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Hail to the king!


Spike is tired of how the Mane Six are treating him, and after learning some devastating news, he finally snaps and runs away. Unbeknownst to him, his leaving home will start a chain of events that will forever change his life. And it all starts . . . with heavy metal.

Plot inspired by Brutal Legend. Title inspired by Manowar song "Die For Metal".
Special thanks to DiabloGuapo, whose "Legend of Spike" series inspired me to start my own.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony

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Everything seems fine and you're off to a decent start. From one Spike writer to another I hope this story goes well.:moustache:

It seems well-written so far, and I like the idea.

I just want to see Spike enter a Rock-Off with Discord or Sombra at some point. It's stupid and has no place in a serious story, but as a fan of Tenacious D, I can dream.


Very well written so far I agree with Vlad. Being a huge Spike fan, I can tell that him mentioning to Twilight and the others that he's going with him to meet with Princess Celestia and the emissaries is not going to go well. :fluttershysad: Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Listening to Devildriver's "The Mountain" on my Amon Amarth Pandora radio station.

3927934 it's just the prologue. patience... patience...

let's see... you accidentally had "your teacher" on different lines... but other than that, it seems like he's an afterthought to even the most thoughtful and loving pony in his life... even though he's basically a mailbox for her (Celestia: because I have the feeling that she's the one who raised him until he was assigned to assist Twilight)

and I can't wait to read more

Heavy metal. I effing love heavy metal:heart:

As you already know, Spike's going to be in a band, but I can't decide what kind of songs to use. So I'm going to list a few bands here and you guys tell me who you think I should use(It doesn't have to be on the list). Post your choices as replies so I don't have to wade through as many comments.

Avenged Sevenfold
Slipknot/Stone Sour
Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne
Green Day
Black Label Society
Guns 'n Roses

I'm honored that my series has inspired you to make your own. As for the music, I recommend Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses, and Metallica.

Ok this is a fave a like and I will fallow.


Love your profile pic. Hail to the king baby.:pinkiehappy:

Looks like a good story.

3930589 Slipknot, Whitechapel, A7X

To be honest this is one of the few stories that got me interested greatly before anything really is out yet.:moustache: I LOVE Brutal Legend with a passion as one of my fav games So to see a metal Spike would be awesome. (Just hope Spike doesn't hook up with any of the Mane but with a hot metal female dragon:pinkiehappy:) I am dying to see where this is going to head. Can't wait for the update.:moustache:

Oh while I have it in mind..., you HAVE to have "that druid plow" in here in one shape or another. I loved that car and even named mine after it. ROCK ON!!!

Regrettably, I don't know enough about heavy metal to make any deep comments for it. I'm rather the type that is "I'll remember it if I hear it".

But I do have to keep an eye for this: It's definitely unique, I wonder what Spike's got to have to deal with this.

Also: +10 for putting in Celestia as Spike's mom. Regardless of what other think, this is one thing that I absolutely love when it is placed in the story. I just love the interactions between Spike and Celestia when the set up is mother and son. It just works better that way, in my opinion.

3930589 Hell ya the prince of darkness!

After thinking for a little bit, I decided that I'm going to mainly use A7X songs with Spike, but its not the only band I'll be using with him, and DEFINITELY isn't the only band I'll be using, but if there's any songs you think should be in here, post it in a comment. Chapter 1 will be up sometime soon.

With the A7X songs, at least use a track from their 1st album (Sounding the Seventh Trumpet)


Avenge Sevenfold, eh?? Have to YouTube to get a bit of a flow with how you're using Spike. Somehow, I'm gonna get a feeling that this may be one of the better protrayals of Spike that this fandom has known so far.

Definitely will take a look at it. And to the other commentors, what are some good examples to put a headphone to??

He flopped down on the king-sized bed and turned over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling until he felt a stirring in his intestines. He burped up a scroll marked with the same emblem Celestia put on every scroll she sent to Twilight. Spike, puzzled by why Celestia would send another scroll, opened it up.

It read:

Dear Spike,

I also require your attendance at my castle as well. I believe that you would rather enjoy meeting these foreign emissaries that I will be having to stay with me. I hope to see you soon.

Your loving mother,


Even though Spike was confused as to why Celestia believed that he would "enjoy" meeting a couple of emissaries from a foreign nation, he couldn't help but smile at the fact that for once, he wasn't going to be left behind by Twilight and the others.

Well, well, well.....looks like momma wants to have some potential grandkids somewhat soon.:trollestia: It's never straight-forward when it comes to Celestia, isn't it?

Definitely looking for it, just one suggestion: If you are gonna ship Spike with a dragoness, the only thing I have to say about it is be unique, don't try to basically make one of the mane 6 in dragon form. Sure the personalities can be a bit difficult, considering that practically any personality can be shown in one way or another through one of the Elements of Harmony, but I would enjoy it better to see how you attack it.

Personally, it would be cool that there is someone that can be a snarky as Spike, but knows how to put the brakes back on it---in essence, probably a lady dragon that does has some PMS to her attitude, but she can be considerate and caring as well. The kind that knows how to give Spike his space, but at the same time, is willing to put a foot in his ass if needed. :raritywink:

I've been trying to write as much as possible lately, but it's hard with school and chores and other stuff I have to do. But hopefully I can get the next chapter of Life of a Dragon out by next week at the most. Also, I'll be using names of popular heavy metal songs for chapter titles. Wish me luck with the new chapter!

It seems like Spike only gets respect when he is an Anthro...

