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Everything Twidust, the headcanon pairing for the OC, Stardust Balance, and Twilight Sparkle; for other people who enjoy the pairing like I do. Not expecting much from this group, to be honest, just there for fun and partial celebration for the main Twidust story, A Journey Beyond Sanity, being featured a short while back. Please, no harassment, abrasive words or mature content/pictures.

And please, join our Discord group too! PM me for the link!

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We all doing good?

Thank you for the invite. I've read your first chapters but real life have gotten in the way a bit. I will try to catch up on the story when I have time.

Greetings Twidust Forum!!! I would just like to let you all know about the newest story that just joined the ranks of this group.
My One-shot, Princess Stardust, takes place between Chapters 109 and 110 of "A Journey Beyond Sanity," and adapts the episode "Princess Spike."
So, I'd just thought I'd let you all know about it in hopes you'll check it out, maybe leave a comment. Hope you all like it!!

Thank you for the invitation, Stardust! I read the first few chapters of A Journey Beyond Sanity and enjoyed them very much, though sadly real life got in the way and I took a hiatus from all my fanfic reading. Perhaps in the future I will take a stab at Twidust, too. :duck: For now though, I've got to catch up! I'm sure this will be quite a journey... can't wait!

Finally starting doing more on my first story realized I wasted five pages explaining the creation of the multiverse, decided screw it time to read more stardust instead.

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I feel like that's Equestria's Voldemort. At least to him.

Well, as someone who's met Stardust via 4th wall breaking... just don't mention Equestria Girls

Hmm, I could make an AU spin-off where he does find the actual Doctor when he mistakes Whooves for the Time Lord.
And hey, we'd both be honored then. You reading it and liking it would be awesome already.

Sounds fun. Their interactions don't have to be strictly romantic, if that helps. It can take place in an AU MLP verse than AJBS if needed. Should it ever be published, I'd be honoured to add it here.

I recently got back into writing (and you are partially to blame for that, but more on that later) and got quite a handful of stories, and although I'm not too good at romance, I' am making some Doctor Whooves stuff, and I've been thinking of making a special chapter with him and Twilight in it. I'm sure that'd be fun.

It's the effort that counts. I'd be too busy being appreciative to notice any glaring issues with how he's portrayed. I'm not terribly picky. :p Anyone can write their own story featuring Stardust if they wished, as long as they ask first and credit me in their story(ies), of course.

I'd never get Stardust's personality right, honestly. Wouln't want him breaking the 4th wall and yelling at me for it :rainbowwild:

Well, just added another which isn't mine. XD But if you're still disappointed, you can always write your own Twidust with my permission. :p

When I saw this already had 7 stories I was shocked.

When I noticed they were all yours, I was disappointed.

Absolutely nothing. XD

Hm. I'm not sure what to expect with this place, but I'll stay to see what happens.

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