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DeathBattle - Pinkie vs Deadpool · 8:00pm Dec 3rd, 2016

So for anyone who hasn’t heard, the next deathbattle will feature the Merc with a Mouth going up against a certain Party Pony. As a massive nerd and fan of both characters, I decided to dig into this fight a bit and make a prediction about who will most likely win. I’m a bit behind the Deadpool comics at the moment, so please tell me if I left out any important feats or items that might help him.
Also, I’ll be using every available source for both characters, so Pinkie gets feats from the books and comics, and Deadpool gets feats from the tv shows, games, and movies.

Deadpool: The official Marvel webpage puts his Str in the 800 lbs – 2 tons range (http://marvel.com/universe/Deadpool_%28Wade_Wilson%29 and http://marvel.com/universe/OHOTMU:Power_Grids). This fits nicely with what we see in the comics, where he can lift and throw people with ease, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him toss a car around. The average small car weighs about 2 tons, by the way, so he might be able to lift one, but it would take time and effort, and he wouldn’t be able to throw it very well.

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie’s most impressive feat of strength, that I’m aware of, is when she lifted this huge boulder in the Cutie Map – Part 1 (http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/mlp/images/a/a8/Pinkie_Pie_under_a_boulder_S5E1.png/revision/latest?cb=20150406101235). Based on some previous research, adult female ponies stand at about 4 ft tall. Blah, blah, blah, math stuff, this boulder is 12.09 ft wide and 10.5 ft tall. Plug that into the equation for the volume of a cone, and you get an approximate volume of 401.14 cubic ft. I know this boulder isn’t a perfect cone, (I’m guessing low by doing it this way) but it’ll do to get a basic idea of Pinkie’s strength.
I’m not sure what kind of rock is is exactly, so I looked up several types of rock that are all fairly close and took the average weight of them, 168 lbs per cubic foot. That puts the rock’s approximate weight at 33.7 tons. Of course, Pinkie isn’t lifting the whole rock off the ground, just one side of it. Lifting one side of an object is the equivalent of lifting about half of its overall weight, so Pinkie would be lifting about 16.85 tons. With one leg.

Conclusion: I'm guessing low with the volume of that boulder, and Pinkie is still about 8 times as strong as Deadpool, even while using only one foreleg.

Deadpool: Deadpool doesn’t have any powers that increase his flat speed, so we’ll say he could tie for the current world record in sprinting (28 mph, set by Usain Bolt).
Deadpool is way more agile than a normal human, frequently able to dodge bullets and thrown weapons. We don’t know his actual reaction time, but he got his powers from Wolverine, who managed to hit Speed Demon, a low-level speedster who can go about mach 1. That’s kind of a stretch, I know, but Deadpool and Wolverine share healing and strength powers, so it’s reasonable to assume that Deadpool could share Wolverine’s agility too. Put simply, Deadpool could reasonably land hits on an opponent that goes mach 1.
That’s probably his upper limit, though. In Deadpool issue #56, Deadpool was hired to kill the Street Speeder, another speedster, who is estimated to have run about mach 3, and had no apparent combat training or inclination. He never even hit Deadpool. In three of their four encounters, the Street Speeder got off without a scratch, and in two of them, Deadpool managed to injure himself pretty badly. In their fourth and final encounter, the Street Speeder stopped, apparently to console Deadpool after his house was blown up, and Deadpool took the opportunity to shoot him in the stomach.
Bear in mind that Deadpool had time to prepare for two of these failed encounters. So opponents faster than mach 1 are beyond what he can handle, even with prep time, unless he can trick them into standing still.

Pinkie Pie: In Party of One, she kept up with Rainbow Dash, who can reach speeds of approximately 8,100 mph, or mach 10.66 (http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Rainbow_Dash). Dash’s speed doubles when she creates a Sonic Rainboom, and we never saw one in that episode, so Dash was probably going about mach 5, and Pinkie Pie was able to either keep up or get ahead of her.

Conclusion: Pinkie is faster than the Street Speeder, putting her well above the upper limit of what Deadpool can handle. He might be able to land hits, though, if he could somehow trap her or trick her into standing still. Also, it’s possible that Deadpool has fought another speedster that I’m not aware of, and that he did better than against the Street Speeder.

Deadpool: He can regenerate from almost anything, although it takes a few moments for moderate wounds and up to a few minutes for severe wounds. Once decapitated, Deadpool becomes functionally dead. He’s technically alive, but his healing factor doesn’t seem to do anything, and neither his head nor body will do anything. Wolverine once said that Deadpool’s healing factor can keep his decapitated head alive for about 12 minutes. Someone needs to put it back on his neck before then, otherwise he could die.
He used to be cursed by Thanos with eternal life, but Thanos removed it later so he could kill Deadpool himself. He also can be saved by Death, but that’s outside help, which Death battle doesn’t allow. He could be killed by incineration, disintegration, or suffocation. Also, cardonanium (a special metal in the Marvel universe) can negate his healing factor).

