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Rainbow Dash felt she was missing something. She didn't know what to do with that feeling - it wasn't quite like her old friendship problems; that felt bad, but she knew what to do about it. Look for which friends she was forgetting, and do something about that. But this was a different something she was missing now, and it still felt bad. And she didn't know what it was.

Twilight is an alicorn now. And she's almost as fast as Rainbow Dash. And more beautiful. And more smart. And more awesome. And... what's left for Dash?

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Please continue I think this has potential with a super alicorn twilight and a jealous Rainbow Dash what can go wrong

i can't be the only one who easily sees this as the beginning as a drama driven Twidash story. i know it isn't, but still; the potential is there.

This kind of thing is incredibly common in real life, too. Not everyone has the same capacity for ability or accomplishment, and these differences can easily fuel self-doubt on both sides. It's especially painful for people with personalities like Rainbow, who put a lot of their self-worth into doing things better than others.

It helps once you understand that even if someone has greater ability or achievements than you, it doesn't mean that they have more value as a person.

On the fic. I like it. It has been a while since I have seen a story about other ponies adapting to Twilicorn.

On your Author's Note, which stories by him include the alicorn hyperdominance stuff?

6115702 Thanks for the favorite, and thanks for the comment! I love when people actually want to talk about my stories! And yes, Twilight's friends adapting to her ascension does seem to be a greatly underexplored corner - I don't remember the last story I read that touches on it. It definitely deserves more than this one short piece I wrote.

Jordan179 has a magnificent epic headcanon tying together all four generations of MLP, together with a space opera future. He says the best place to get into his universe is Nightmares are Tragic; I might recommend instead Dragonshyness if you want to start somewhere closer to canon. Sadly, a lot of it isn't written yet, save in his extensive notes on his blog, and will probably never be anywhere close to fully written. That's the only place he specifically discusses alicorn hyperdominance, though it does sort make an appearance in his An Extended Performance, where Trixie saves the day during Nightmare Moon's return. (Yes, really. It works. And it's very good.)

I am really honored that you like my work enough to incorporate some of my ideas into your own fiction. I also think that you're right, that Rainbow Dash would be the most bothered by all of them by being overshadowed in her own sphere of expertise. She's the most competitive.

Though of course, Rainbow Dash still knows far more about the weather and weather control, in terms of the practical details of their management, than does Twilight. This is because Twilight is more focused on other things -- magic and friendship, to be precise.


It feels like such an achievement when one of my favorite fanfic authors favorites and comments on my work - thank you!

Yes, Dash still outdoes Twilight in practical details of weather work, as I'm sure Twilight would remind her if she was even aware of her friend's feelings. (Dash does a good job of hiding her feelings.) But however true that is, I don't think that would solve Dash's inadequacy on the emotional level.

:rainbowdetermined2: But what if you spend the next ten years studying weather and practicing it and come out of that ahead of me there too?
:twilightsheepish: Well, I'm fairly sure I could do that if I wanted to, but -
:rainbowdetermined2: crashes through window to fly away
:moustache: Um, Twi, I think you said something wrong there...


Unless, of course, Dashie also becomes an Alicorn in time. Though nopony knows whether this will happen, and the idea probably hasn't yet occurred to Rainbow Dash that it might happen.

You used Serene Highness correctly -- kudos.

I don't like the idea of this story it just makes twilight a Mary sue and Rainbow is still cuter then twilight

6213041 Well, at the moment, Rainbow does see Twilight as something of a Mary Sue. But I'm sure Twilight herself would say otherwise, and if she was the protagonist, the story would look a lot different. Sorry if you still don't like it, though.

And I have to insist that Twilight is cuter than Rainbow! :twilightsmile::twilightblush:

Pinkie's solution doesn't sound convincing enough :(

And the set of smileys lacks a sad Rainbow.

6587868 She interrupted Twilight in front of everyone, while she was acting as a Princess, and insisted on completing the job herself. I'd say that's significant enough for an apology.

(And Dash's been studying the Wonderbolts, who're organized along somewhat-military lines, so she'd probably think so too.)

An excellent character study of Dash. When your friend ascends to demigodhood, you're going to have to go through an adjustment period. Especially when your self-image is predicated on being the most awesome thing with wings. I kind of wish you'd included Dash and Twilight's conversation, but the cupcake therapy really said it all. Good Dash, great Pinkie, excellent story. Thank you for it.

Thanks for the story. It's nice to see someone think about not only alicorn headcanon, but also its implications.

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