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Fading Memories Create New Ones - Killjoy_Writer

Turquoise Blitz is having a hard time with Anthea's death. But one mare will help him keep a promise for life: To keep moving on.

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Chapter One - Decades Later

Chapter One – Decades Later

T woke up from the dream on a crisp winter morn. Just like that day. He sat up in his empty bed and stared at his clawed hooves. How long has it been? Almost five decades? Jeez...... He got up and stretched his aching body. Today this will be his fifth visit to his wife. Where you ask, dear reader? Because she was unlike him as far as longevity, she has been placed in the hospital for her frail body is on its final stretch. He went to the front door, slung a scarf around his massive throat, and headed to First Canterlot Hospital.

The ground in Canterlot had a nice thin blanket of freshly fallen snow. The little colts and fillies were out enjoying their week off by throwing snowballs, making snowponies, or both. T watched them as he walked and he knew that they had a life full of love and sadness ahead of them. Cherish these moments while they last, little ones. He thought a he approached a snow-covered building that is FCH. He walked through the automatic doors and shook off the snow that covered him and approached the counter. The receptionist, a young mare with a brilliant white coat and a pink mane, was sitting there doing some paperwork. “Oh!” she jumped as she finally saw the kirin standing there, “You're earlier than usual, Turquoise.”

“Like I've said before, Redheart,” he started as she calmed down, “Call me T.”

“Oh, sorry, T.” she chuckled as a sheepish smile painted her muzzle. “Why are you here so early?”

“Just wanted to spend some extra time with my wife.” he smiled.

“Be my guest then.” she smiled back as she picked up a ringing phone. “First Canterlot Hospital, Nurse Redheart speaking.”

T walked to a waiting elevator, entered, and mashed the “3” button with a claw and waited. Few minutes passed and the elevator dinged as it reached the third floor. T stepped out and walked until he saw room number B-36. He saw though the window that Anthea was awake and looking out the window from her bed. He deeply inhaled and exhaled before knocking on the door lightly and entering. “Morning, Annie.” he smile as approached her bedside. She turned and looked at her husband with a bright smile that painted her pale-colored muzzle. “T! You're here mighty early.” T sat down beside her and placed his head on her lap.

They have been in a relationship for several decades on end and their love will never die, even if one of them dies. Annie stroked T's mane softly as they sat in silence, enjoying their company. “So,” Annie finally spoke, “What's happened recently?”

“Well,” T pondered, “Clair and Illusion got married a few months ago. I gave them your regards.”

“Thank you, dear.” she smiled again. Even though her body showed difference, her kind nature didn't change at all.

“T?” she started, “Do you remember our first date as official coltfriend and marefriend?”

“I do, love.” he replied with a smile. I do.....

It was a bright and sunny summer's morn when Anthea woke in anticipation. Today was the day that she and her new coltfriend were going on their first date. She hummed as she stood in front of her mirror, noticing the blob was a bit deformed. Stupid bedmane...... she grumbled in her head as she began to brush her untidy mane. After fixing her mane, she headed downstairs and her nose was filled with the sweet aroma of breakfast. In the kitchen was her mother, Fluttershy, waiting patiently as she just sat at the set table. “Good morning, mom.” Anthea yawned as she sat next to her mom.

“Oh! Morning, dear.” Fluttershy responded with a smile.

“I'm going to have some much fun today.” Anthea smiled before grasping a cup of milk with her magic.

“Why is that?” Fluttershy wondered jokingly because she knew all along what she was doing today.

“You know! I'm hanging out with T today!” Fluttershy chuckled as she sipped some coffee. “Are you going to be fine staying home, mom?”

“Oh, I won't be alone, dear.” Fluttershy stated as she set her coffee down onto the table, “I'm going to Rainbow's while you're out! Been forever since we spoke last.”

“Nice to hear.” Anthea stated as the door was knocked upon. Anthea let out a little squee as she went to the door. “Bye, mom!” she called out as she stormed out the door.

“Bye?” Fluttershy was surprised at her daughter's speed but shrugged and continued to sip her coffee.

Outside, Anthea had a tight hold around T's neck in a big hug. “Hey, T!”

“H-Hi......Annie......” he strained as he gasped for air. For a partially-blind unicorn, she sure can squeeze the living daylights out of something almost two times her size. “AIR....................!”

“Oh!” Anthea laughed sheepishly and rubbed the back of her head, “Sorry, T. Just happy.”

“Likewise.....” T sighed as he caught his breath, “Ready?”

“As I'll ever be.” she replied as she gave T a quick peck on the cheek.

Back at the hospital, Annie sighed as another smile formed on her muzzle. “What are you thinking about this time, Annie?” T asked he saw the smile forming.

“Memories.” Annie looked down at her husband and brushed a lock of hair out his face with her magic, “I don't want to let them go. You shouldn't either.” The door opened and Redheart entered. “Oh, you're still here T? That's a surprise. Thought you would be gone by now.” T looked out the window and saw a beautiful winter sunset kissing the horizon. “Thanks for reminding me, Red.” T kissed Annie, said his goodbye and left to his house.

When he entered, he draped the scarf on a rack next to the fireplace that he lit shortly afterward. He climbed the stairs to the study to find a book. Where is it? He thought as he scanned the shelves for something specific. His ears perked upwards as he found what he had been looking for: a dusty photo album that Anthea started after they got married. He blew the dust off as he walked to his room and opened it, remembering the past that was once before.

Picture after picture, memory after memory, he smiled. His proposal, marriage, their first child, Oasis, and others. T shut the book and wiped a few tears that surfaced. As he flopped on the bed and begin a night's slumber, he remembered what Annie said:

Memories. I don't want to let them go.....

You shouldn't either.

Author's Note:

I am soooo sorry!

This chapter took longer than I thought.

Took about 10 hours to type........



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