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I'm here to read, write, and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of bubble gum!

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What do you guys think? · 10:03pm Oct 28th, 2015

I am really into the band Fall Out Boy. They are the band who did songs like Centuries and Uma Thurman. I don't know if you guys like them or not. I had an idea to do a story called centuries about how a normal guy can make something amazing happen. Do you guys think I should do you it? Comment your thoughts below.

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

You are most welcome! I hope that you'll jump right in and enjoy the stories and the community here on the site.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the tip!:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by elamental deleted Mar 19th, 2015

Do me a favor? If you want to "talk" to someone, the only way to be sure that they get the message is by hitting the "Reply" button on the message that you want to comment on. It is the little box in the top-right of each comment. It looks like two little arrows: ">>" If you hit that, it sends a notification to the person who made the original comment, letting them know you are trying to have a conversation with them. I'm glad that I stopped back, or I would not have gotten your message!:twilightsmile:

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