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Pinkie Pie is best pony. (Though all my fics are about Spike and Rarity.)


As Spike pines after Rarity, he remembers a bedtime story Princess Celestia told him long ago, called the Ballad of Firebrand and Olivine. The ballad was about a dragon and a pony falling in love, and the consequences that love brought upon them.

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That story was Amazing! :pinkiehappy:

I'm not sure what else to add... but you should definitely keep on writing!

Man on man what an amazing story. You are such a talented writer with both your story concepts and your characters.

Keep up the great work.

This was so sad, but it's still an awesome story!!

That's my only reply to this story.

Absolutely superb, I loved every second of it! :eeyup:

No words can describe how adorable this was.:twilightsmile:

Very good job.

Well... the Poetry is hardly the best. The content and style of the writting how is rather nice.

The formatting for the fairy tale was ambitious, but too distracting. The fairy tale was fine, however.

Kind of wish they'd kept the star system, rather than institute a pass/fail system of grading. Oh well, I suppose. Thumbs up.

Thanks for checking this out, everyone. :moustache:

When the idea popped in my head, I couldn't get rid of it. Which was annoying, because ballads are basically poems, and I'm terrible at poetry and can't stand writing it at all. :facehoof: But the story idea wouldn't leave me alone, so I just went for it. For me, this is what fanfiction is meant for...exploring different writing styles and genres that I'm less comfortable with. How to Woo Your Lady was the first time I'd ever attempted a romance, for example. Fanfiction is a place for me to grow as a writer, to experiment and make mistakes and learn. This way my "real" (original) writing can continue to improve. So...even though I wasn't comfortable with the idea, I went for the ballad. Practice makes perfect, right?

Thanks for reading!

Great story.

Another home run. 3 in a row someones looking to make MVP this season :moustache:

Very cute, the extra bit at the end was a nice touch.

Very warm and heart touching :)
Who says two different intelligent species cant be together ? :raritystarry::heart::moustache:

Will you be adding an epilogue of some kind? I feel it could use one. If not, then so be it.

Ths story was really great and I enjoyed it a lot. Great work!

Your story it enspires hope i love it. i always like a happy ending or a hopefully one i hope to read more soon.


i am torn between the DAAW and the sadness! :pinkiesad2:

I'll be damned... you managed to write a story as sweet and lovely as How to woo your lady. Makes me wonder if my story will be able to be as good as yours :twilightoops:

Hah! What am I saying? Just gotta write like there's no tomorrow! HUZZAH! o/

for a moment there, at the end, i thought i was going to read

"“Good night, Princess.”

Princess Celestia walked away, quietly shutting the little dragon’s bedroom door.

".........I.....I miss you so much..........Firebrand"

A single tear fell from Celestia's eyes as she went to her own chambers.

There are fics in this fandom that are heralded for their length, their complex (and most of the time too-long-for-their-own-good) plots, and their length again.

In under 5000 words you trump all of them, proving that size, in fact, does not matter.

Ever onwards, friend, and thank you for the read.

Very cute, though I will note that I don't really think of Rarity as the kind of person to forget about people (being generosity and all, though there was that one episode with Rainbow Dash ...).

Still, there was much fluff and cuteness to be had here.

I have to admit, though, the story bit was rather jarring in the manner it was written. But that's not actually a problem, I think, and I won't fault you for doing something different. :)

I will say that the fairy tale was perhaps a bit too fast. The end came a wee bit too quickly.

Other than that, no complaints!

Almost perfect!

Aww! The poem didn't really work (I couldn't tell a rhyming structure after the first stanza) but the story itself was sweet. The fairy tale had a very classic feel to it, that I could believe really existed in the world. And more sweetness between Spike and Rarity is always welcome. Lovely work! Thank you for writing.

paleowriter, please just say that the happy ending is your canon. Just say it please :raritydespair:, anyway great story. I would wonder what Rarity's reaction to the story in general would be though. Just curious is all. Best wishes!

Sad tag with Spike and Rarity... mustn't... read!


Okay, that was a far better ending than I expected. Wonderfully written. Can't wait to see this multichapter story you've been working on.

God dammit you got me:applecry:

another good story of :raritywink::heart::moustache:

you know, you should work on a fiction similar to this.


Hmm....you got a point there ya know

I have only one ity bitty tiny winny problem with this one.....WHY IS IT ONLY ONE CHAPTER?
I want to see more of this story.

Brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

I just loved everything about this little story. I think you write Spike so well, and the story within the story is just so so neat to me. I love when fictional world have their own tales, their own mythology and stories. I'd love to see a whole anthology of 'Equestrian fairy tales' I'd totally want that one in there (though it is a dragon story, and most fairy tales have a moral, it'd be harder to pinpoint one for F&O).

1774672 It shall be my duty. That is, if 751657 isn't planning on doing something like that. If that's the case, I'll step aside. I already have 13 stories in the works, but only one of them actually has a published chapter:twilightblush::facehoof::fluttercry:

Edit: When the heck will somepony add an "Upvote Comment" button"?!

The 'poetry' would have been better of just being a story imo. :twilightoops:

I love the little extra ending. haha :D Amazing, the poem format jarred me a little, but I got used to it.

Absolutely beautifully written story! :raritystarry: :heart:

Isnt firebrand the name joshscorcher goes by on FOBequestria?


Beautiful story. I almost cried.

Its always nice to re-read something like this, :D

I...I'm not crying...I just have something...in both my eyes...;_;

That was so sad, another one of those stories that just sucks you into it. The fairy tale was tragic, but in the way you knew it had to be. The reaction from Rarity though, and her gift to Spike at the end. It was obvious, but so subtle I didn't even notice my eyes were misty until I glanced at the comments. It just sort of snuck up on me and punched me right in the feels. Excellent work.


This should be cannon. Your best work so far. Very well done.

3078682 Yep. And I do believe this is a fic Zane made him write when he lost a bet, but he didn't want to look like an idiot in front of his fans, so he actually put some effort into it. The story goes on and on and on...

But still...
Why did he wait so long to promote it? I mean, he submitted it so in development isn't an excuse.

3435061 Hmm...good point...

3439093>>3435061 As the author of this, I have to say, I'm thoroughly confused about your conversation. If it clears anything up, I chose the name Firebrand because it sounded like an awesome name for a dragon. I had no idea it was a character in another story on the site. :twilightsheepish:

3444540 Maybe not in another story on this site, but, again, it is JoshScorcher's name in FOBEquestria. Try looking it up on YouTube.

I don't like how you did the story inside the story. Its like you wrote it in the regular format, and then just cut it up into stanzas. It would have been better to have either cleaned it up into something with rhythm or rhyme or just left it as a italicized story within a story. With how it is, I read about three stanzas, got tired of how sentences and speech was constantly cut off in random increments, and just skipped it altogether garnering what i need to know from the rest of the story.

Another classic story. :fluttercry: (Although I didn't expect any less :eeyup:).

An excellent example of how a story can be short, yet very effective. This story pulled me in quite nicely and held me in its bittersweet embrace to the end. After four seasons of the show alternating between Rarity apparently just taking advantage of Spike and using him to carry stuff to Rarity actually caring about him, I think this story still manages to hold up. It's still following the "Will they or won't they" line, but in a way that feels plausible in canon. It seemed a bit odd that she wouldn't have already made a scarf for Spike, but the show is so inconsistent with how she treats him that I'll easily let it go. I liked this story. A lot. Fimfiction really needs a Bittersweet tag for stories like this.

Not gonna jump in and say that this needs to be continued, because expanding this story would destroy the emotional punch that it has. It's great as it is. Nice work.

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