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Fading Memories Create New Ones - Killjoy_Writer

Turquoise Blitz is having a hard time with Anthea's death. But one mare will help him keep a promise for life: To keep moving on.

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Chapter Ten - Feeding the Flames of Love

Chapter Ten – Feeding the Flames of Love

Six months later......

Claire woke up on a pleasant spring's morn and smiled as a gentle breeze flew in. Another form stirred in the bed of where she lay. She looked over her shoulder as she felt a pawed hoof on her side. “Morning, Lulu.” she greeted the pony behind her.

“Morning, you two.” Illusion smiled as he rubbed Claire's bulging abdomen.

“Why don't you,” Claire poked his face, “Get us some breakfast. The usual.”

“Coming right up.” Illusion smiled as he got up. Illusion smiled as he trotted over to the kitchen to personally fix up Claire's breakfast. He said hello to the chef as he grabbed the ingredients and started to fix up Claire's strange food craving breakfast. As he exited the kitchen, he saw Turquoise at a glance drinking coffee. “Morning, T.” Illusion greeted as he looked at the kirin.

“Morning, Illusion.” T greeted back, “You look happier than usual.”

“Yup.” Illusion confirmed as they went to a table and sat, “Just imagine it: in three or so months, I'll be a father and you'll be an uncle for the first time.”

“It is pretty exciting.” T smiled as he took another sip of his coffee, “How is she?”

“The usual mood swings.” Illusion shrugged, “But I had to get the pillows and sheets replaced.”


“Nesting.” Illusion sighed, “Those were my favorite sheets....”

“That's what you get for impregnating a female kirin.” T smiled as he grabbed some food.

“Well, see ya.” Illusion called out to him as T left.

T was glad that he's so used to the castle layout because it usually took him an hour to find the kitchen and two hours to get back. As he rounded a corner, T saw Celestia heading to her throne to start her morning duties. “Morning, Celestia!” he greeted as he passed her.

“Oh! Morning, T.” Celestia smiled as she watched him turn a corner, “Wrong turn.”

“I knew that!” T lied as he went the other way and earning a chuckle from Celestia. After a few more minutes, he finally reached his and Nidra's room. He slowly pushed the door open, making sure to see if Nidra was up and to his excitement, she was. He quietly closed the door and set their breakfast down in the same manner. She was lightly humming as she brushed her mane and tail with brushes held in her magical grasp.

He lowered his body and readied himself for a light pounce. After a few tense seconds, he leaped onto and hugged Nidra. “Morning, Nidra.” he smiled.

“Jeez, T,” she sighed, “Morning.” Nidra brought over their breakfast as they kissed. They sat on the bed smiling as they ate their breakfast. “So, Nidra.” T started, trying to break the silence, “We haven't gone on a date in a while and it's your turn.”

“That reminds me.” Nidra stated, “My mom gave me this excellent idea for a date.”

“Shoot.” T smiled as he set his plate down.

“But it's a surprise.” she smiled as she playfully tapped his nose.

“Aw,” he playfully pouted at her, “You know I hate surprises.”

“But I still love you.” she smiled as they kissed again.

That night......

“Where are we going?” the blindfolded Turquoise as Nidra dragged him along.

“It's a secret! So hush!” Nidra giggled. They went along a few more minutes until Nidra stopped. She walked T through what he thought was a cave until he felt snow on his feet. Nidra took the blindfold off and T looked around the destination. It was a very peaceful meadow with a single tree. But what really boggled him was the snowfall. “It's called Snowdrop Meadow.” Nidra stated as she stood near the tree, “My mother went here on one of her most remembered dates with father.”

“Nice choice.” T smiled as he approached her.

“My mother made this after one of her friends died.” Nidra stated as she put a hoof on the tree, “She put a spell that keeps the snow flowing. Really peaceful.”

“Yes it is.” T smiled, “Nidra?”

“Hm?” she acknowledged him and turned to him.

“You know how long our relationship has gone on for. Right?” he asked semi-sheepishly.

“Yes, five months now.”

“Yeah and, um.” He tried to search for words. Nidra waited. “Buck it!” he yelled out, “I want to take this to the next level!”

“W-What do you mean?” she asked with a blush.

“Princess Nidra, daughter of Princess Luna and Prince Supernova of Equestria,” he started, “Will you marry me?” With that, he lowered himself and revealed a necklace. Nidra's eyes watered as she began to cry from happiness. True, unfettered, happiness. She opened her mouth and said her answer:


The End

Author's Note:

Time: 0131 hours
Listening to: Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

A beautiful song to a beautiful end.

It was a fun ride. Tears were shed, laughs radiated, beans were spilled, and rings were shown (er, ring)

Stay tuned for more fanfictions by your's truly!

PS I got 'kirin' from Rubyfire377



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Nice story. :) For me it was to fast but I guess thats why I liked it. :)

Good night . :moustache::raritystarry::twilightoops::rainbowhuh::fluttercry::pinkiegasp::applejackconfused:

enjoyed it all.....

I loved your story! It was so amazing! And i cried alot. Wonderful story. maybe there could be a sequel?

I loved this story! You did an incredible job! Maybe there could be a sequel?

5649891 There will be! It is called "Road To Nidra's Parenthood"! But I'm working on an old story rn. But I will do it later!

nuuuuuuu, I have to say Nightshade, I really enjoy your writing style, I just wish I didn't come across your profile until you had a few more stories... BUT I DIGRESS, chapter five almost made me bawl my eyes out on the bus. (I was listening to "daylight" from Maroon5 at the same time so the feels were real) I absolutely cannot wait for more stories, I love what you are doing. The kilalaverse has swallowed me whole, I will miss my friends.

One of the best stories ever

A Tidra fanfic, huh? Hmm...
I'd love to read it, but I might just downvote and insult your fic at the end, and also throw my computer out the window, so I'm not gonna take that risk :)
I usually get VERY mad when I think of Tidra.

I follow the stories of these characters through the uploaded artwork. Is this true to kilala's canon and/or does it have their blessing?

...Are you kilala by chance? xD

5837540 LOL yes to the first part and no to the second!

5838891 Haha, cool. I'll be breaking into this soon.

That was amazing story

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