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I may not be much of a writer, but I put these things together when inspiration strikes. And after pondering it some, I realized that I'm just going to lose them all if I don't post them somewhere.

So I'll be adding them here as I come up with them. They'll mostly rhyme, but not always of course. I've marked them slice of life, but they'll really vary. Not that I expect anyone to read them, they'll mostly be here just so that I can keep track of them.

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I hope the metre problems are due to translation. READ ON.

Not bad. Relatively interpretational, which is good for poetry, but the metre still has issues. Try a harder setup, though, challenges are fun. I'm writing a 13-song Commedia-styled epic poem with religious imagery. I only have the first song done, but at 13 verses, that's not tooooo bad...

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Thanks for the feedback!
The first two chapters in order are actually the newest pieces, and yeah, the meter can definitely use some work. The translation was a pain because I tried to keep as close to the original as I could, both in flow and meaning, and the Luna piece was the first one where I had the last line written before I even finished the first stanza.

I had some actual Shakespearean sonnets written, iambic pentameter and all, but those are lost now, so I am planning on making some new ones.

And I would love to read that epic poem of yours too, sounds like a fair bit of work that you're putting into it.

Oh snap, changeling!

Thanks for the translation.

Learn from history, or you are doomed to repeat it.

Love this Love This LOVE THIS! I don't see enough fellow poets here on Fimfiction, and I'm looking forward to more! I especially enjoyed Mirror of the Heart. It painted a pretty compelling and convincing picture of Rarity's social, emotional, and mental state. Saw you mentioned something in iambic pentameter in the comments. Can't wait to see it! (that's always been a tough meter for me). Keep up the good work!

2927550 Aw thank you! And thanks for the fave too! I had a bunch of pieces in iambic pentameter - I really enjoy it, but they pretty much all got lost. At the moment I'm in the middle of a sadder piece with a regular pattern, but I'll have something up soon!

Good job on this peice bro. Shows the real feeling of Nightmare Moon.

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