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SEQEUL: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/295946/dont-worry-we-wont-bite-sequel-to-night-of-the-werewolf

"Stay away from me!" She screamed as her body changed under the light of the moon, her pupils small as pebbles, blood dripping from her hooves, and mouth as they became more wolf like. "I don't want...to...to hurt...you..."

Her body went limp as she fainted, her fur and mane frazzled, paws replaced her hooves, sharp fangs going just past her lips. Vinyl stared in shock as the wolf-like creature lifted itself from the floor with a low growl. It turned to Vinyl, canines bared. It rose its head and let out a loud, mournful howl, and attacked. Vinyl by now had been scared past her wits, and having read a fair amount of folklore herself, expected to be mauled. But instead,

It licked her...

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nvm I got the pass XD And omg I'm obsessed with sticks o3o don't judge

6549132 I'm not kidding XD I found out I was obsessed cause my bf once threw a random stick for no reason as I soon ran after it and caught it then brought it back to him and we did doggy stuff XD

6549159 I'm gonna read it after I finish with the story I'm reading okis?

6549234 I'm still reading the story "From Caramel to Toffee child XD Its has like 9,000 words and I'm a tad bit more then halfway XD

Wow!The story is really good!I have to say you did a great job writing this! :heart:

Yep,though ya didn't try,the story went out very well without knowing it!

6550143 i thought "How bad is this one gonna do?" yet...all upvotes XD

6550193 i might where they both have control of what they do and they just go for a stroll in the woods or something idk

The idea is funny. It's just a little bit too short though.

She simply ignored it since she assumed she had just been hearing thing and she continued into the kitchen to chow down on any possible leftovers.

Only one error out of the whole story. Good job:twilightsmile:
She simply ignored it since she assumed she had just been hearing things and she continued into the kitchen to chow down on any possible leftovers.

6550245 i added a little bit more to the end. also where octy bit vinyl she thanked her, but the ending is where the majority of it is

Batman is your story, and the victim is all the other stories in the Featured section.


By chance, have you read Dennis the Menace's story My Roommate is a Vampire?

"Oh, you want me to wub your tummy?"

I see what you did there :moustache:

6551752 XD thanks i will try to make this a series maybe :p "Vinyl and Octavia Werewolf Shorts" XD

Okay that was clever twist ona clichéd idea. +1

6552078 how was it cliched? sorry on a laptop cant get the accent on the e XD


The Octavia is werewolf idea has been done many times. The flip side being Vinyl is a vampire.

The part with the poo had me in stitches. I know it is immature to laugh about that but I can´t help it. Especialy since each and every dog my family ever owned used to do exact that. Eat your own poop, then happily lick some humans face right after.

Also, Were-Octi is so cute.

6552237 thats why i did it, especially with octavia being a 'civilized' pony would never do thatas you could tell by her reaction when vinyl told her

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