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A Lunar Review · 4:34am Jul 4th, 2019

I know I haven't written much lately, but offline life has been busy, and I've been trying to write several abortive original-fic novels.  Still, I'm lurking around Fimfiction, and I've recently been attacking the backlog in my Read It Later list. And, when I recently finished Chengar Qordath's "The Lunar Rebellion," I was moved to write a review.  More

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Still writing... · 12:30am May 5th, 2016

Don't worry; I haven't forgotten about The Moon Has a Harsh Mistress. I've got several more scenes drafted, together with a good outline of what's going to happen. The mysteries in the story - what's happened to Equestria? Is Luna herself? What will happen to the moon colony? - do have answers, and they will be explained.

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