• Published 10th Jan 2015
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Fading Memories Create New Ones - Killjoy_Writer

Turquoise Blitz is having a hard time with Anthea's death. But one mare will help him keep a promise for life: To keep moving on.

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Author's Note:

Time: 12:53 A.M. CST

I finally completed the Prologue!!!!!!!:raritystarry:

Three days of planning and two hours of typing!

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(Revised February 7th, 2015 by me)


One crisp winter morn in a peaceful little town, not many ponies who resided here were out and about. Probably staying inside where they can warm up by their fireplace's deep embrace or went to the old church to bear witness the start of two ponies' lives together.

Our story starts with the bride, Anthea. A beautiful and vibrant mare who anticipated this day ever since she started dating her groom. Even though she could not see, her magic allows her to see blobs of color, mashed together to try and form the figure she looks at. This never stopped her. She continued to be independent and care-free. As she waits for the ceremonies, she stands in front of three mirrors, staring at the blobs pasted on it, as the last adjustments were made to her dress. In nervousness, she gripped the bouquet of flowers tighter. “Everything alright, Annie?” a bridesmaid wondered as she witnessed this.

“Oh, um, yeah. Just.....nervous, that's all.” she smiled sheepishly.

“It's only natural, dear,” another chimed, “You'll be nervous the first few minutes but then it'll be smooth sailing from then on!”

“Really?” Annie smiled at the reassurance and relaxed. Then there's a knock on the door. “Come in!” she called out, turning to face the door. What she saw was a yellow blob with little pink spots which could only mean one thing, it was her mother.

Fluttershy is the adoptive mother of this young mare and represents the Element of Kindness, one of the six Elements of Harmony. Tears welled up in Fluttershy's eyes as she observed her daughter's beauty. Fluttershy threw herself onto her daughter, causing Anthea to stumble a little before accepting her mother's sobbing but strong hug. “I'm......so proud......of you!” she spoke between sniffles and sobs.

“I know, mom,” Anthea smiled as she cherished this moment, “I learned from the best.”

Fluttershy broke the hug and examined her completely. “There are no words to describe how beautiful you are.” she smiled as she hugged Annie one last time as she blushed.

“Now I'm going to go and wait. See you later, dear!” Fluttershy exited the room with what looked like a slight skip.

“Now there's one thing that has always bothered me, Annie,” one bridesmaid pondered as she rubbed her bouncy pink and white mane, “How did you and T even meet?” The others nodded in agreement.

“Well ladies,” Anthea began as she reclined on one of the sofas as her mane and tail were being done, “It all started when he and I were a little colt and filly.....”

Anthea sat on the soft grass one spring afternoon, looking at a blob of vibrant colors other ponies call a “butterfly”. The butterfly just sat there on her hoof, flexing and relaxing its vibrant wings. But the butterfly flew away suddenly, which surprised her a little, as a shadowy blob entered her vision. She looked up and saw a small green blob in front of her. “Hello!” the blob spoke.

“Um, hi.” she answered the blob.

“My name is Turquoise Blitz! What's yours?”

“A-Anthea...” she stood up and started to examine the blob.

From what she could tell, Turquoise wasn't any ordinary pony and her assumption was confirmed when she put a hoof on his chest. She jolted back but then continued touching him. “W-What are you!?” she continued to feel him, “Scales? Lizard tail? Bat-like wings? CLAWS???” She backed up a few paces but Turquoise advanced in kind. She bumped into a tree and fell before Turquoise could answer.

“I'm not just a pony, I'm a rare, very exotic, species called a kirin! Pegasus, that is...” Surprised, Anthea stood up.

“That means you're the child of Mrs. Rarity and Mr. Spike!”

“How did you know!?”

“They are the only dragon and pony to marry, duh!”

“That obvious, huh?”

“But I thought they only had one child!”

“Nope! I'm their second!”


“You wanna go to Sugarcube Corner?”


Turquoise ran off but stopped and looked back when he heard Anthea trip. “Are you okay??” he asked ran back to her and helped her up. This was the first time he noticed why she touched him so much and why she tripped. Her supposed-to-be-blue-eyes were instead a light shade of grey. “A-Are you....?” he stuttered.

“Blind? Yes....” she stepped back and looked at the ground while kicking the grass a little. "I hate it.....I can only see blobs of color......nothing more....”

“Oh....I'm....sorry....you want me to help?”