Pinkie Pie: She can survive complete dismemberment and still move all her component parts (The One Where Pinkie Knows). Granted, she fell to pieces by herself, but I can’t see any reason why it would be different if someone slashed her into pieces. Her body is also completely malleable, letting her squash and stretch without being hurt. For example, that 33.7 ton rock she held up came crashing down moments later, and it didn’t even make her stop waving. So slashing and bludgeoning just won’t work on Pinkie.
We’ve never seen her get stabbed or shot, so we don’t know if piercing attacks would do anything to her. I find it doubtful, though. She can be crushed flat and pop off her own head without any problems. What’s a bullet hole or two compared to that?
Like Deadpool, she could probably be killed by incineration, disintegration, or suffocation.

Conclusion: Oddly enough, Pinkie seems to have the advantage here as well. They share most of the same weaknesses, but decapitation completely immobilizes Deadpool, and it doesn’t even hurt Pinkie. Likewise, blasting off Deadpool’s limbs is going to hurt him a lot and slow him down until the wound heals. Pinkie can lose every limb at once without it bugging her.

Deadpool: That healing factor of Deadpool’s gives him a nice advantage in longer fights. Basically, he doesn’t get tired anywhere near as easily as a normal person. He could fight for hours, or even days, without wearing himself out.

Pinkie Pie: She can keep up with Rainbow Dash without even breathing heavily (Party of One), but she does get tired. In that same episode, she wore herself out by singing a little song five times. Granted, Pinkie tired is still more energetic than a normal pony (Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep), but it would probably still affect her speed as the battle wore on.

Conclusion: Deadpool takes this category. The only question is if he could survive against Pinkie long enough for endurance to come into play.

Deadpool: He hasn’t used his teleportation belt in years, but Death Battle gave it to him when he fought Deathstroke, so it will probably come back for this fight as well. Basically, he pushes a button on his belt buckle, and it teleports him somewhere else. It doesn’t seem to have any major range limitations, and I’ve never seen it run out of battery power. The only weakness is that it could be ripped off by his opponent.

Pinkie Pie: She can jump into or out of objects, even ones too small to hold her, functionally teleporting from anywhere to anywhere else. We have no idea what the range limits are, if any. It can’t be stolen, like Deadpool’s belt, but she does need to have an object to hide behind/jump into. She might not be able to use her teleport if she’s in the middle of a field or something, but she also has access to the Magic Satchel, so she could always produce an object to teleport though.

Conclusion: A slight advantage to Pinkie. She has a limitation that Deadpool doesn’t, but it won’t slow her down much, and she’s fast enough that she could reasonably steal his teleportation belt.

Deadpool: A master assassin, martial artist, and weapon expert. Give him any kind of weapon, and he’ll be able to use it to lethal effect. He can do hand-to-hand fighting, even if he’d prefer to use a weapon, and his plans frequently shock and surprise people. Even Galactus, an immortal, god-like being, has been surprised by this guy.

Pinkie Pie: She has some combat experience from fighting changelings, umbrum, and other monsters, and she has been on several adventures, but her skill is nowhere near what Deadpool has. We’ve never seen her use her bare hooves against an opponent, that I can recall, though she is a master of surprising people, including when she got the drop on an evil version of Twilight, who had sucked the intelligence out of several other ponies to make herself smarter (Main comic series, issue #45).

Conclusion: Deadpool wins, no contest. He’s just far more skilled and experienced in a fight than Pinkie. They’ve both surprised genius opponents, though, so it’s reasonable to think that both of them could surprise the other.

Other abilities, items, or skills

This is taking into account every bonkers thing I could possibly think of, just to make sure I covered all my bases.

