercry:

Oh... I'm in love. :fluttercry:
It's perfect. And I enjoyed what you did with Applejack :ajsmug:
My mom told me that story when I was a kid... and the feels...

This one was worth reading just for the masterful (that's a word apparently) metaphor with the 'full' jar. It was short and to-the-point without forgetting about the details, which is a nice balance. And this balance, like balances usually are, is hard to strike.

I also liked the shout-outs to Secret of my Excess (with Soarin and the dragon) and the more subtle one to May the Best Pet Win (AJ's and RD's argument on dull and boring is almost the exact same as the argument between Twilight and RD from that episode, but with awesome and... some other analogous word I can't remember)

Overall, great fic! And congratulations on making it onto EqD!

You caught that little "awesome" synonyms thing. Dopamine.

My shipping sense is tingling...


Not to sound as if I'm tooting my own horn, but the idea of Rainbow Dash getting disenchanted with the Wonderbolts, quitting, and coming back to Ponyville to be with Applejack, is an idea I'd long been kicking around in my head, but never did for various reasons.

Nut now, now I'm glad I never wrote that, because this... this is so much better. This is the ultimate sum of that idea, and it's been completed to sheer perfection. Every little detail, and especially that ending, just make this amazing. It's like you dove into my head, looked at that idea, and then went and did it far more justice than I ever could have, and left it just for me to enjoy.

This is seriously extremely good. It doesn't even have to be shipping, it doesn't even need another chapter. It's perfect.

I guess you could say it's the... Pinnacle of your idea?

Eh? Eh...?

I'll see myself out.

Not bad, not bad at all.

This was really good... until I realized it was ending so suddenly. I cant help it. I'm one of those bronies who needs an epilogue. I cant stand it when good stories end leaving you to wonder what happens next. Sure its a perfectly valid ending. Sure plenty of people like it. But it burns me... in an OCD kinda way. :twilightblush:
Still a great story. My unfulfilled desire to know how the return conversation went with AJ or something like that inst near enough to make it any less of a good story. Just personally left a bad after taste.
Only other critique I'd make is that it would have been nice to get a few more lines of dialogue between Spitfire and RD when RD was quitting. I feel like RD shoulda given her boss of 5 years and ex-hero Spitfire a little more of an explanation as to why she was up and leaving.
But hey, I'm nit picking. Did I mention that this was a great story? This was a great story :)

Beautiful story. I could rant for half an hour about "characters being in characters", "dreams" and all that stuff, but it's not my stuff. I just liked it, and that's enough.:pinkiesad2:

I liked a little less the jar metaphor for climax, as it had been around as a... well, 'meme' would be a strong word, but the jar-life story was pretty famous on fb for a while.

Still e good story.

This was a sweet story, and I would favorite it except for one problem... It's too short!

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