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I am a simple author trashbag with far too many OCs for his own good. You may or may not see them, except you will definitely see them, don't think you won't.


Torque has been working as a mechanic for his father in Vanhoover for years. His hobbies are inventing, building, and making others happy. When he finds himself moving to Ponyville, he discovers that his optimism and love of helping others are just what a fatherless child needs in her life, and the key to helping her mother get through each day. Inserting oneself into a place you aren't meant to be isn't easy, but as time goes on, the earth pony learns that this is where he needs to be.
Part of the Rising Sun AU

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When is the next chapter coming out?

Great story.:heart: keep up the good work:heart:

Oh and "The actual component that did the spinning was attached to the mixing turbine with one stinking screw." I see what your leading to and will state it after my suspicions are confirmed.

Until the next chapter.:derpytongue2: Bye

Why don't more people recognize the awesomeness of this story?

Anticipating more! I have somewhat of an idea of what may happen, but I'm usually wrong most of the time. Love to see where this goes!

If I had a bit for every time a girl asked me out... I would owe someone twenty bits.:ajsleepy:

Please take this with the humor that I offer it. Please tell me the size of the duck that did this. “because this big (quack ) opened up a fissure right on them”. Perhaps it occurred when Howard the duck was on his way to earth. The poor fellow must have quacked up.
Yes I know you meant [quake] I just couldn't resist. I'll stop now and go back to my tequila.

3325920 As long as it's Hornitos we're all good.

If I had a bit for every time I went out on a date with a girl... I would have five bits.:pinkiehappy: I'm not proud of that actually.:pinkiesad2:

3326013 That's five bits more than I would have :moustache:

3326045 What I am really not proud of is that I have not gone on a date for two years. Kind of sad when you think about it.:pinkiesad2:

No man, Jose Quervo Especial double shot with eight ozs Seagrams ginger ale. I can't afford Patron

If I had a bit for every time I went on a "freind date", I would have 4 bits. Mostly the same girl every time, but she's the closest person to me I can think of...

:fluttercry: My heart seems to have exploded.
:twilightsmile:Best story ever:derpytongue2:

3340136 You might want to see a doctor about that :moustache:

The funny thing about this story, is that I can relate to it. I've found that I'm similar to torque in the fact: Freindly, everybody likes me
Caring, I really never realized how much I care for others
Repairs, I love taking apart machines and fixing them
I love it. Please don't stop writing this.

And it's going to amazing! I think it's going to be an amazing ending!

Some point! Just not soon right?

Because this has become one of my favorite stories:pinkiehappy:

3358838 I honestly have no idea. It may be a few more chapters, At the very least, four more.

as much as i like reading what dinky has to think or say, you keep throwing her in there. what really brought me in to this story was torque him self and I'm still figuring out as of why you want her point of view in this story. may i ask why?:twilightsheepish:

3391234 A) She's adorable.

B) She plays a massive role in this story.

Aint see this variation used before, personally, except for a HiE loneson maintenance man, so its intresting to see an actual repair group. Which, thinking about how many disasters Ponyville tends to get through, even before taking the CMC into account, must be able to keep them busy.

The goggles are an instresting idea, but tricky. If her eyes were fixed displaced relative, then a planar camera style offset might work? If they are ratio displaced though, You might be quicker using a combination of mechanoptical and magical effects, for sight tracking and ajusting optics accordingly. ?

Definitely following. Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

3427719 The goggles *spoiler spoiler spoiler* You'll see what happens as I write more :moustache:

Neat trick with the vehicle. Being realistic with the competition as well instead of some times where you might have a sheared off drive shaft bolt or lost compression rings etc. My families cars has had all sorts of fun, my Unc had a snapped valve stem while driving. It ended up embeded in the piston crown.

Wish I could be even half as good as Dinky at doing presentations and talking to people instead of at them. :applejackconfused:

3431398 Same here. I can't speak in public to save my life.

I DID have to look at the engine of a Model T before writing this chapter, though.

Dawww. He made it to Dinky's 'show and tell' in time. Shame he couldn't stay long.

NJ on the chapter.

Dinky is just TOO DAMN ADORABLE!:rainbowkiss:

I Repeat, DINKY IS TOO DAMN ADORABLE!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

That Goggles thing is giving me a headache, as apart from several different methods of eye tracking and dynamic optical correction, theres also an old, old trick I was looking at, which I knew from teh 80s, but which Disney seem to claim as new, and thats what I call Optifeed. Where like the old fibre endoscopes, you have an array of fibres, the ends forming two surfaces, one inside one out. You can therefore rotate, scale, slide the entire image plane, passively. Course, it works even better if you use squeezed light monomode fibres with dewdrop lenses on each end so a Goggle size array ends up only a few hairs thick.

Just me rambling. I really want to see how you actually crack this ackerman problem.

3451492 Oh, I already have the solution. I can kind of tell you what happens without spoiling:
Torque shifts his approach, gets a little help, and comes with an idea crazy enough to work. It's an idea inspired by seeing the windshield wipers on Fjord's car.

3451550 ....reminds me of my own custom lenses. My Left eye is 20/80 while my right is 20/50. You can imagine the hurdles I had to go through to get glasses THIS ridiculously customized. I mean, it doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it's just enough that I get nasty migraines if I don't wear them at all times.


Yay, Ackerman steering link, intermittant wiper link. 8}

Its been decades since Ive done any seriuos work on linkages, toggles, clamps, and mechanisms.. sorry. 8(

I enjoy watching peoplle who know what they are doing because they put time and effort into learning it. 8}

I'm loving this story!

Sorry my cooment is so plain compared to the other comments here, but ocular studies aren't my fortè

Anyways this story is quite interesting so far. However I will save my full analysis til the last chapter. :)

Wonder if mysterious box of donuts appearing for no reason at dinner will be a thing from now.

Two things:

1. Awesome chapter. I enjoy side stories in a series.

2.since when did they have 2 boxes of donuts?

3465627 Two dozen: one dozen in each box.

Love the statement about the smell.

One minor nitpick I have.

“I think it only fair that ask Dinky.”

Other than that, good chapter. :pinkiesmile:

Loyal to friends, like it and lover too.

Happy Dinky is Happy. If Mr Fyord is as good as he sounds to be, then there is something else he can consider. Ponyville has powerful protection, quiet, fircely loyal and relatively secluded.

He could give Torque the Skunkworks.


Good job torque! Glad you said no.

Also, am I the only one that noticed Rarity say:

Already you’ve managed to befriend many ponies in the town, and even stolen a heart. In fact, I think you’ve stolen two.

Two? Who is the other mare? I must know!

...... I Wonder if it's Rarity....

3490410 I really want to tell you what she meant, as the phrase could indeed mean Rarity, but I want to make you suffer and wait it out :trollestia: I'm just kidding, she meant Dinky.

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