Continuity Gem: Can retcon Marvel continuity, but he hasn’t used it at all since getting it, despite being in a lot of tough situations, so there’s no reason to think he’d use it here. Even if he did, we have no idea how it works or what its limits are, so accounting it into the fight is impossible. He also stole it from Thanos, who likely just beat him up and took it right back off screen.
Deadpool Corps: A multi-dimensional organization made up of alternate versions of Deadpool. Popular members include Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, Dogpool, Pandapool, and Pulp Deadpool. Others could show up as well. Technically, they’re all Deadpool, so it’s not exactly outside help. It’s also a nice way to give himself 6 powerful allies, each about as powerful as he is (well, except Headpool and Dogpool).
The Bea Arthur: The spaceship that the Deadpool Corps uses. It could kill Galactuspool by suicide attack. Weapon systems? I don’t recall it ever shooting anything. Pinkie could just teleport aboard, though.
Illusion Projector: A nifty little device that lets him project a hologram around himself to impersonate other people. It could be used to blend into a Pinkie swarm if she used the Mirror Pool. It requires a few moments to scan an object or person, though, which would be difficult considering he’ll be in the middle of a fight.
Jetpack: Reaches about mach 3, but has no breaks. Unknown maneuverability.
Standard Arsenal: Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, katanas, sais, throwing knives, sledgehammers, grenades, TNT, C4, and pretty much any other kind of weapon he could need. Slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning weapons would probably do nothing to Pinkie Pie, though.
Bladed Net: Probably out of steel. Could immobilize Pinkie for at least a while, although she could probably teleport out of it if she gets covered completely.
Limited Omniscience: He can break the fourth wall to gain information about people and items. Basically, he reaches out of the panel and grabs a comic book about someone. This could give him an idea about who Pinkie is and what to expect out of her.
Carbonadium Sword: Deadpool keeps one of these special weapons around, which lets him negate healing factors. Well, technically it was an alternate reality version of Deadpool that used this thing, but Death battle gave him the sword in his last battle, so it could come back here. It wouldn't do anything to Pinkie, since she doesn't have a healing factor, but she could possibly rip it away and use it to kill him (those strength and speed advantages would make it easy).
The Magic Satchel: Basically, this is what happens whenever a cartoon character reaches behind their back and pulls out an item. Both Deadpool and Pinkie have been known to do this, producing any item they want or need at the moment. It isn't really an advantage for either if they can both use it, though.

Pinkamena: When Pinkie gets especially angry or sad, she snaps and becomes far more aggressive. This would give her an advantage, as it would make her more likely to use her speed and strength to physically harm Deadpool. Otherwise, she would probably prefer to use more indirect attacks, such as her Party Cannon (see below).
Power Ponies Comic: Could give her super speed. In 0.5 seconds, she traveled 65 blocks and back. An average city block in Manhattan is 264 by 900 ft. Let’s use the smaller one: 68,640 ft/sec to go there and back = 46,800 mph (mach 61.58). So it would multiply her speed by about 12. Deadpool could get powers too, though, and the Mane-iac would be there. Deadpool would probably get AJ or RD’s power set, but he’s inexperienced with them, so she’d have an advantage.
Portal to EQG Universe: Bonus footage for the movies shows Pinkie switching places with her alternate self. I know that’s in the gag track, but this is Pinkie we’re talking about. She could go there to give herself on-demand explosives, or get help from her alternate self. Deadpool probably wouldn’t be affected by traveling through the portal, but Pinkie could shove him back through the portal, transforming himself into a pony, which might give him some trouble. It probably wouldn’t be enough to completely negate his skill advantage, though.
Mirror Pool: She could use it to create an infinite army of duplicates, but they lack intelligence and so wouldn’t be as powerful as Pinkie. Deadpool could theoretically follow her, but she could get there by teleportation, and he would have no way to know where she’d gone.
Party Cannon: Might knock Deadpool around, but it wouldn’t hurt him much. She can rapidly fire it and the cannonball version.
Party Cannon – Gum: From the comics, main series #1. Able to hold down a group of changelings, but of unknown real strength. Might stop Deadpool for a few seconds.
Party Cannon – Cannonballs: From the comics, main series #44. Shoots actual artillery. Probably enough to severely injure Deadpool, although he’d just recover. Still, it would weaken and distract him until he healed.
Pinkie Sense: Of unknown usefulness. She would know if he tried to drop anything on her, but we don’t know if she would get a warning from anything else.
Flight: Can fly by whirling her tail. Could be used to surprise Deadpool, maybe. It wouldn’t be too hard for him to just look up and see her coming.
Burrowing: Can drill through the ground with her hair (Bats). Could be used to surprise Deadpool, and unlike flight, he’d have trouble seeing it coming.
Limited Omniscience: Sometimes she get hunches that let her know precise details about events that she wasn’t present for. In spite of that, she has still been surprised several times. Still, it might give her some info about Deadpool, as well as an idea of how to kill him.
Microphone: Can yell into it loud enough to shake nearby mountains. Deadpool has been deafened in the past, and it actually lasted a long time. Deafness wouldn’t affect him too much, but the noise might stun him for a few seconds.
The Magic Satchel: Basically, this is what happens whenever a cartoon character reaches behind their back and pulls out an item. Both Deadpool and Pinkie have been known to do this, producing any item they want or need at the moment. It isn't really an advantage for either if they can both use it, though.