“U-Um.......okay......” Anthea blushed as Turquoise placed a wing on her back and helped her to Sugarcube Corner.

“And then it continued from then on!” The girls who were working on her hair walked out to wait for the ceremony to begin. “Stand up and give us a twirl, Annie!” a bridesmaid called out. The others cheered in unison. Anthea blushed a little and stood. The other mares stared at her as they waited in suspense. After a few seconds, Anthea gave a little spin and the bridesmaids squealed in delight. One of the bridesmaids, though, was unamused. “It's missing something.....” she stated as she got up to examine the dress.

“And what would that be, Claire?” one questioned.

“This.” Claire levitated a necklace with a finely cut turquoise gem on a gold and silver chain. “All ready. Look out for my little brother, Anthea.” Claire gave Anthea a friendly kiss as she backed up.

“I will, Claire.”

Now let's go to the groom before we wrap up this little introduction. Turquoise Blitz, very strong and healthy for a stallion his age. But he wasn't any ordinary stallion, though. He was the only male kirin in all of Equestria! During the previous events, he was in a separate room with his chosen bachelors getting ready. Turquoise, or T, is standing in front of three mirrors while another pony adjusts his chosen suit. T nervously adjusted his bow-tie. Noticing this, one of the bachelors spoke to him. “You alright, champ?”

“Y-Yeah......I'm okay...” Smooth.....

“Loosen up, bud!” another called out, “It's your wedding day!” The others nodded and agreed.

“Yeah. You're right.”

“Loosen up a little, man!” One came up to him, grabbed him, and stared right into his face. “You know what you're going to do?”

“What, Illusion?”

“You're going to go out there, stand a lot, say your vows, and kiss that beautiful mare in the mouth with all of your heart!” The others agreed in turn.

“Yeah!” Pumped, T nodded.

Then there was a knock on the door. “Enter!” Illusion called. The pony who entered was none other than T's mother, Rarity. Before marrying Spike and having two children, Rarity was the representative of the Element of Generosity. After the battle against Tirek, Rarity decided to date, and eventually settle down with, Spike. “You look handsome, darling.” she pointed out as she entered.

“Thanks, mom” T smiled as she hugged him.

“I sure am going to miss you.” She stated as she fixed his gelled and slicked-back hair.

“I'll make sure to visit every now-and-then, mom,” he stated, “You know that.”

“Yeah.” Rarity backed away. “I have a gift for you.” She levitated a small, delicately-wrapped box to her son. Rarity sat with the other bachelors as T opened it cautiously. When he opened the box, he saw a necklace with a sapphire heart hung ever so delicately on a silver chain. “Mom.....”

“No need to thank me. That was your father's you know.”


“Yep! Out-grew it in a heartbeat, obviously.” Rarity helped T put the necklace on. “Now I'm going to get out of your mane. You have a special mare waiting for you!” Rarity kissed T before she left the room.

“Speakin' of Annie,” Golden Delicious spoke up, “When did ya have th' thought of marryin' her?”

“Well, Del,” T began as he went to sit with his bachelors, “It was a beautiful spring eve.....”

T and Annie sat alone one night on a hill over-looking Ponyville, just enjoying their company and nature. “Stars are beautiful tonight, Annie.” T stated as he looked up at the clear night sky.


“Yes, Annie?”

“Could you......describe the stars?” T pondered for the right description for her request. “Well....” he started, “Just imagine thousands of white dots across the night sky, gorgeously shining their light for us to enjoy.”

“Beautiful.....” Annie placed her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes to imagine. T blushed lightly but covered his marefriend with his wing.

“I love you, T” Annie admitted.

“I love you, too, Annie.” T responded, nuzzling her neck.

For the next few minutes, they just sat there, sitting under the stars and feeding the fires of their love that we're slowly becoming a wildfire.

“That's when I made my decision.” T finished as he got up.

“Neat.” Illusion added as he stretched, “We better head out now, we begin in ten minutes.” Then the rest of the bachelors stood up, stretched, and headed out. Minutes later, T and Anthea we're happily wed. As they trotted to carriage that awaited them, Anthea stopped and prepared to toss the bouquet. As she tossed it back, she used a little bit of her magic but she made sure that no pony could detect the aura. The mare it landed on was the horn of a dark blue alicorn, Nidra. She looked up from her daze at the ground to Anthea who simply winked at her. This was the start of a crucial point in their little love triangle.

But this, dear reader, is just....

…..the beginning of a sad tale.