That was a interesting chapter, I wonder how this will set things up for future events. I am becoming more and more curious on how will the metal play into this story.

Boy, we love torturing Spike by having Twilight and Rarity dating each other, don't we?? I swear it looks like that happens a lot with stories like this....:raritycry::facehoof:

4027994 I'm actually sick of seeing it.:ajbemused: Happening way to often and only sounds good some of the time.:facehoof:

this story got my attention, hope to see more :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Okay, theres a Thumbs Up purely for Manowar.

ouch! poor Spike :fluttercry:

Dude I need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon..... :pinkiehappy: This is soooooo awesome!!!!

Dude anyone that complains doesn't get the fact that this isn't nice super sweet Spike, this is "Metal Spike". This is a Spike that will call it how it is, a Spike that will speak his mind and tell you if you wrong him. Hell they are lucky he didn't drag them to hell himself.I like the Spike you are making him out to be, as long as he doesn't become a ass. He can stand up for himself, say what he feels, and not have to sugar coat things. I want him to embrace the metal. (Mind you "Metal Luna" sounds kinda hot but in this story she is more aunt so that is out the window lol):rainbowlaugh: You did a good job with his reaction to the situation, it would have only been cooler if he would have punched the wall and took out the whole section with it to show the world what they were doing lol. Keep it up i am dying to see what happen next and when he start being metal (you better give him a guitar tho lol):moustache:

"What have we done?"

Well from what I have gathered he was nearly terminated by the "practical joke" you six did to him, failed to send an invitation to him for his adopted sister's birthday, then to add insult to injury you failed to take notice of his birthday and the fact that he saved an entire empire. Also he may be a little upset about how Twilight (cough, cough) fornicated with Rarity.

Well. Its true. Spike basically is a slave. Both Twilight and Rarity exploit him shamefully, and most of the others basically ignore him or use him as a pack mule.

Freaking out when you realize that you've been emotionally manipulated and used for years is a perfectly reasonable response. Especially when it turns out that your sister/mother/slave master is bucking the mare of your dreams behind your back, fully knowing your feelings about said mare.

Complaints? :pinkiegasp:


This is awesome!!! And to be honest, about a year and a half late for forgiveness, but as so many people have said----better late than never.

And give up the political correctiveness with the term fornicating. No offense, but seriously, just call it like it is---Twilight is fucking Rarity, and they both knew it, and obviously didn't care. And wow--three months? I wonder when was it when they both discovered that they liked mares? Was Rainbow Dash and Applejack involved? I wouldn't be surprised.

And now, we don't have just a broken mane 6, but an obviously pissed off princess that has already succumed to the dark side once before. We haven't even found out what Celestia's gonna do with this....

Shit, meet fan----then duck and cover.:flutterrage::flutterrage:

4079051 How see "If" Dash and AJ have something to do with it and didn't say anything to Pinkie and Shy what is really doing to mess things up between them. Just thinking about it pisses you off, them messing around behind his back like that. I think you figured it out about 3 months ago lol.:trixieshiftright: But still to not tell him when you first started dating or even when you first started having feelings show you didn't care about what he felt but instead kept using him knowing how he felt. Dude if it was me I wouldn't have been able and I would have put my fist through the wall and would have told them off much less nice then Spike lol.:moustache: METAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

4078886 But you see because Spike was a slave and used when he is out in his travels and comes across a land being enslaved and their people being abused he wont just stand there. He will RISE and FIGHT BACK. He will show them you don't have to be someone's slave. You can live for yourself and those you care for. and he will do this with the power of METAAAALLLL!!!!! :moustache::facehoof:


I would be ready to turn Canterlot Castle into a volcano...but then again, I have to think that despite wanting to succumb to his instincts, Spike's got enough control with himself to not quite do that. Plus, as we are seeing it here, we are gonna find out if verbal barbs and immeticulously-time F-bombs are more effective than actual physical violence.

Probably in the back of his mind, he's probably thinking: "OK, I'm mad as hell right now, but still this isn't a time to make ponies' fear of dragons become realized. In other words, I'll show them the good side of dragons, not the greed growth side. I'm gonna be leaving this place anyway, I don't need to give ponies a reason to banish me. Doesn't hurt to cuss and swear like a sailor stallion on leave, though :moustache:"

4079401 Lol true, but that is why Spike is the man. But hey I can put my hand through a wall as long as it isn't through a lavender or white face lol.:trixieshiftright:. Still can't wait to see the after effects of Spike rant on everyone there.

Anger gratification through METAL!!

Damn!! this is epic man, hope to see more :pinkiehappy:

3930808 Whoops. Now this comment won't make any sense to others since I've changed my profile picture.

Woh.............i have stared death in the face and made it suck my ballsack but that is easily the most disturbing thing I've read yet........in this story.

4085720 the amount of metal in this fic pleases the titans please continue............*pyro*METALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fucking love reading this story. It always make me sad that the chapters are so short. But everyone puts a smile on my face just how metal this world is looking more and more. I even like your Blueblood.... I KNOW RIGHT!!. That is crazy in it of itself. I hope we figure out how the ruby somehow changed. When mommy went all SMITE YOU BITCHES!!!!! on them I loved it lol. I would find it interesting if you did a chapter on all of their self reflections on how they treated him. There is still so much to see and I can't wait to see the next chapter. Keep up the great work.:moustache:

4081000 you...... Are my new best friend

i love these fics and biker blue blood for once he truly is badass

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