Final Conclusion

Strength: 2 tons.
Speed: Overwhelmed by mach 3.
Durability: Near infinite.
Weaknesses: Decapitation, carbonadium, drowning, incineration, and disintegration.
Advantages: Endurance, skill, and experience.

Pinkie Pie:
Strength: 16.85 tons with one leg.
Speed: Mach 5 or higher.
Durability: Near infinite.
Weaknesses: Gets tired, less experience.
Advantages: Faster, stronger, and more items and abilities that would actually hurt or otherwise affect Deadpool.

Overall, Pinkie has the advantage. She has more options to surprise, immobilize, or weaken Deadpool. She’s also way faster than he can handle, and at least 8 times as strong as he is, making it easy for her to close the distance and rip his head off. Once his head comes off, Pinkie can win by tossing it in a pool of water, or burying it, or incinerating it in an oven, or just by letting it sit there for 12 minutes.
Meanwhile, none of Deadpool’s normal weapons will really harm Pinkie, and that’s assuming he can even hit her. His unpredictability would probably let him get in at least one good attack, but Pinkie could easily tank that.
Pinkie does have a limited amount of time before she wears out, but she could reasonably kill Deadpool several times before that happens. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for Deadpool to win, but Pinkie would win in 90% of fight scenarios between them.

Okay, that's enough out of me. What do you guys think? Do you agree with my assessment? Did I shortchange anyone? Am I overlooking something important? Let me know in the comments!

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Trying to find an adttional Pinkie Ex Machina, but can't. I'll let you know if I find anything. GO TEAM PARTY!

Edit: Missed Pinkamina. I think same powers as Pinkie, but super-brutal.

1:46s pinky and mod destroy a boulder 3x bigger then the one she lifts in a little under 6 seconds.
if she hits him at full strength he'll pop like a party balloon full of red paint.

Can you link the source where you found out about the contestants? Saw deadpool in the erza vs zoro video, but can't find anything about pinkie pie.

4327652 I decided to leave that out because it was an alternate timeline, and that version of Pinkie will have skills and experience that our main Pinkie wouldn't. Not to mention, that other version is probably a lot stronger, thanks to training and exercise.

4327596 Pinkamena doesn't seem to be an alternate personality or anything like that, she's just Pinkie when she's really sad or angry. You're right though. I'll add that Pinkie does have a violent streak that comes out sometimes.

4327719 http://deathbattle.wikia.com/wiki/Deadpool_VS_Pinkie_Pie, or just look it up on YouTube. You'll find at least a dozen people complaining about how this matchup is stupid and Pinkie has no chance of victory. (I thought so too, before I did all this research.)

4328279 that is true. it is an alternate timeline version. But you said it yourself in your research that she can lift over 18 tons and is capable of speeds up to Mach 5. According to every comic book out there Deadpool does not have any kind of Super Flesh resistance to kinetic energy. That being said if she hit him with that much force at that speed he would explode like a watermelon being shot by a white phosphorus sodium bullet So my original Point still stands. That and I like the video.

And yes there is actually a video of a white phosphorus sodium bullet hitting a watermelon.

4328284 I was thinking Cupcakes. Never read it, but have a general idea of what it's about.

4328305 I'm going to have to look that up now. Anyway, you're right that Deadpool would easily get splattered by the kind of impact that Pinkie can produce. Of course, he's been splattered by other heavy hitters, and it usually doesn't kill him. I have no idea why, but cutting his head off basically kills him, while exploding his head entirely just lets it grow back. Go figure.

4328346 That's a fan work, so it wouldn't count. I'm fine with that; I don't want a murderous Pinkie to be canon.

4328488 let me help you out with that. The YouTubers channel is called the backyard scientist the video is sodium metal alloy bullets. The high speed looks amazing.https://youtu.be/T85d7ST2yxU

I'm an idiot I said white phosphorous I meant potassium.

4328947 That was an awesome video. Thanks for sending it!

Comment posted by DOOMRIDER deleted Dec 6th, 2016

4329608 yep no problem. I like to share the neat shit i find on the net.

You are aware that Deadpool isn't a good guy, right?

It depends on the issue of the comics, the episode of the show, or the writer of the movie. Most of the time he's a goofy anti hero, but he occasionally goes full heroic, such as when he helped the X-men regain public favor by presenting himself as a villain and forcing them to fight him. It was a convoluted scheme, but the basic version is that he made the public hate him in order to make them love the X-men.

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