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Fading Memories Create New Ones - Killjoy_Writer

Turquoise Blitz is having a hard time with Anthea's death. But one mare will help him keep a promise for life: To keep moving on.

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Chapter Five - Final Hours and a Challenging Promise

Chapter Five – Final Hours and a Challenging Promise

T was flying at an alarming rate towards First Canterlot Hospital. He knew this day would arrive. He knew what would happen. He zoomed downward and landed at the doors. He rushed in without saying hi to Redheart who was at the front desk. “T???” Redheart called after the kirin as she chased him, “What's wrong??” She chased him through hallways and up the staircase to the third floor which is when she stopped and realized what was wrong. T kept running to Anthea. Ducking and weaving his massive body past other ponies. When he arrived at the room, he saw that Illusion, Claire, Oasis, Apollo, and his father were gathered around her. T's ears folded back and his eyes shrank as he looked at their faces. He slowly walked up to the bed beside Claire. Anthea turned her head slowly to look at him.

“Hi, T....glad you could make it.” she smiled weakly.

“A-Annie.....” T started but was halted as he began to sob.

“T.....” she took her hoof and placed it under his chin so she can turn his head towards her, “There's no need to cry. I'm moving on. I'm going to see my mother again.”

“I-I know.....” he sniffled.

“I have on last request for you, my handsome husband.” she started as she brought his head closer so her mouth was at his ear.

Let me go. Release me. But keep me in your memory. You can do this. I know you can. My mother will be glad to see that you carried on her promise. And so......will......I. T quickly kissed his wife with tears falling like Winestone Falls. He felt her last breath go into him and the monitor flat-lined.

He pulled back, sobbing without control, as he listened to the monitors single tone. Claire rested a hoof on his shoulder but he brushed it off as he tried to gained control. But the pressure was too much for him to handle and he let out a single, deep roar. Spike tried to subdue his son but T dashed out the window, leaving tears to follow him. Spike was about to follow but was stopped by Claire who pointed to a figure chasing after Turquoise.

T slammed into a cave well away from anypony and started to lash out at nothing. Slamming to the walls and the gigantic stone spikes that fell down. A few minutes later, he calmed down and fell to the ground sobbing. Few seconds later and he felt a hoof on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Nidra standing there, tears falling gently. He quickly embraced her and wept into her shoulder. Nidra rubbed the grief-stricken kirin on his back. “She's gone, Nidra......she dead.....” he said between sobs.

“I know....” Nidra agreed as she wiped a tear.

“I need you to stay by me......please....” he looked up at her as tears continued to fall. Nidra blushed as she searched for the right answer. “A-Are you.....?”

“YES!!!! PLEASE!!!” T then took Nidra by the chin and kissed her passionately and kept them locked together by holding the back of her head. They broke the kiss about two minuets and their tears ceased. T laid on the ground and Nidra went down with him. T rested his head on her shoulder and Nidra copied his movements.

Their breathing slowed and they drifted off into the land of dreams........

Claire and Illusion arrived at the cave where T and Nidra were sleeping peacefully. “Here they are.” Illusion pointed out as he and his wife arrived at the entrance. T was resting crescent-shaped around Nidra who was pressed against his abdomen for comfort and warmth. “They look cute together.” Claire laughed quietly. Illusion walked up to T and slapped him across the face. “WAKE UP, LOVEBIRDS!!!!” he yelled, causing Nidra to jump and T to jerk his head up.

“Sweet Celestia, Illusion.” T groaned as he rubbed his cheek, “You're going to kill me earlier than I want like that.” T stood and stretched and yawned. Then something just struck him. He looked over to Nidra with a shocked expression and saw that her face was a deep crimson color.

In turn, T's face changed color. “I am so sorry." T apologized.

"No need." Nidra shook her head, "At least you're feeling a little better."

“Yeah.” he looked at Illusion, "Why are you two here?"

“We wanted to see if you're okay,” he snickered a little, “And we got our answer.” Claire jabbed him in the side. “What did Annie tell you anyway?” Claire asked as they exited the cave and started to walk to Canterlot. T sighed as he remembered those last words. “She wanted me to complete Fluttershy's promise.”

They fell into a brief silence until they were at the back gates of Canterlot. They pushed through the gates and Illusion spoke up. “They scheduled the funeral for Saturday afternoon.” T looked down. Illusion, now in his Coal disguise, put a hoof on his shoulder and smiled. “Looks like it's just us four now.” Claire and Nidra, in her Jet Stream disguise, nodded. T smiled a little. They walked a little more and entered a bar named The Drunken Apple. “Hiya, Coal!” the bartender called out as they entered.

“Hey, Shot!” he called back at the mare. Bar Shot, the single daughter of Berry Punch and Whiskey Drop. She laid claim to The Drunken Apple after her mother passed 10 or 20 years earlier. “Who are these two?” she gestured towards T and the disguised Nidra.

“Oh! This is Jet Stream and Turquoise Blitz.” Illusion introduced.

“Turquoise Blitz? I heard about what happened yesterday. Anthea was a great mare. May Faust watch over her.” Shot sighed.

“Try not to sympathize so much.” T answered back as he sat in front of the counter, “Crystal Lager on the rocks, shaken.” Shot looked at him with a surprised look.

“Usual over here.” Illusion ordered as he sat next to him.

“Water for me,” Crystal sighed, “Still a lightweight.”

“Royal Cherry for me.” Nidra called out as she sat next to T.

A few minutes passed and Bar Shot came back with their drinks. “One Crystal Lager on the rocks, shaken, one water, one Royal Cherry martini, and one Apple Family Hard Apple Cider.” she repeated as she handed them their drinks. T instantly took the glass and gulped it down. “Hit me.” They looked at him with shock. Shot poured the same drink but in a bigger glass. He downed it in just three gulps. “Again.”

“By Starswirl's beard, T! Slow it down!” Crystal called out but Shot poured again in a much bigger mug. T drank some, swirled it, and then drank the rest. T swayed a little. “Another!” he slammed the mug down and the rest of the bar exploded in cheers but fell silent when the massive kirin's head slammed on the counter, crushing a few glasses before he toppled onto Illusion. “Help.......me.......now!!!” Illusion gasped.

Nidra lifted T high enough so that Illusion could get out from under him and then dropped him and went back to drinking her martini. “Well now.....” Shot started, “He almost beat my dad. Jeez. Annie's death must've been hard on him.”

“How about roaring and flying out a hospital window to a cave.” Claire spoke as Shot poured more water in her cup.

“And waking up after sleeping with his friend.” Illusion smiled and nodded a Nidra who was pushing back a blush.

“Again, jeez. How long have they been together? 20? 25 years?”

“Try 40.” Nidra spoke as she set down her glass. She thought back to that day when T and Annie were lawfully wed.

Hours later, the four friends and family headed back to Canterlot Castle and went to their individual rooms. Nidra laid in her bed after putting the K.O.'d kirin on the other side, climbed in, and slept.

We have much to discuss tomorrow.......

Author's Note:

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Hours later and I have wrapped up the chapter........jeez.
I made sure to put in some comedic relief for you guys who can't handle this much heartbreak.

Hope you enjoyed these chapters! Tomorrow starts my view on the NidBlitz ship with Chapter Six - Love Comes at a Price!


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