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When Rainbow Dash wakes up to find herself sharing a bed with somepony—or rather, somedragon—she knows she's going to have an eventful day. Determined to put the whole ordeal behind her, she agrees with Spike to forget the evening had ever happened.

However, things have a way of coming back to haunt you, and for Rainbow Dash, it may not be what she asked for at all.

Group collaboration between the lovely members of SpikeDash:

Yours truly,

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I just realized. Rainbow Dash crashes. We suck at avoiding overused tropes. :rainbowlaugh:

4746351 'Tis a curse of fanfiction, Vex...'tis a curse

Very interesting. Great job at keeping them in character while in new situations. Also glad that you aren't rushing the romance. I would like to ask how big is Spike, physically and in years?


We did have a quick discussion about how far along from the show this is and how big Spike is. It's not set in stone, so don't take my word as divine mandate, but this is about ten years on from the show. Spike is now a drake and stands as tall as Twilight.

Do you think this needs editing into the first chapter to be a bit more blunt? After all, this isn't a question that a reader should be forced to ask in the comments section.

Rainbow Dash crashes. Always. There's no escape! :raritydespair:

...You took my title!:derpyderp2:

Seriously, I'll read later, but it's weird seeing a fic called the same thing as mine.


I believe I was poking fun at the trope. Most of the main six are less than sympathetic to Dash's plight.


This is true. :rainbowderp: I had no idea. Your story's been on my to-read list since forever! I apologize for stealing your name, although it was completely unintended. :twilightblush:

I was too. :twilightblush:
When you fly at supersonic speed, paying attention to every little detail on the ground, while still taking care of the weather and being overral awesome, I won't blame you for crashing once in while. :moustache:
You guys did an amazing work with this one, cheers! :yay:

Aye! Congrats on your feature. (turn off mature filter to see) looking forward to more.

I clicked on this thinking this was the one from darth link, I thought he threw out the cover art or something.
Well, I'm glad I read this.


Well that was unexpected. :pinkiegasp: Thank you! :twilightsmile:


I apologize for the confusion. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though. :pinkiehappy:

Well it seems both Spike and Rainbow were WRONG and somethin' did happen last week! Interesting.

How was their night between the sheets last week when the start of this chapter says 4 weeks later?


Oops. Thanks for spotting that inconsistency. I'll get right on correcting that. :twilightsmile:

To clarify, it is four weeks.

I... I think I just found the fic I've been waiting for since joining Fimfiction :pinkiehappy: you magnificent, glorious bastards :rainbowwild:


It's gonna be a heckuva confusion once they're both on my update list, mind...

(Assuming that when I get around to reading this one, it does warrent it of course... I mean, I have always held that sans Rarity, Dash is probably next best match and we don't see it often, so it has novelty in it's favour already, so the odds are favourable...)

You get a thumbs up for Cowboy Bebop

Next Thursday? I don't know if I can last that long! Maybe I should leave a note to myself to break into the Star Swirl Archives...

Where'd you get the preview art? it's not in Frist's DeviantArt or derpibooru gallery.

This is the most logical way those two can get together. They both get drunk, and have drunk sex, pretend it didn't happen, but fall for each other cause they are the best together. :pinkiehappy:


I commissioned it from him. I don't know why he hasn't stuck it on his public gallery.

Well, I would say that I was surprised by that ending but I would be lying.

“Miss Dash, you’re pregnant.”

And at that moment, Rainbow Dash growled and began to beat the shit outta Spike, yelling "You bastard!" shortly before Spike slips into a dream like state, and passed out. Rainbow apologizes for her actions and so did Spike for not wearing a condom, Spike and Dash got married, Thunderlane was given Everfree forest duty and was later eaten by a pack of Timberwolves. Thus, everypony lived happily ever after, except Thunderlane who got eaten. The end. :pinkiecrazy:

Not sure if you're aware, but there is another fanfic by the same name on here as well. Totally different situation, (drunk twilight and AJ and lots of lolz).
just letting you know. Story looks good. :twilightsmile:

It's a wonder how she managed to catch the attention of the wonderbolts.


Drat! Our entire well-thought out plotline has been rumbled! Now we're going to have to think up a completely new idea. :raritywink:

Well, Spike, you're screwed. Or should I say you screwed.


And so, Discord was born, and Present Discord revealed that he'd gone into the past after a few thousand years in the future (involving more timey whimy things he can't explain and that a certain brown stallion also knew about... or will know about.. it's complicated) and had to be silent about all of this otherwise he wouldn't have been born and this would have triggered a severe causation paradox which, though wonderfully chaotic, would have destroyed the universe and also meant he wouldn't be there to enjoy the chaos, thus rendering it all rather moot.

Dash felt really really awkward about the whole thing because her proclaimed distrust of Discord was actually a ruse to hide the fact that she'd always been strangely attracted to him. And now her wing boner was even more awkward than ever. :rainbowhuh:

Twilight was just jelly that Spike had done Dash instead of her, cuz various fanfic universes had altered her brain chemistry to make her lust after her adopted brother/almost-son-sorta.

It was a really F'd up universe.



Twilight was just jelly that Spike had done Dash instead of her

Twilight wants the Spike? :moustache:

“Miss Dash, you’re pregnant.”

Aaaaaaand, favorited.

Is anyone but but me feel like Blue moons should be playing for the entire chapter:moustache:

4748377 It's timey whimy. Very complicated.


It's Alondro. His comments always have this weird stream of consciousness kind of thing going on.

Definitely adding to read later :rainbowkiss:

then spike defenestrates himself and flies as fast as he can to avoid the wrath of ... pretty much everyone.

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